We still don’t know who will come in to reinforce Tottenham’s forward line this summer but it won’t be Miroslav Klose.

The German International had been linked with a move to White Hart Lane but after talks over a new contract with Bayern Munich broke down, it has been confirmed that the player has joined Lazio on a two year deal.

Klose is 33 today, but still remains a prolific striker when he does make it on to the field. Naturally his wages are an
issue, but would Spurs have been better off pursuing him on a ‘free’ rather than having bids turned down for promising but unproven South American strikers? Have we missed the boat here or dodged a bullet?



  1. “still remains a prolific striker when he does make it on to the field” …when is 1 goal in a season “prolific”?…Is 4 goals in the last 2 seasons “prolific”? …. Not saying that is he no good, but I am tired of players retaining undeserved descriptions & superlatives when they near retirement.

  2. Matthew Harris – idiot or not, discuss!

    We were never after Klose so we haven’t missed anything. Just because a reporter dreams up a story to sell a paper doesn’t make it fact, well only to muppets like you.

    He simply isn’t good enough, he doesn’t score goals at club level and that is hardly what we need. A non story for a non event so why are you reporting it on a Spurs website?


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