Chairman Daniel Levy may well be looking to streamline the Tottenham squad this summer but it looks increasingly like he will have a problem trying to offload David Bentley.

Birmingham’s  relegation to the championship looks set to see Bentley return to Tottenham but the club’s drop to the second tier may just have made Alex McLeish’s decision that much easier. Injury, poor form and off field problems meant that the player spent little time on the pitch at St Andrews and after a promising start to his loan spell, he barely featured in the club’s relegation scrap.

Bentley has done himself no favours at Birmingham, where he could have put himself in the shop window at least. With a return to the Tottenham first team out of the question, just who will take the player off our hands and where does a once promising career go now?



  1. Should have sold him last summer. He had at least made some contribution to our top four season and we could have maybe got £10m back for him. Now can’t see us getting more than £6/7m for him. Do feel though it’s time to stop loaning and start selling

    • Why do people keep inflating the figures? 10m for Bentley? When we signed Bentley, Blackburn valued him at 8 million. Bentley had Arsenal’s sell on clause, so for Blackburn to get their 8 million, the overall fee was 15 million, the rest went to Arsenal. So. Bentley WAS worth 8 million. He has since flopped, so 6-7 million is actually what the guy is worth, if that. Everyone knows that we will not renew his contract. Everyone knows that Bentley is not going to risk a huge pay cut. Trying to find a buyer for an overpaid flop is not easy. Why pay 8m for him, when they can wait until his contract runs out? Loaning him out is our only hope of rescuing some money.

  2. Tony this guy was on fire at Blackburn when we signed him. He was a reg in the England squad and being English his fee was also inflated. Not saying he was worth the full £15m we paid but £8m is a joke for a player in the form he was in. He’s also still young. All I’m saying is he has seriously gone to shit at Birmingham and we could have got nearer £10m last summer. He fitted in well when Lennon was injured last yr. To be honest now £5m ain’t a bad fee if Ohara is only going for 4m

  3. Instead of buying another player to be a back-up, I reckon we should keep him as cover for Aaron Lennon, especially with Europa League. He did well in the 09-10 season when Lennon was out and seemed to be grafting, having overcome his ego. If we keep him, he will be happy to be a squad player in a top team now that he has some perspective plus he is still young, quite technically gifted and can still whip in a cross. If Harry can stop holding grudges against players he doesn’t like we could have saved us a few bob.


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