It is undoubtedly very hard to write in glowing terms of anyone in a red and white shirt but if you’re looking for a dangerman then one needs to be identified. Plus, it would seem that the official Arsenal website says nice things about Gareth Bale, so someone needs to redress the balance.

As has been said in the past, sometimes the most dangerous players are the most erratic – completely anonymous for long periods of time then bursting into life for a ratio of around one game in ten.

Step forward Theo Walcott. If you force yourself to watch any Arsenal games then it’s easy at times to forget that he’s even present. Then all of a sudden, he’s capable of turning games and as his England hat-trick suggests, there is potential there.

We must hope that this is an off-night for Walcott, but if it’s his turn to shine, then Spurs will need to be wary.



  1. Walcott is awful, not worth worrying about, think Nasri, Fabrigas and van Persie are the players we should watch but we definiyely shouldn’t worry about anyone!

    BAE will have Wal-Shot in his pocket as per usual

  2. Yeh Walcott is a joke, maybe if we had Corluka at left back then we would have to worry but Ekotto will munch him for lunchin.

    Nasri and Fabregas are off form so the clear and only danger man is Van Persie….I know Gallas hates him though so I fancy him to stop him.

    We should be favourites and are, lets just hope Gomes does nothing silly he owes us a good game

  3. this article is bad, but true theo walcott if on his game will tear up bae, because of his speed, and Arsenal are faviroute because there better than us. Just look at the table…


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