Spurs and Arsenal have thrown up some memorable encounters over the years and the two most recent league fixtures have added in their share of drama, stunning goals and more importantly, three points for Spurs.

When you ask many Tottenham fans about their favourite game against Arsenal, they point to the 4-4 at The Emirates in 2008. A great game though that was, it sometimes seems a little sad that a drawn game should be a favourite.

So what about the victories? I have a personal preference for a 1-0 in the FA Cup when Garth Crooks shot through Pat Jennings and then of course there was the 5-0 in 1983. Overall though it has to be the 1991 FA Cup semi final where any doubts about a tense game were blown away with that incredible Gascoigne free kick and a swift Lineker follow up. The goons pulled one back but Lineker put one through Seaman’s paper tissue arms to take us to the final.

14th April 1991 – the best atmosphere of any game I can remember and a great memory.



  1. Sorry but the 4-4 was my fave although it wasn’t a win. It was in their territory and they were running away with the game. I know there are a lot of Jenas haters out there but his goal to make it 4-3 was amazing and I for one will always remember some of his performances against Arsenal. Also Lennon poking that ball in for 4-4 from Modric’s shot and the fans going mad was amazing.
    The 5-1 in CC semi in 2008 was probably my other fave. Amazing team performance.


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