Sunderland target Crouch pledges future to England

Sunderland target Crouch pledges future to England


While we know that Fabio Capello has made some bizarre choices for his England squads, Peter Crouch has confirmed that he will remain available for future selection.

Despite averaging around a goal every other game while on International duty, Crouch wasn’t used during Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Switzerland – almost as inexplicable as leaving Michael Dawson out of the squad altogether.

Would Crouchy have been right to turn his back on England, or do we care about as much as Capello does for our players?

Meanwhile, the Sunderland link to the player has surfaced again and in a season that ended with the Black Cats having no available striker, Crouch at £10m could be a viable move for all parties concerned. Whatever happens, this could be a pivotal week in the playing future of Peter Crouch.


  1. $10 million? If Sunderland offers $10 million for Crouch, make the deal before they can change their minds and offer to help him move. I like Crouch but $10 million for him would be absolutely great for Spurs. I wasn’t expecting his value to climb any higher than $4 million, maybe $5 million.

    Again, absolutely horrible deal for Sunderland at $10, hope it’s true.

  2. As a S’land fan, I am not sure about Crouch. Yes, he’ll give us options up front and add a bit of height to our defensive gnomes (where we are vulnerable to set pieces), BUT, I am not sure his heart is going to be with us. He already rejected us a couple of yrs ago since his lass didn’t fancy the north east. I’d like to sign someone who would put a shift in and wear the shirt with some pride. I don’t think Crouchys heart would be with us to be honest.
    I am also not sure about Defoe either.
    Who I would like to see is Pav.
    I hope S’land spent their money on Pav and NZogbia.

  3. 10 million for a useless shit striker. Either Harry is amazing at his job or Steve Bruce is a dumbass. Most likely the latter. I would happily take 10 million for Crouchy. Spend it on a striker who can do his job.

  4. I’d swap Crouch for the contents of a strangers pocket, but thats just me.
    If some one is happy enough to give us a few million for that useless piece of lanky piss who are we to refuse. Off load’in Crouchy takes away the desire for us to play hoof it up the pitch style football which is a plus in my book. ohh.. that two plus’


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