The 3-3 draw against Arsenal threw up several questions in regards to what team we will send out against West Brom.

A lot will depend on whether Gareth Bale is fit after being substituted against Arsenal. If Bale plays then Aaron Lennon may have to start on the bench. That would be unfortunate after the impact he made he made in the second half, but it’s hard to see where we could accommodate him.

Switching back to 4-5-1 would be dangerous after scoring six goals in two games with 4-4-2, while Van der Vaart is undroppable after his performance on Wednesday. The only way you could squeeze Lennon into the midfield would be to possibly switch Bale to left back, but you can’t leave Assou-Ekotto out after he played so brilliantly against Arsenal.

Pav didn’t have the best game, so Harry could be tempted to bring back Defoe, but I’d stick with the Russian alongside Crouch. At the moment they look like our most effective front pairing.

The other question is whether to keep Corluka at right back or take a gamble on Kaboul. When Van der Vaart plays on the right then Corluka’s lack of attacking ability is exposed somewhat, so drafting in Kaboul might make sense.

Here’s our team to play West Brom. What’s yours?



  1. Gomes, Charlie, Dawson, Kaboul, BAE, Lennon, Hudd, Sandro, Modric,
    Pav, VDV

    Gallas could do with a rest, Crouch not worth a place. If Nico is fit he could play left and Modric in the middle but please please no Pienaar

  2. ————————–Gomes—————————





  3. (Team If Bale not fit) Gomes

    Kaboul……Gallas………..Dawson ……….BAE




  4. Dan, agree with yours. Except that, I would rest Bale and play Modric at LM, Thudd next to Modd and Sandro in between Thudd and VDV.


    Playing a physical team like W.Brom, we need to have Sandro in mid park as he attacks and defence well. Never risk Bale if he is half fit.

  5. aqaljuta – “physical team like West Brom”. Clearly never seen us play then! Not being Physical enough is our problem. We a trebbile at defending set peices so go for your tallest players.

    • Well BaggieBird…everyone has got their own opinion, you may say whatever you like. When I say W.Brom a “physical team”, it is a compliment as I rate W.Brom style of play quite high. My interpretation of “physical” is a combination of fast, agile & robust and these are the three values I can see in the lads (on their good day of course…). “Not being physical enough” is not the problem here, we are even worse…at times, we are just a bunch of softies. The problem is inconsistency and lack in ability to read games and I believe except for a few, all the teams in EPL have similar issues. It is up to the coaches on how they wish to overcome the matter overtime.

  6. Ay up Fellow Yids. My 1st post, Happy Easter.

    4 2 3 1
    RB Charlie (needs crossing practice imo was and prolly best rb for us but is missing something this season) Hutton’s great going forward if VDV is on the right but does’nt work with Lennon imo.

    LB Bale if it, only played 2/3 games as lb this season, nowt against BAE as he has been quality, but we need goals tmw and this is the best way imo)

    CB Gallas
    CB Dawson

    DMF Big Tom the Don.
    DMF Sandro, I would like to see them start a game together just to see if he can cope with doing Tom and the attacking midfielders running.

    Rmf/RW VDV or Lennon, we look so much better when he is in the team and with this formation could work very well.

    Amf Luka or VDV rotating

    Lmf/LW VDV or lennon or Luka rotating

    CF Crouch,
    imo he hasn’t had a settled period in the team this season either not playing or playing with too many different players and imo he would be the 1st 1 to stay next season, I don’t rate Pav after watching 80% of the last games in 2 seasons and we need to upgrade in this position if we are to improve.



    • Exactly what is needed.

      Hudd and Sandro together ..with Sandro exploding forward.

      Hilarious report in the first by the ‘editor’ saying Pavlychenko didnt have his best game…….WHEN DID HE EVER HAVE A BEST GAME??????? THE RUSSIAN IS SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The only striker any good right now is Crouch ..and he isnt all that. Lanky up top with Lemon, VdV and Modric all behind and pushing

      Also, West Brom are no pushovers and we need to win the CM battles, hence Thudd and Sandro together.

  7. cont’d…

    Lennon to come in the last 30 min for either Thudd or VDV (if necessary).

    If for Thudd:


    If for VDV:


    Cheers mate! COYS!!!

  8. I would also rest Gallas, he was struggling last 30 mins of arse game, and whenever Ive seen Hudd in central defence weve played well… I personally also love seeing Kaboul at R/B, last 3 or 4 games last season before he got injured was unstoppable…so
    Kaboul Huddlestone Dawson Benny

    VDV Sandro Modders Bale

    Pav Defoe (its now or never son)

  9. Gomez. Charlie gallas Dawson Benny
    Lennon sandro modric Vdv crouch defoe.

    As nice a bloke pav is , he just doesn’t do it.

  10. come on you yids!!

    ———pav or defoe————–

  11. This is gonna be abut left field, but I think it’s worth a shot;

    Gk: Gomes
    Cb: Dawson
    Cb: Gallas
    Cb: Kaboul
    Lw: Bale/BAE
    Rw: Lennon
    Cm: THudd
    Cm: Sandro
    Am: Modric
    Fw: Vdv
    Fw: Crouch

    5-3-2. Bit of a risk with just three defenders, but Sandro should cover the hole where a winger bombs forwards. We need Sandro, leaving him out is like leaving out a keeper. Luka and THudd are awesome, but they just aren’t capable of aiding a shutout when the pressure is on. Sandro did that twice against Milan by himself. Sandro is the key.

  12. ———–Gomes——-
    (Gallas needs a rest after the knock in the midweek game & Defoe to come on at some stage of 2nd half to keep them on their toes…….)


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