Tottenham coach Les Ferdinand has leapt to the defence of Tottenham’s misfiring strike force ahead of Sunday’s game with Wolves. Speaking in The Independent, Les spoke up for Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe who currently have two Premier League goals between them.

With regards to Defoe, he believes that just one goal is all that is needed: “People have talked about Jermain Defoe not scoring many goals this season but he was out for three months.”

“He struggled to find his groove again like Wayne Rooney struggled for most of the season, then all of a sudden he scored and went on a run. That’s what happens to strikers.

“There is a lot of rotation going on these days, so players are in and out of the side and they are looking for that level of consistency and once you get that first goal you tend to go on a run.”

Turning to Crouch who has scored some important goals in the Champions League while failing to find the net in the Premiership, Ferdinand said: “Peter has saved his goals for the Champions League this season. He has done pretty well in that competition.

“We’d all like him to get better in the Premier League but I’m sure that will come. We are not too worried about it because the rest of the team are scoring and as long as the rest of the team are scoring then the team will win games.”

You can’t rely on the rest of the team all the time though and both strikers will be desperate to put things right on Sunday.



  1. So next time Spurs should buy strikers who score using their mind rather than their instinct. Then they don’t have to wait one full period to score a single goal. After all this is also better for the club, isn’t it?

  2. None of the Premier league to strikers are scoring every week Drogba Anelka Torres Van Persie has only just started scoring. At the moment Defences are on to because of Supplements helping with there energised defending abd because they can defend in numbers and attack witout tiring Dj Campbell is one ot the top strikers. His outburst and assaulting Spearman showed how pumped he was. Big Tom will help Defoe by beating defences with Missile passes even Energised teams cant defend against.

  3. Not good enough, if you are calling yourself a striker you have to bang them in, especially when the rest of your game is not up to much. I mean how could I call myself a sex kitten if I did not get my knickers off pretty dammed often? HHXX


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