While Spurs have been reportedly interested in Lassana Diarra throughout this transfer window, surely his arrival isn’t worth the loss of Brazilian Sandro.

After a weekend of endless rumours surrounding Luka Modric, the story of interest from Real Madrid in our ‘find’ from last season slipped through almost unnoticed. Once again this begs the question, how much of this is true and how much is fabricated after the story quotes the Times as suggesting that Sandro has asked his agent to find him a new club.

Real are reportedly ready to offer cash plus Diarra for Sandro and Spurs have apparently slapped a price tag of £35m on the young Brazilian. For many however, Diarra plus whatever just doesn’t add up and if Levy is firm in his stance on Modric, we should expect the same when it comes to Sandro.



  1. The rumour about Sandro to Madrid didn’t go unnoticed – it’s just that anyone with half a brain cell realised it was complete and utter rubbish and had zero chance of happening.

  2. Spurs have made no indication whatsoever that they are interested in Diarra. The press have put 2 and 2 together to try and come up with a story, have you not noticed Harry has been linked with virtually every player who has ever played for him.

    This is not even an issue.

  3. Don’t get too excited. The Times article is actually based on an article in a U.A.E magazine. You the world football centre AKA the U.A.E. Strange that it doesn’t seem to have got much,if any coverage in Brazil or Spain?? Could it be that there is less speculation, less desperation and more research in these countries. Perish the thought that the U.K media could be clutching at any “source” to generate a “story”. Strange that in the U.A.E this story was “published” whilst in the U.K, at the same time the story was that Sandro was urginSpuirs to sign his pal Leandro and urging Leandro to come to Spurs. You couldn’t make it up??? Some sad inadequate is somewhere!!!!!!

  4. Not only has Harry been linked with virtually all the players who plyes for him but Spurs squad have all been linked with moves away etc. Yet all we hear from opposing fans what trash Spurs are yet everyone wants their squad.
    Surely Diara, like Parker, Bellamy, etc represent the past–one or two good days left at best. Sandro like Modric are the future–there is simply no debate to be had. Let parker stay with West Ham it really is kinder to him.

  5. Do you think Mr Levy regards Sandro as a key player? If he does then Sandro is going nowhere at any price. The only players we have to worry about are those who are key and have two years or less to run on their contracts. I doubt there are many of those. knowing Mr Levy.

  6. well, it did take harry six months to recognise the kids talent and he was left embarrassed at the airport when told he had not been registered for the group stages of the CL. and i bet he doesnt like the weather. and i bet he suspects that harry doesnt really like foreigners
    and i bet he has received a number of calls because you dont play milan twice and be the motm in both games without getting attention.

  7. What about a compromise? If we’re not in the top four by the next transfer window then Modders can go-for the right price. In the meantime keep hold of Nico somehow and groom him for the Modders role should he go. A role he played very well when Modders was injured. And for pity’s sake get rid of Defoe and break the bank for a striker who can actually put the ball in the net.

  8. I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over Spurs’ transfer policy. In fact I’d settle down into a nice full 8 hours with a dreamy contented look on my face. Levy knows what he’s doing. Just take a look at the squad he inherited (and remember that was Teddy’s second stint at pensionable age) and ask yourself whether his policy works or not: Neil SULLIVAN Stephen CARR Mauricio TARICCO Steffen FREUND Goran BUNJEVCEVIC Chris PERRY Darren ANDERTON Tim SHERWOOD Les FERDINAND Teddy SHERINGHAM Sergei REBROV Gary DOHERTY Kasey KELLER Gus POYET Willem KORSTEN Steffen IVERSEN Oyvind LEONHARDSEN Ben THATCHER Chris ARMSTRONG John JACKSON Christian ZIEGE Dave BEASANT Stephen CLEMENCE Ledley KING Matt Simon DAVIES ETHERINGTON Anthony GARDNER Dean RICHARDS

    Now how many of those would even warm today’s bench?


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