Is it really that much of a ‘shock’ to see Jermain Defoe linked with Spurs when the same story was doing the rounds around 3 weeks ago?

As far as Spurs headlines are concerned, there’s not much beyond Luka Modric, but a couple of old rumours have started to gain some more momentum today and the Defoe link is just one of them.

It’s really not clear as to why this has come out again although the fee may have changed to £16m which could be good business if it ever did go through.

Elsewhere, stories suggest that the imminent arrival of Ashley Young at Old Trafford may be the catalyst for a move for Dimitar Berbatov. Once again there isn’t a lot that is new here, but with the imminent arrival of Alex McLeish at Villa Park, Young’s move could finally be sanctioned. That in turn could set off a chain of events that could see the Berbatov story settled one way or another.



  1. The Defoe story has come from running nose Lewis from Daily smoke and Mirrors. You all need to remember this Defoe was out for two months his injury should have bean three months he came back early. If he has a full season under his belt he ill be flying and you have to take into account the Toure factor stopping him and others scoring trust me its bigger than Toures supplement bag. Selling Defoe and Modric would mean 12 points lost can we afford that no is the answer with a better injury list we can do even better this year unless the Vultures get us over to you Mr Levey and Redknapp.

  2. Selling Modric yes, but selling just Defoe would be 12 points GAINED … he is more than useless always was and always will be, let Arsenal have him even at 10million would be good business. He knows his days are numbered now harry has seen the error of his ways and offered Pav an extended contract, harry now knows that Pav and another r our future, Defoe will be gone and Crouch the 3rd or even 4th man if harry buys two.


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