It seems odd that a player of 19 may have reached the ‘crossroads’ of a career, but John Bostock seems to fit that scenario at the moment. John has been discussed before, but his situation has moved on slightly with a return to Tottenham and a couple of goals at Spurs Lodge that have capped some reports of good overall form.

Bostock’s latest strike came for the Under 18’s this week in a 1-0 win over Leicester City and the post match comments from Alex Inglethorpe suggested a more mature attitude from the player.

“John Bostock showed a tremendous attitude,” said Inglethorpe on the club website. “He has only played once since coming back from Hull but he was like a ‘big brother’ to the younger players he had around him.”

Those comments also highlight another problem however and with no reserve football and loan deals not working out for whatever reason, Bostock is short of games. While three of his contemporaries look forward to a possible summer with the Under-21s, it will be an empty close season for John.

There is undoubtedly some real talent there and you would think that if anyone could put a fatherly arm around John Bostock and get the best out of him then it would be Harry Redknapp. With that in mind, could it be time to forget about another loan and put him in the squad for 2011-12 and see just what he’s capable of?



  1. Ledley King was the last player to come through the ranks which suggests the system desperately needed a shake up.
    I think us employing the loan system since Harry arrived is the best way to sort the wheat from the chaff.
    Gets them out into the real world and really tests them which is far better than leaving players around the club in the reserves to stagnate in pointless matches.
    Of course playing in a lower division is different to playing in the top flight.
    But if a player has genuine desire he can do well at any loan club and if he lacks that desire he will never succeed anywhere.

  2. one report of him having a good attitude doesnt mean he’s in good form. There is obviously something wrong there, if he was any goood he would have stood out more on his loan deals, all of which have ended in disappointment. It seems his attitude is far from good. His time is running out, forget blaming the club, this is all on the player.

  3. Not everyone is an O’Hara or Caulker – someone who can impress on loan. I imagine some struggle being far away from family and friends. I can only assume that this is Bostock’s problem. I don’t have sympathy because Bale was away from Cardiff since his mid to late teens. It may just be that he needs London as a base. it is too early to assess his form on returning, because he initially impressed at Hull – then fell away. Loan him to Brentford, Charlton, Watford, Orient, and see what he can do there. No excuses this time.

  4. I really hope Harry plays some youngsters against Blackpool, since we dont really have a chance with 4th spot, might as well breed those youngsters lik ow Liverpool are doin!

  5. Kind of agree with Sazza. It would be great to see some of the youngsters get a run out in the last few games since we are 7 points behind City now. May as well and you never know, they might turn in a great performance. Positive news anyway about John who was once the most talked about youngster in english football when at Palace.


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