The spectre of Andy Carroll wearing a Spurs shirt may have moved a little closer to reality with news that Newcastle’s Alan Pardew has made an enquiry for Cardiff’s Jay Bothroyd. Bothroyd’s arrival could see Carroll on his way out of the club with price tags in excess of £20m being mentioned.

Opinion on Carroll’s ability and his possible value to the club seems to split supporters down the middle. Eleven goals in the Premiership this season make him the third placed goal scorer and at just 22, there seems to be potential there at the very least.

Aside from his ability, Carroll clearly has some baggage to come with him and would Harry really want to deal with that at this stage of his career? One of the pleasures in following football in the mid to late 1990’s was witnessing the antics of West Ham and their problem players including Raducioiu, Futre and the unforgettable Marco Boogers. Since then, Redknapp has, in the main, avoided this type of player.

It seems inconceivable that Harry would have the patience with Carroll if he continues to go off the rails outside of the game, but is he the striking option that Spurs will go for this January?



  1. You wish.

    We need a striker, because we need a striker, not because we need to replace one.

    Plus, pretty sure if we sold Carroll we’d be spending a bit more than 2million to replace him!

  2. If Carroll were to go surely he’d hold out for a bigger, ‘top 4’ side rather than plying his trade in the Eurozone on Channel 5 with Stratford Hotspurs or Tottenham NotSpurs, or whatever you’re called these days?

  3. Yeah, absolutely! We’re getting Jay Bothroyd so we don’t need Carroll anymore. In fact why don’t you have the rest of our squad as well for free?

    When will your lot realise Carroll isn’t going anywhere? Especially not to London. Get a new story man!

  4. Lmao all the fat thick inbred geordies are online tonight. The simple truth is whoever tottenham hotspur want they get! I would prefer suarez but both of them would be better

    • Why don’t you put pathetic regional xenophobia away and actually concentrate on blogging about issues regarding football. And with regards to Carroll, as a Newcastle fan, Spurs are one, if not the only team I wouldn’t begrudge him leaving for. They are progressive and entertaining team, who even if Redknapp did leave, now have the foundations to continue to compete for a top four spot in the coming years.

  5. Dream on son, Dream on
    move on and get over yourselves you will never get him, he said on Sky sports if he was to go anywhere (talking about spurs) he said he would rather retire, and said he has only ever wanted to play for the toon
    Also why would he want to go to spurs when you are going to be getting Avram Grant as manager after floppy chops takes the England position you will then never get into europe again 1 year in europe and you lot think you made it losers

  6. And as for a name guvnor just goes to show what a dreamer you are “The simple truth is whoever tottenham hotspur want they get!” there is your problem with a statement like that, what a tw*t go back and crawl into your hole from where you came.
    i could real off a list of players that you have gone for and have turned you down (because they had ambition) my boy

  7. We Spurs fans have to remember that there is absolutely no precedent for us signing Newcastle’s best players.

    Just off to watch my Waddle, Gascoigne and Ginola DVDs…

  8. So Pardew mentioning previously that Newcastle required strengthening in attack, while still retaining the services of Carroll count for nothing then? Would you replace Carroll for Bothroyd? Think not!

    I’m not a disgruntled Newcastle fan, more a realistic Spurs fan, who HATES unintelligent “reporting” that doesn’t use common sense, facts, or reference to their previous reports.


  9. Spell “Carroll Exit” Thats a hard one for some of the spurs fans.How about something easier and asking them to spell their names.

  10. Guvnor>

    A couple of seasons and you’ll be propping up the Championship u sad little cockney muppet. Once ur club realises its spent money it doesn’t have and hasn’t won anything.

    Ur not exactly going to win the Premier league or the champions league r u! lol.

    TBH as soon as ‘back-hander’ Harry goes ur f***ed. And we’ll all piss ourselves laughing!

  11. I like spurs. Like their attacking football, like their supporters, like their players. But you aint getting Carroll. It’s tedious now.

  12. Carroll ain’t goin anywhere Newcastle though and though and plus yeah spurs can by who they like just like Pompy oh hang on they went down because of Harrys spending he ruins clubs he’ll get bored leave and the decline starts hahahaha

  13. You just dont get it do you ?
    Let me explain, he`s a local kid, fixated on being a local hero, with a newly signed five year contract.
    Remember when Shearer refused to sign for Man. U. and instead signed for his boyhood side and became a local hero.
    Same, same !

  14. Utter crap ur reporting skill are terrible, who is ya source my insider says barca are offering a swap deal for carrol, involving messi and 40 mil looks like where both using same source u muppet!

  15. “The simple truth is whoever tottenham hotspur want they get!”………….AAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa………. Typical arrogant Spuds wanker.

  16. golly i wish we could get him, i do i do i do. id give up bale modric that russian fella and 20million. come on u spurs!

  17. Listen to you lot, mention youre best player and youre back door falls out and you go on the deffensive!I like carroll (not the muggy barnnet) but you clearly know your a one man band and will be down with out him! We will wait until the summer then have him,with a hair cut!!!!!!

  18. Let’s get sensible, Blimey, the Geordies are desperate to keep him. He wants to stay and be a hero in Tyneside…. Good luck to him, let’s all see how he does next year after another season in the premiership with Newcastle!…spurs would be taking a risk in my opinion signing him for shedloads of money…. He is far from the finished article… Would rather have Benzema or Suarez, both have proven experience and they are the players to look at, not a player who wants to stay where he is and played a year in the championship and half a season in the premiership I am as bored as the Geordies about this story….lazy journalism if you ask me!… U geordies need to not stop being so defensiveabout our interest .. It won’t happen and plenty of yids don’t want it to either!.

  19. Listen to all you geordie weirdos, get a grip we dnt want the geordie chippendale but if we did he would come cos thats what touenham do, get what they want! You lot should know that by now! Londoners rule, get rid of your inferiority complex you dumb inbred feeble excuses of men. Aye aye man! losers

  20. Londoners rule because that doesn’t make you sound 12. also we are not a one man team unlike you as bale had to drag you through the champions league group stages and also he is not the best Newcastle player. you think one season in a champions league gives you an opinion on every football club or player going and he’s better than your lanky piece of shit you call a striker. but don’ tworry in a few years time you’ll be in administration and in the championship once “arry” is done with you.

  21. aye, manchester utd. no. chelsea. no. the other london team that’s about to go bankrupt in the next two years who have spent more than the last two teams mentioned and are still only there cos liverpool aint. no. get it into your idiot heads – spurs are shite – and it aint gonna happen…

  22. We don’t need your bin man of a striker. We got more money than you, we can buy better… much better.
    And as for the daddy harry, love him love him.
    I can’t see pardrew doing what harry done. Take us from bottom of prem to the top end in just a couple of years.if anything you lot prob go back down where u belong.

  23. LMAO I have read all of the above comments. It amuses me how ridiculous the majority of you’re comments are. Abusing each other, why don’t you just meet up after school and have a fight? lol
    It would seem that some of you Guys have really sad lives, grow up and stop spouting shite.
    Carroll isn’t leaving Newcastle. He will stay for another 3 years at least and then go to Man U. FACT! 🙂

  24. Ha! Love these shitty supporters blogs. Fuck off! Spout your spurious sputum but don’t make daft asumptions, you jumped-up disciple of the melty-faced sad act.

  25. Hiya Cheryl. Love your work. Yeah…it wasn’t so long ago that Spurs were a load of toilet. Now look at the state of this article. Funny stuff!

  26. Being a Geordie is like being part of a cult.
    We are proud of who we are, where we come from and our accent.
    I would like to thank both the Newcastle and Sunderland fans for their support this past year! 🙂

  27. This guy wrote this peice of shit journalism to get a reaction…and guess what!

    Caroll is staying…We (newcastle) need Boothroyd because we don’t have a good 2nd striker…Ameobi is not a premiership striker so with 2 half decent strikers we’ll stand half a chance of staying up…because I don’t know about the rest of you but I’d be happy with 17th!


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