The club has announced that David Beckham will remain with Spurs until the 22nd of February.

The statement reads: “David Beckham has extended his training spell at the club until February 22. The England midfielder will now return to Los Angeles to report for pre-season training with LA Galaxy on February 24.”

Beckham’s MLS side have been playing some pre-season friendlies and, if you read some of the US press, they seem almost resigned to losing him in November.

The Chicago Tribune quotes Galaxy coach Bruce Arena as giving a reaction that amounted to a yawn and a ‘so what’, and the paper goes on to imply that a move back to the Premier League seems inevitable, because the player needs EPL football to keep his dream alive of playing for England.

Many Spurs fans will probably mirror Bruce Arena’s reaction, but this could be a small, yet important development in Beckham’s relationship with Tottenham.



  1. Maybe able to use him for the last 15 -20 mins in some games next season. Also we could use him as a coach to teach Lennon how to cross a ball. Would not be a bad signing for free.

  2. I simply dont get it. For gods sake Beckham is a fossil. Why is Harry so interested in him. He is way way passed it for the Premier League. Yes he can pass a ball better than most but would he get the opportunity with the speed the premier league is played at now? Before he had time to tee it up he would be clattered. The bloke is a name only now. Why dont we knock on Jimmy Greaves door?.. maybe he fancies a run out.

  3. Back handers for sure
    he is buying his way in for sure

    some ones back pocket must be getting heavy
    no one wants the jinxy Becky he is out of his sell by date has been
    only Arry ready Cash is interested mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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