The one piece of confirmed news from yesterday’s transfer deadline tells us that Spurs failed in a late bid to sign Charlie Adam from Blackpool.

While many Spurs fans were praying for the arrival of a world class striker, the club made a last ditch attempt to sign the Blackpool captain, who has been the subject of transfer rumours all month. It seems this time, they left it too late.

“We pushed on and tried to do it. Daniel was confident he could get it through. It went to the wire but we missed out by minutes,” said Harry Redknapp.

“Apparently the boy was definitely up for coming, but apparently the chairman couldn’t get hold of two shareholders who had to sign the forms as well. It’s just one of those things.”

A central midfielder, Adam was coveted by Liverpool amongst others. Clearly he’s a capable player but where would he possibly have slotted in at Spurs?



  1. Seems like when we realised that we wasn’t going to get a striker, we thought we might as well get Adam for a reasonably cheap fee. Haven’t watched him that much, but from what I’ve seen he doesn’t look suited to playing in central midfield alongside Modric.

    Great at corners though.

  2. He would’ve fitted in perfectly ,could’ve played wider on the right of lennon while attacking Park Lane or wider on the left of Bale while attacking Paxton Road end..on both occasions that would’ve been behind Harry & Co.

  3. He could have slotted in with the other dozen or more we’ve got. 10 across the middle should slow down any opposition team.

  4. More Titanic deck chair rearrangement in my opinion. He would have made a good alternative to Scott Parker and have complimented and covered the more obvious talents like Modric. It would also have paved the way for the exits of Jenas and Palacios.

    For years we waited for a proper Left Midfielder whilst accumulating Right Backs in job lots from Sheffield Utd ( promising long term buys, but not filling the most obvious needs). Why, when the abysmal striker situation remained unresolved did anyone divert energy to augmenting the one area where we have a surfeit of talent?

  5. i posted this on another but am so pissed off i intend to post it on every spurs blog i can find

    the morning after the day that never was…in harry we trust, all hail the messiah!!!
    harry is only interested in one thing and that is harry, he doesnt care about the club nor the fans.
    as long as his cv looks good he’s happy.
    there is no need to bid millions for any player, there is no need to even pay massive wages, football is a worldwide game. played in virtually every corner of the globe are we to conclude therefore that in the one position we all know we’re lacking harry and his merry band of brothers could not find ONE striker willing to play for an english club in the knockout stage of the champions league and in the contention in the premier league?
    or is the saintly one, mr do-no-wrong playing it safe? this man lacks conviction, this man lacks vision, lacks imagination, lacks courage. this man is out of his depth and he is turning my club into joke.
    charlie adam, phill neville, david beckam, peter crouch etc nothing here makes me sit up and pay attention.
    the best squad in the league and every week he plays virtually the same team, there is no longer any guile or subtlety to our play: long punt to crouch, hope for a knockdown to VdV job done lovely jubly.
    after the fulham game he says the players are tired but he loans out all the young talent at the club. couple more seasons and we’ll be right back where we were under ramos, this team has not moved forward at best its ground to a halt and in the premier league you might as well be in reverse.

  6. Where is the ambition. Charlie Adams although may be a good player. He wasnt what we needed. We will be lucky to finish in the top 10 this year. Arry a wheeler dealer what a joke. A season that started full of promise will end in disappointment but I guess we are use to that now

    • From an insider, Harry’s plan for the remainder of the season is to stop the leakage at our back end, i.e. 100% clean sheet till end of season. Thats the main reason for him going for Neville. Apart from that, to assist the defence, he wants to bolster the midfield, to make it so tight so no one can pass thru! Just another reason why he signs Pienaar and tried to sign Charlie Adams (unfortunately his missed it by few minutes). Insider also said that Wednesday onwards, he’ll only stick to one formation for all matches (CL includes). It’s 4-6-0!!! He doesn’t need any striker. Come summer, all strikers will be sold, except for Crouchie… he plans to convert Crouchie to be a CB (to replace the crocked King).

  7. Great deadline day. We didn’t pay silly money for unproven Carroll, we didn’t get Neville who we don’t need, and we didn’t get Charlie Adam who we don’t need. Phew.

  8. at last a sensible question – why?
    we know the positions we need so why not focus there
    good news is we’ve off loaded some of the wage bill and maybe we can build some of the loan players (except Keane ) up to either come back and make a contribution to the team and / or value is increased by games away from the club

    Also a postivie that we didn’t pay silly money for relatively untested players.

    That said given Liverpool’s investement and Chelsea’s spending I feel dissappointed. I can only hope those at the club can step up and deliver.

    Let’s stay positive. We had one rubbish game and a few draws we should of won……

    Hopefully we’ll push on


  9. ever since tommy hud has been out injured no has stepped up to fill that gap between the defence and midfeild this is one of the real reasons we are leaking ao many goals, wilson is average cant pass a ball to save his life and thats, and sandro looks even worse. i think charlie adam would have slotted well into the tommy h’s position untill he is back but there were much better options out there! parker or las diarra we bidded 38 mil for aguerro but as soon as real madrid asked 18 for diarra we didnt want to know!

  10. Would’ve been good to have got a striker in but (unless you pay way over the odds) it’s never been easy doing so in January. We’re still capable of finishing fourth in my opinion but we have to start imposing ourselves on teams and one of our strikers needs to find a bit of form. If we do finish fourth none of us will care one bit about this transfer window so wait and see what happens in May and if we don’t then criticise our lack of activity by all means. A lot of us thought we’d blown it last season too, in fact every other week there was a post to that effect but we did it didn’t we? This season is far from over!

  11. Had enough of Harry now, as others have posted he lacks real ambition and has no vision. Wtf are we bidding for Neville and Adam for? Harry you are not at Portsmouth anymore!! I’m afraid we had better brace ourselves for a poor end to the season.

  12. I think the Adam signing was to then make a profit in the Summer off him by selling to Man U. Thank god those share holders were not available. It does go to show you how unproffesional Blackpool are though. If you need certain people in order to make a decision you better be damn sure they are available on one of the most important days of the season!
    Anyway we have now cleared pretty much our entire bench out to go off on loan and we are banking on no more suspensions, serious injuries and those coming back from inury not suffering any issues on the way to recovery and fitness. The thing I am most dissapointed about is this massive gamble we have just taken by having about 8 of our first team squad now on loan for the rest of the season. Given this situation getting knocked out the league and FA Cup’s was probably a blessing in disguise.
    A few questions: What happened to the money from the champions league? Why did we try to sign a 31 year old striker for 17 million pounds yesterday? Why do we continue to torment Gio? Why are we holding on to him season after season if we don’t want him? Where is John Bostock now? Why did we buy him? Why did we buy the two Kyle’s? Why did we buy Sandro? Having said all of this we are now apparently recalling players left right and center coz we are panicking. Look at the list of transfers and look at the “in” compared to “out” list to see the difference.
    Point being a lot of these strange purchases over the last few years need to start coming to fruition very soon or questions need to be asked. I have a feeling half of the buy’s are just for profit at a later date and half of them are for our team. I might be stretching this a little too far but maybe the occasional purchase of a VDV type or an old fave like Defoe is enough to keep us Spurs fans attention away from the underlying money making schemes going on. Or to be more precise the improvement plan of our share price for several reasons like loans we need to get for new stadiums and making us look good on paper to potential new owners. Anyone that works for a company that floats on the stock exchange know what I mean.
    At the end of the day I’m just saying, we do a lot of stuff that doesn’t make a lot of sense to success on the pitch. If someone would officialy explain it all I would be ok but they don’t.

    We will not finish 4th and will be very lucky to finish 5th. A shame becuase 2010 was one of the best years since the early 80’s in my opinion but I can’t see 2011 being better. As long as we continue to pick poor formations, select literally the same team every week (no choice now we loaned everyone) and continue to pick players like Palacios in our starting 11 we have no chance of 4th. And our keeper although very likeable and sometimes amazing is still extremely dodgey sometimes.


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