Harry Redknapp believes that Spurs are just three quality players away from being in a position to challenge the top four once again and he has urged Daniel Levy to back him to bring those men in.

“I want Daniel to go out and get three fantastic players now to come in,” Redknapp told Sky Sports.

“You can’t say that just because we didn’t make the Champions League, we’re not going to improve next year.

“If you do that then we’re not going to get in it again. That’s a fact, because you won’t pass the teams that finished above you last year.

“You have to keep improving if you want to keep anywhere near those teams. I certainly feel we need three players of real quality if we are going to compete with those teams otherwise it will be very difficult.”

Redknapp wasn’t giving out any names and he didn’t mention what areas of the squad needed reinforcements. So if we’re looking at three ‘quality’ players, which three would you go for?



  1. Leaving out all pie-in-the-sky scenarios and assuming our current squad stays intact, my dream trio would be Leandro Damaio, Huntelaar (I think he and VDV would be great together), and Chris Samba.

    In my opinion, the midfield is solid. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pursue any midfielders but I don’t think it is a top priority.

  2. Redknapp classes Defoe, Keane and Crouch as three quality signings, maybe we should leave the signings up to Levy as he seems to have had a big influence in the VDV & Sandro signings. Falcao, Forlan, Drogba, Berba, if we got any of those or two of those I’m sure we would see our title odds shorten. Parker would be helpful against the smaller clubs we couldn’t beat last year. Two strikers and Parker would be good business.

  3. Drogba, Leandro Damiao and Gary Cahill:-)

    K.walker. Cahill. Dawson. Ekotto

    ………….Sandro. Modric

    Lennon. VdVaart. G.Bale


    Subs: Friedel, Corluka, Gallas, Scott Parker, Huddlestone, Leandro Damiao, Pienaar 🙂

  4. Is there really an area of the field where we don’t need improvement? Striker wise, we need two, Damiao, Osvaldo etc etc. Midfield would be sorted centrally with Parker, defence we need a right back, and a commanding centre half, and surely we should have gone in for Foster in goal, instead we could be keeping the clown, the shortest goalie in the world, and a veritable OAP! and why on earth are we loaning Rose out, he looked awesome in the last two games, better than Ekotto, who himself has done well for us last season.

  5. wes brown,gibson berba drogba parker foster cahil and samba all in out gomes woodgate king jenas palicos hutton defoe keane bently button but defo get samba in he is class

    • Wes Brown, Gibson?!?! Why would we take scraps off the reigning champions, the players who cant break into their teams, when we ourselves want to be the champions!! Good idea, sell 2 centre backs, 2 centre mids, 2 strikers, 1 right back and 2 keepers and bring in 1 centre back!? Ur an absolute idiot!

      • I was just going to critise releasing of King, He is the type of player you need to keep no matter if he plays or not. Cut him in half and he has ‘Made in Tottenham’ around the middle ffs.
        Yeah Spurs1882 i think i’ll agree, idiot lol

  6. Falcao is a must maybe with damiao or drogba and a young centre half
    Firedel is a good signing and defoe will score 20 goals next year

  7. I would love to have a great centre half!

    Kompany from City is on the move and would be a great player for us. If we can’t get him then mabe Samba from BB?

    Parker would be great addition at midfield.

    Hulk, Falcao, Drogba, Adebayor, Berbatov or mabe even Dzeco? They would all strengthen our strikeforce together with SuperPav!

  8. LMAO, kompany wont be going anywhere, where did u get that bs from, but the above poster Mark, was spot on, good points

  9. Leandro, Lukaku and Marin in. Get rid of Crouch, Keane, Defoe, Pav, Jenas, Palacios, Hutton, Bassong, Woodgate, Bentley and O’Hara. Promote Rose, Caulker and Parret to the bench.

  10. I think it is clear we need a stricker but I’m worried about the drogba rumours because I think he is to old but he is class for me it would be falcao mata to replace Lennon after the poor season he had and a strong centre back maybe smalling considerin he is now there fourth choice centre back with these three and walker back I think we could be a really promising team!! 🙂

  11. IN- Drogba, Parker and a 1st choice CB. I’d like either Wickham or Damio too but not likely with Harrys old guns policy

    OUT – Keane to Fulham, O’Hara to wolves, Bentley to Villa/Sunderland, Palacios to Napoli, Hutton to Anyone(please) Gio to Spain, Krancjar to ??? (shame)
    Hopefully add Bassong, Jenas, and Crouch to the above list and we should still have funds for January even after spending £50million before September

  12. I reckon Harry will go for Parker, he’s a typical Redknapp signing. Comes from WHU, proven quality, not too expensive. Diarra would be a similar signing.

    If Leandro Damiao is really that good, then he’s cheap and young and I think Levy will want him. Internacional will be loath to sell him halfway through their season though. Maybe a pay-now-sign-later deal like Sandro’s.

    I’d hope number three would be another striker. Might get Osvaldo or Gamiero for under £20m. More likely to be Berbatov in a deadline day shocker.

    So Parker, Damiao (from Jan) and Berbatov. Uh, or else three more attacking midfielders?

  13. 2 strikers and a defender or a midfielder.

    Strikers, 2 of the following: Falcao, Leandro, Huntelaar, Forlan, Aguero, Drogba, Berba or Vucinic.

    Midfielders, 1 of the following (If we need 1): Scotty Parker, N’zogbia or Craig Gardner.

    Defenders, 1 of the following (If we need 1): Hummels, Roger Johnson or Naldo.

    We need to sell: Pav(9 million), Defoe of Crouch(10 million), Bentley(5 million), O’Hara(5 million), Woodgate(1 million), Gomes(4 million), Jenas or Palacios(8 million).

    From that we will realistically make around 22-26 million pounds. Money to spend on a striker(s). We want a world class striker but lets be honest, we are not going to get anyone for more than around 27 million. Maybe 30 million if Levy is feeling generous and really wants CL football. Aguero and Forlan will be difficult more for the fact of there wage bill which is 100+ grand a week. Falcao is the best player we could realistically get around 30 million. Leandro and Huntelaar would be around 15 million a piece so we could get them easily.

    • erm……. 1 million for woody? are you a real fan? he is out of contract!! woody = FREE! we need four players in i would like falcao, lukaku/wickham, diarra and agger

  14. Falcao,Drogba/Damiao Samba/Kjaar.Falcao my first choice then either of the strikers.then either one of the defenders but there are a number of other possibilities.I do not want Berbatov,not because of his betrayal but i do not think any player is ever as good the second time around.We must sell some of the fringe players for obvious reasons but i will be sad to see Krancjar go and i hope we manage to keep him,as well as Dos Santos as they are the best of the fringe players.Bentley just cannot get a game but i will never forget that goal against the Arsewipes.

  15. Ok a lot going for Falcao and i would go with that with Damaio and Drogba and add to that Diarra and Cahill so there thats my three big signings .Now for the sellings ,all the wasters who are getting paid 50k + like Keane,Bentley,Crouch,Defoe and add to them Hutton ,Dos Santos,Wilson ,Niko K,Bassong and Woodgate who should be at the end of his deal so no new deal for him sorry.

  16. CB – neven subotic / Kjaer / Tasci

    CB – Subotic / Tasci / Kjaer / per Nilsson

    MID – Diarra / Veloso / Palombo / Gago

    FWD – Milito / Llorente / Falcao / vucinic

    Take your pick from the list above. Would be happy with any of those as long as we trim the squad and bring in a couple of the youngsters too, like caulker, rose, Townsend, etc.

  17. I like how everyone is picking players they’d bid for on Football Manager.

    You guys need to get into reality. If we get anybody. We’ll be getting someone like Adebayor and Parker. If lucky we’ll get a defender. End of that.

  18. As long as we don’t go into next season with the same strikers I’ll be content. I can’t see us signing two big names like Drogba and Falcao because of VDV so perhaps one or the other. If we added Leandro and Park (Monaco) for the CC and Europa I’d be content. That said I’d be content with anyone under 30 whose not Defoe, Crouch or Pav!

    Equally moving on Jenas, Palacios, Bentley and O’Hara would be fine with me. If that happens I’d like a new CM to back up Modric, I’d be happy with the young Croat that replaced him at Zagreb or Diego of Wolfsburg (no Parker or Adam please). Modric isn’t the most durable, so a creative player as back up is needed.

    As for a new CB, Caulker is maybe a season away, and we’ve yet to see what Khumalo can do. I’d wait until late in the pre-season and give both a chance to prove they can cover for Gallas, Dawson and Kaboul (and maybe King). Dustin of Everton would be a decent shout. No to Ferdinand – we already have 2 players who spend more time getting treatment than playing.

  19. to many names being linked with and still no light on the horizon ferguson is right in getting the business over quickly settle them in quick with the other players the three i would being in ROSSI PARKER CAHILL


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