Most of the transfer news this morning concerns possible departures from White Hart Lane and while AC Milan have been linked with two of our players this week, their vice-president Adriano Galliano has dismissed reports of moves for either Rafael van der Vaart or Sandro.

Speaking to the Italian press, Galliani said: “Van der Vaart? I think not.”

Without specifically mentioning Sandro, he went on to say: “If none of our top players leave, which I don’t think they will, then Milan will make just one signing – a left-sided midfielder.”

Meanwhile Tim Sherwood has suggested that the club want to keep Jermain Defoe: “It’s hard enough to go and sign a player like Jermain Defoe, so you don’t want to let him walk out your door readily.

“He obviously hasn’t played as much as he would’ve liked but that’s due to having a big squad.”

One player who could be cleared to go is Sebastian Bassong who believes he has gone from ‘heaven to hell’ at Tottenham,

“For a bit I felt lost because I haven’t faced this situation before in my career. I feel that I have gone backwards, like I have gone from heaven to hell.

“I am a guy who simply has to play. I would never just sit there and take the money. I am reaching an age where, if I don’t play week in, week out, and if I don’t feel real trust in me, then I can’t stay, no matter which club it is.”

So if you believe what you read, it’s Bassong out and Defoe, VDV and Sandro firmly in.



  1. The way Harry is performing it will be him who is leaving Not Defoe he his now taking the piss out of Defoe by joking on his favourite chat show sky sport. This si a man who suppose to be a good man manager, well its official he has lost it big time through turning his dressing room comments into a media circus. These are the players who have starred on Sky Van the tunnel incident Lennon the sickness Bent the sandra miss Defoe not available for Thursday, Bale bad back and the clear scan Bentley and the cold wash no Christmas Party Dosantos mam and dad interview Palacios Mother in the shopping Mall have all starred in Harrys Sky news dressing room rants show. and The final show will be Harry is hurt when Levey tells Harry he cant manage Spurs from his cell and he gives the Job to Beckham and Gary Neville whose first job is to install Solo flood lights and to sell Van the i love Spain Vaart

    • What an idiot- Sell van der Vaart who has scored 15 goals this season more than defoe! And Harry has the right to have a dig at Defoe- he came on air acting as if when he plays he sets the world alight- he has cored 4 GOALS- 4 GOALS this season in the Premier League- this is RIDICULOUS! I like him but he has been RUBBISH and Harry has the right to tell him so! Do you think any other team would allow their supposedly BEST striker score 4 GOALS in a season? Demba Ba has scored more for a relegated West Ham who really do not create as many chances as we do and he has been in a new country/ new league for half a season!!! He us lucky Harry brought him twice- if not he would have been out th door! Look at van Persie- He has been out this season as well for 2 months and the guy has scored 22 goals! New strikers are needed ASAP!


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