While it’s been tempting to ignore the rumours linking Luka Modric to Manchester United, they are refusing to go away. Even when you add in the prospect of Berbatov coming back the other way or Joe Cole coming along as a ‘replacement’, none of it adds up from a Spurs’ fans point of view.

At least there maybe better news today with both Harry Redknapp and the player’s agent suggesting that Luka is going nowhere. Mario Mamic – Luka’s representative – has stated that Daniel Levy won’t sell at any price while Harry told Sky Sports exactly what his views were.

“We are not selling Luka, we are not selling Gareth and we are not selling Sandro,” he said. “We are looking to build a team at Tottenham, not dismantle one.

“If we’re going to push on as a football club we need to keep them players and we need to add one or two other top players to them if we’re looking to have a chance of ever getting back in the Champions League again.”

While talk is one thing, the whole business could be over if United turn to Wesley Sneijder instead. It’s felt that they will look to the inspirational Dutchman rather than come back with silly money for Modric and an imminent move for Sneijder could be the best bit of transfer news for Spurs all summer.



  1. Manchester united have limited budget of 60 million as soon spurs said 20 plus coupled with the fact not interested in any of Manchester united players

  2. We must do exactly as Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal .We will not sell to our rivals, if we had to sell him then we sell him to a foreign club not premier league.

  3. But lazy jounalism will not stop linking Modders to Utd until the window closes and then it will all start again December time ready for January. How many more people need to come out and say no? So far we have had Modders, Levy, Harry and Mamic. Maybe for good measure his mum and dad ought to come out and say he is staying at Spurs!

  4. If anyone mentions modric to man utd again, just laugh at them and say jordan henderson for 20 million, they will then realise their stupidity and crawl back under the stone from which they crawled.


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