The Gary Cahill rumour has continued throughout the week and what is really interesting are the different stories suggesting what Spurs are really prepared to offer for the player.

Very few rumours state that we are looking to go in with a straight cash deal and the majority suggest that a player will be offered to Owen Coyle as part of the deal. The first story that appeared thought that that particular man would be Danny Rose which seems unlikely to say the least.

Following on from that, there was a rumour indicating that Sebastien Bassong would be offered. That seemed more plausible and certainly a like-for-like (sort of) deal.

The one surprise seemed to be the amount of stories that stated we were prepared to let Younes Kaboul go in return. After rumours linking the defender with a move back to France, many suggest that Harry would be prepared to let Kaboul go if it means getting Cahill.

So is it worth letting Younes Kaboul go as part of this deal and is he really as expendable as the papers suggest?



  1. Why is it the grass is always greener? Kaboul is really coming into his own. Cahill is an overated squad player nothing moe. Why would Spurs go to the trouble?

    • no debate.. kaboul should not even be considered to let go.. woody’s out,. king should follow(might get slated for it, but its the fucking reality of the situation so deal with it) the only viable option to lose at CH is Bassong,. And not through lack of ability, as with niko,.. they may as well not be here cos twitchy contradictory face cant even spell rotation.

  2. All academic in my opinion. Spurs do not need Cahill right now, but Cahill will go now. Besides I do not see Kaboul going up to Bolton…Frenchmen like London, and I think that was one of the reasons Kaboul came back to Spurs, despite knowing that he was (at the time) 4th choice CB. However, ignoring that, I would not swap Kaboul for Cahill – because I think that Kaboul has a lot of versatility in the squad that we would lose. Kaboul does not cry when on the bench, and can fill in various positions. Plus somewhat of a goal threat. Spurs are sorted at CB without Cahill.

    • I agree, but i feel we definitely need another CH. King and Gallas cannot be relied upon for the whole season. Kaboul has also had his (un)fair share time in the physio room. If we did get Cahill or any other young CB, that would halt the progress of the excellent Caulker. A free/cheep experienced CH (ala gallas) i think would be a wise move for a couple of seasons, as Bassong i dont think has a long-term future at the club.

      • woodgate and king great players when fit,but when are they going to be fit.kaboul dawson, gallas and (cahill) if we get him will give us competition and experience. king is the better bet, woodgate pay as u play. 4 comps redknapp needs to learn how to utilies his squad, not being horrible i like harry but he has problems in picking/utilising his squad. even if we let go of woodgate, ledley becomes a player/coach so we keep him at whl.we’ve still have khumalo and caulker. our problem is we hold on to deadwood to long, footballs a ruthless business. imagine 4-5 top youngsters in 2 years we could be winning titles ,its not impossible, keep kran and harry utilise your squad 20+ good players pick players for games all the top managers do it. show your good . coys

    • Injuries are a concern yes, but I think we have it covered: King, Gallas, Kaboul – 3 injured threatened CBs. Then Dawson, Bassong, Khumalo. That is SIX named CBs – i.e one short of a quarter of the squad. You do not need to add to that. Plus double cover in Corluka, Caulker (anagrams of each other maybe?) and possibly Hudd. If one CB comes in, another has to go to make room.

  3. Makes no sense what so ever. Cahill is no better than what we already have.

    Villa bombed him out to Bolton, so would give wide berth. He’s a younger version of Upson.

  4. Bassong’s on his way anyway – Kaboul NO WAY. Actually don’t rate Cahill, think just about every challenge he makes is a foul.

  5. No. Send Bassong the other way. Kaboul, Dawson, Cahill and King will form a formidable central defence. Plus Kaboul can cover at right back as well.

  6. No way. In my opinion Kaboul is a far better player than cahill. And what is the point of having two centre half’s with no pace and ability to pass a ball!

  7. Not sure i’d want either players going , danny rose will one day be perfect replacement for Ashley cole he’s quick left footed and English very rare worth more than Cahill in my eye’s but if had to sell one iot would be Kaboul because oversea player never 100% loyal why can’t we include jenas and Bentley plus4 million that would be fair amount and bolton would have something to work with ?

  8. No,when i saw that I was horrified.Kaboul is a class act,he’s young and has bags of potential.He certainly isn’t one of the long list of deadwood at the club.For a start he’s more versatile than Cahill as can play in the centre of defence and on the right..Keep him

  9. I believe that HR will be holding onto Kaboul as one of the most promising and versatile defenders in the Premiership – who has an ability to create and score goals.

    Cahill would be a useful replacement for Bassong, King or Gallas. I also think that with Walker likely to fill the RB position next season it might be premature to introduce the inexperienced Caulker to a CB position but his time will come.

  10. I think Kaboul is a lot more versatille as well.
    Has played very well when needed on the right, and goes on some darting runs!!

  11. No. Kaboul stays. He is the future of our central defence. If he was English, he would be valued higher than Cahill. We do not need another central defender – King, Gallas, Kaboul, Dawson and Caulker would be fine for the season -even if we let Bassong go.

    If we think King isn’t realistic then bring someone in to replace Bassong – but a promising youngster – not someone who will demand football everyweek. We already have quality in Kaboul, Dawson and Gallas – and Caulker coming through.

  12. I don’t even rate Cahill any higher than what we have. We brought a new centre back in January, why spend that money then not give the guy a chance to show what he can do?

    Kaboul isn’t great, certainly not at centre back, but as a powerhouse right back he is actually very good. Him and Kyle Walker can challenge each other for the spot, with Kaboul also playing backup to all other positions in the back line or even defensive midfield role. He is pretty good on the ball, powerful and got fair pace.

    Don’t think we need Cahill, we have enough Centre backs, both old and young.

  13. It’s bizarre really, cos Bassong and Dawson were the mainstay of the heart of defence year before. Yet this season, Bassong has looked a little overawed and error-prone. I think that it goes without saying that we all (inc. Redknapp snr.) want and need Kaboom to stay.

  14. Kaboul was a real rising star for us this past season – and when for a time he was injured we really missed him. Solid, versatile defender and strong going forward. No way would i trade him away.

  15. neither of them. people forget how important bassong was two years ago when we qualified for the champions league. he played in a lot of games. kaboul is the better player but ther are both better than cahill i feel

  16. Alright chaps, I have been to nearly all the games last season for Bolton, and Cahill is phenomenal in front of goal. He is much better going forward than at CH in my opinion. in 2009/2010 season he scored 7 or 8 goals from august to february before he got a blood clot in his arm. He also scored two in a game against Aston Villa last season! Defence wise his skills still need honing a touch, but believe me the rest of the defence around him don’t help, and he would have a better group around him at spurs surely. To put it simply, if Phil Johnes is worth £16 or £17 million, Cahill is worth £25 million. Do any of you spurs fans remember what happened at the reebok last season?

    • yes, we had come off a european game and the useless bugger who is our manager failed to get the team going and the team themselves were guilty of thinking it wd be a stroll. had we matched you for effort we win every time,. we did not match you for effort. and sandro, who will be a great spurs star, had not realised how quickly the game moves and was caught in possession for a goal. when you had scopred the third we woke up and frankly looked as if we could score at will, not that we did. too little and too late

  17. Good to see so many people think the same as me, Kaboul has really began to show his worth since returning from Portsmouth. I also feel Owen Coyle doesnt seem to worried that he may loose him in the transfer window

  18. Good side Bolton and Cahill is a good player..

    But I’d rather have Younes anyday!!! He’s really coming into his own..


  19. Spurs don’t need a player like Cahill.
    Kaboul should stay and Bassong should leave.
    The skills and qualities a new CB/CH should have are:
    dominant (winner’s mentality), commanding, quick and able to move forward with the ball (a Lucio, Piquet type).

  20. I would take Cahil if it meant we could clear any of the players that wont be getting near the starting 11 such as Basong, Bently, Keane, etc.
    Kaboul should stay as offers alot in diff positions as we all know and is improving too. Corluka needs to be given a go at CB with Walker coming through. Plus we need to keep our budget for strikers!!!! coys

  21. I’m adding to the support for YK. Since his return, he has impressed with whatever position ‘Arry slots him into. He is big, strong and ruthless. He plays the right back position better that Charlie, because he is very fast. Just the type of we need to rely on when the going gets tough.
    I think that our management are trying to show they are looking for players to bolster the team, only, we need top quality, not cheap cast offs!

  22. Kaboul is more versatile than Cahill is he? Errrm no! I understand that most of you guys don’t really get to see to much of Gary on Match of the Day but IF you were lucky enough to get him… I think you’d find he was ecery bits as good a striker as some of the players you employ in that position!

    Gary Cahill is a Rolls Royce! He could play anywhere on the pitch and wherever that is he will get at least 10 Premiership goals next season… I am CERTAIN of that!

  23. if he is soooo good up front maybe Coyle should play him off davies next season cos you re losing your swede el-misser. lol 🙂

  24. Cahill nothing more than a squad player? Are you deluded? He’s a quality centre-back, comfortable on the ball, good in the air, got plenty of pace and has got a good head on his shoulders. Like a fellow Bolton fan said earlier in the post he could play anywhere on the pitch, I’d even have him up front over the shithouse Elmander that we’ve gladly just got rid of! I’ll be sad to see Cahill leave but it’s looking inevitable, you don’t get linked with Man City, United, Chelsea, AC Milan, Liverpool and Arsenal if you’re nothing more than a squad player…

  25. The best thing about getting Cahill is that the scum have been going on about getting him for about 6 months.

    • I know, that would be hilarious, especially if they only end up getting Upson on a free as a result…
      Are you the Steve Robinson of TH Football Fancast fame may I ask?

  26. It’s a pointless argument anyway – if we get Cahill then it will be Bassong going the other way, not Kaboul, we have no intention of selling him.
    Gary would be a great addition, Bassong won’t fight for his place and was poor last year so it’s a no-brainer upgrade on what we’ve got.

  27. looks like i’m in the minority but i’d be very happy to see a english central pairing of dawson and cahill, seen kaboul step in and have a couple of good games since he’s been back but i see cahill as being a permanant partner at the back alongside dawson and hopefully england

  28. I see this happening, getting Cahill in that is, or another centre half. Woody is out, King is virtually out, Gallas is not far behind the pair of them, Bassong is absolute tosh and I can’t wait to see the back of him, please ship him out this year, he’s calamitous, Kaboul is good and will get better but injuries are a worry, that leaves Dawson, our main centre half, our captain, as our only main defender who can be relied upon all season long. As Cahill is most likely going now, they are thinking English and thinking of the next few years. At this moment in time I don’t think Caulker is ready, remember in the Arsenal cup game last year, he got embarrassed by their youngsters and a few first teamers.

    Not sure on the figures being bandied about, glad there is movement on transfers though, Friedel already in, Centre Half (Cahill?), Parker and then Leandro to come, and then with our marquee signing, another striker I’m hoping, Falcao would be nice.


  29. are you all being serious? kaboul is a big horrible stump at the back, where as gary cahill can actually play football. id rather sitck pins in my eyes than watch kaboul everyweek! wow bad player!


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