Many neutrals will be looking forward to Saturday’s encounter and expecting plenty of goals and some attractive football from Spurs and West Ham.

Of course it doesn’t always work like that, but over the years there have been some memorable, goal-laden games between these two and this is one of the reasons why it’s normally televised.

Ask any Spurs fan what their favourite game was against West Ham and most will point to the 4-3 at Upton Park in 2007, when Paul Stalteri of all people, scored a dramatic late winner.

For me I’m going to go back 20 years further to one of my favourite seasons – 1986/87. Ultimately, the detractors will point out that we won nothing that year, but it was great time to be watching Spurs. Clive Allen got all the headlines with his 49 goals, but throughout the side we were sublime and the five-man midfield including Hoddle and Waddle at their best, were breathtaking at times. Incredibly we were tight at the back too! A defence marshalled by Mabbutt and Gough kept a run of clean sheets.

In February 1987, a crowd of over 42,000 saw West Ham come to the Lane for a fifth round League Cup replay. This may be written with the benefit of rose tinted specs but from what I remember, this was almost perfect football throughout the side.

No prizes for guessing who was on the scoresheet. Allen C. weighed in with a hat-trick, with the other goals coming from Glenn and Nico Claesen, who was enjoying a rare start.

Happy memories from a game that typified that season – a repeat on Saturday would be very nice indeed. Sadly, no video footage of that match seems to currently exist (unless you know different), so here’s that 4-3 win instead.



  1. Mine was beating your lot 2-1 and you complained about the food! Bring on Saturday. It’s not our Cup Final though we’ve just lost out on both of those now!

  2. 2-0 at the boleyn, mabbutt and mitchell i think back in 88, we packed the south bank, it was an incredible atmosphere in there that day, then the all seaters came in and days like that are lost foprever more. lucky i managed to get a couple of years in as a Spurs fan before all that happened. oh, and Gazza was awseome that day, he ran the show. and i recall smoeone nicking a copper’s hat and passing it around, as well as plenty of old school songs that are likely to get you arrested these days lol.

  3. It’s got to be August 1981. 1st home game of the season, an evening fixture, Spurs parade the cup around WHL, WHU just promoted…..and Psycho (not Stuart Pearce, but the original David Cross), scores all 4 goals!!!! SWEEET!

  4. I loved the lasagnagate game, not just because it stopped you from getting in the CL but also because Arsenal won the same day and they did. Resuls and memories can never come better than that. I know that many a spud says that they don’t care about rivalry with West Ham, but this is a lie and our winning of the Olympic Stadium was one of the worst cases of sour losing I have seen on the internet.

    • Come on down right now you pikey pussy, meet me at seven sisters station, name the time. I will smash you to pieces. West ham are nothing and i cant wait to see your pathetic club in the olympic stadium half empty with a running track. Sour grapes i dont think so, i dont know any spurs that wanted east london. Us spurs are going to rip your heads off on and off the pitch on saturday.


  6. Are there any other Hammers living near White Hart Lane stadium (Spurs home ground for the next ten years). I live within ten minutes walk to the ground and I hate living in an area being surrounded by all these Arsenal fans.

  7. OOH! Guvnor. You’re so hard, does your Mum know you’re using the computer

    Most sp*ds wanted Stratford and were crying and whingeing about it for a couple of weeks after it. You are so wrong about that. Why would they want to stay in their ground in N17? An area which has been almost completely taken over by North London’s dominant team Arsenal. The only time you see people with cocks on their shirts is when they come in on match days. What an appropriate badge eh?

  8. 4-3 at UP. Kitson (2) Hartson (2) 96/97 season.

    guvnor cannot even manage a CAPITAL letter for his name, is he a 12 year old Paul Ince wannabe?

  9. Best?
    Spurs 0 – David Cross 4… at WHL. An absolute dream result.

    WHU 3 – Spurs 4.. I thought we were relegated after that one but we escaped to be relegated another day.

  10. Where were you guvnor? I waited at Seven Sisters I looking for a spotty faced geek with nhs glasses and a cock on his shirt. I waited so long I nearly missed the kick off.


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