It’s a tale of two strikers in the transfer columns today with one player insisting he has no intention of joining Tottenham while another has given the first indication that he may stay at the Lane despite issuing ‘want away’ signals for most of the 2010-11 campaign.

Dimitar Berbatov had been linked with a possible move away from Old Trafford with a return to Tottenham being cited as a real possibility. This followed a period on the United bench which ultimately robbed him of outright victory in the Golden Boot award.

However the player has said that he will stay until his contract runs out and maybe beyond: “I have a contract for one more year and I will go nowhere.”

“Now I am part of United’s 19th title and I want to be part of the 20th, that’s my plan.”

Meanwhile, Roman Pavlyuchenko, who had been stating for some time that he was desperate for a move away has talked in positive terms about next season.

“Our club is quite able to win the Europa League next year,” Pavlyuchenko told the Press. “We have a very good team, and we could still have reinforcements.

“As for the fifth place, we took a step back compared to last year, without getting into the Champions League, but it’s still better than sixth.”

While Pav’s comments stop sort of pledging his future to the club, it seems to be the first occasion for some months that he has looked ahead without talking of a transfer out of the club, so could it be that Keane, Defoe and Crouch have all climbed above him in the queue for the exit door?



  1. Would not want the Sulk back would prefer the Hulk, Falcao preferably one or two world class strikers please

  2. Berbatov is a better than what we have at present, fact! I would not be dissapointed to have him back. Whatvever we need at least two new strikers that are as good if not better than Berbs. Berbs and keane may be able to ressurect their double act. They can double up on me anytime, if you know what I mean boysHHXX

  3. ha ha ha love it HH well i dont mind who we get as long as they can score a goal or 20! anyone from aguero falcoe hulk cavani gomez lukaku llorente the list goes on!

  4. well dim and keane did work well together but they never knew why…….?
    i wouldnt mind slipping into the team with HH in the midfield area if you know what i mean ?

  5. I have seen a couple of articles linking us to Gervinho of Lille. Harry went and saw both he and Pablo Osvaldo. Gervinho, only 23, would be a great buy at $10 million. He would really bolster the attack. I would love to see Pavs stay, he is a great striker of the ball and if someone could get him to be productive off the ball, he could have a tremendous season.

    A lot of clubs are releasing their kits for 2011-2012, anyone have any idea when Spurs will be releasing our final Puma kits?

  6. Could not stomach that tosser coming back like nothing has happened no way, heard a rumor by a friend who works at spurs, he tells me that Defoe could be on his way to the scum for 12mil, i hope its a load of shite but this guy works with the players but i hope its bollocks.


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