While Spurs have been linked with a whole host of players in this transfer window so far, Harry Redknapp has suggested all the rumours are irrelevant as the club will have to sell before it can buy.

While some Spurs supporters may have been waiting for an injection of cash to get Tottenham challenging for Champions League football once again, Harry has indicated that there will be no movement until several players are

“There is nothing happening in the transfer market” Redknapp said.

“I need to sell four or five players to bring in funds.

“The chairman has made it clear we need to move a few players before we can start doing any business.

“I keep seeing us linked with this player and that, but unless we reduce our squad numbers we will stay quiet in the market.”

The club were keen to send the right message to supporters over Luka Modric recently but as messages go, has the recent news come as a surprise to fans who were expecting some moves before we got rid of the dead wood? Why do we need to sell before we can buy, when we were allegedly putting in £30m+ bids in for players in January?



  1. I’m slowly losing faith with spurs. Modric and Bale will end up going and it’ll be back to square one before we know it. The club say they want to challenge and be a force…….prove it

  2. I am of the view that we have the funds but if we buy now we will have a greater wage bill until the dead wood has gone. Therefore it does make sense to hang on for a while, think about it the wages of Bently/Dos santos/Crouch/Defoe/JJ etc. must come to about 300k per week even off season for that we can get three good players wages paid. If we made offers in the Jan window then that cash is still in the bank, don’t be fooled by Harry and his cr*p mouth, it’s all just a game.

  3. Why did we not buy a top striker in January the right purchase then would have given us Champions league again. We Fucked up, Why have we not got rid of the fringe players we know Arry no longer wants, hanging onto these players trying to get top dollar isnt going to happen, we are going to take a loss on some players just accept it Daniel Levy, you will not get back £16 million for David Bentley. Daniel pull your head out of your Arse.!!!

  4. We have to many in our squad to bring in new faces until we sell at least five players we can only have a 25 man squad if harry wants to get them 3 players he has been talking about then we have to move a few out its not because we have no money its just the way the press make out that we are skint that annoys me i wonder if the article was written by a chelsea arsenal utd fan who are clearly scared by us otherwise why try to nick our best player’s, everything will turn out good come september 1st imo. get a good striker problem solved..

  5. Its all about wages at spurs we need to off loads 6-7 players prob around 350k a week in wages so we can go and buy these “marquee” signings Harry has promised us for so long !!
    All top players will be looking for a pay packet of around at least 100k a week so as stated above 6-7 out 350k ish in wages freed up and 3 new players to come in …
    Tottenham have to start paying higher wages if they want to succeed in luring the players they want.

  6. Telling any potential buyers that we have to sell before we can buy anyone doesn’t seem the best way to get the prices up. But then what would I know, I’m not a wheeler-dealer.

    More to the point, why does Redknapp have to say anything at all? It might oil the wheels of his relationship with various media outlets, but how does it help the transfer process?

  7. The financial aspects are one aspect, but don’t forget about the squad limitations imposed. It wouldn’t make common or economic sense to have highly paid players effectively on Gardening leave if they cant be moved out. No business in the world would see anything other than financial suicide if that policy was adopted. Of course we have deadwood, but who bought that deadwood in?

  8. What i’d like to know is where has that 40 mill gone that we made from our champions league run last season? Has levy banked that for the new stadium, surely this should go on new players or we go further behind top 4 and even liverpool who are spending now?

    Also, right at the end of the jan window we came out with those 35 millions bids for Rossi and Aguero etc. Was this just bull++t to make it look like we tried to get a striker? I was expecting us to be quick out the blocks this window after this.. Mind you, you can only buy British players in june and july is when the action happens so let’s hope ‘arry’s comments are a smokescreen.

  9. Unfortunately as good as our chairmen and manager are doing certain aspects of there jobs, there both complete arses at others…..we are a club who did actually make a bid or two on the last day (sorry last hours again, to make us look like deperate idiots) of the Jan transfer window for players, with stupid money mentioned, we had all the deadwood then and apparently the money to spend 25-30 mil and now were acting like we have none! Yes yes we all know we need to shift out the deadwood, but our media (whore) hungry manager wants the whole world to know, while at the same time showing the star players you really really want to keep, that the club has no real ambition…..well he definitely let them know that the end of last season with the 5th is the best you can expect comment!!!

    I love this club more than any player, manager, chairman and i will always support who ever wears our shirt with pride, we do have the best squad we’ve had in my lifetime. I’ve been a supporter since 1980 and I think I’ve experienced every high and low you can imagine with this team…but really and truly, last year we were 15 goals shy of who knows what, 15 measley goals, now remember how many Darren (no better than er indoors) Bent alone scored this season and all you Bent haters, don’t tell me you didn’t scream your arse off like he was still a Spurs player when he scored that great goal against the Woolwich wanderers end of last season, I’ll leave you to ponder on that thought!

    All we need is that ruthless goal machine and yes I’m no agent, manager, director of football, but in every walk of life money talks, bottom line and if we want to be up there well one day they have to take the plunge, so if there really serious about what they want to achieve as a club, this is the time to add, just add that elusive predator and watch us tear teams teams to pieces next year, cos in all those draws at the lane this year, that’s all we needed…..15 more goals….let’s say 10-15 points, who knows where we would have ended up in the table, i tell you what though, it would have been higher than 5th!

    Audere Este Facere

  10. We won’t pay £10m for Parker due to no ‘sell on value’ yet we are, in the words of Daniel Levy, “not a selling club” ………anyone else see the irony in that??????

  11. Yes we do otherwise Harry will have a squad of about 50 players and only use 15. The squad is bloated, needs reducing even with 4 or 5 out we will still be about the 25 man squad limit. That’s before he buys the likes of useless Parker. Else we will be left like City (but without the sugar daddy picking up the tab) with players on massive wages that don’t have a squad number can’t be used and are loaned out with us still paying their wages ala psb bentley etc. That is no way to run a club.

  12. @milky we wont pay £10m for Parker because he is injury prone, $hite and not worth more than £4m even in this inflated market. He is no better than ANY of the midfielders we have, would come on a massive wage and no one would take him off our hands.

  13. we r a small club wiv massive ambition that we r unable 2 back up. the only reason we got cl football in the 1st place was a matter of liverpools decline city not got a proper side 2gether at the time. to some it up we qualify 4 the cl and get gallas on a free, sandro who was is class i agree, pienaar for 3m in january when we had kranjcar ne way, no big signing in the form of a striker. the only reason there was talk of all those bids in january we did not have the money 2 back the bid up and levy knew they would get rejected coz all those clubs have the power 2 say no to us so it would look good on levys behalf. something similar will happen on august 31st. mark my words. oh and before i go modric will leave first week in july odds on, to be honest i do not blame him he needs to play for a MASSIVE team with ambition that can b backed up. will miss him tho

  14. Hutton and Dos Santos? both players who havent gotten a chance because of poor training, I heard that hutton got dropped because of poor punctuaction to training, what a joke?? Harry is to old fashioned. NO funds? but where did the extra money from champions league tv money go? and our extra investec sponser money, there is money there Levy doesnt wanna risk anything, the pussy……

  15. Levy is anything but a pussy or anything else come to think of it.Arry would just go out and buy 3-4 players and like sais earlier then dump other players thus making the squad bigger and the wage bill bigger and putting the club in debt.Levy can see this that is why he has told him to cut the squad plus as Arry only uses a few players Levy can see we don’t need so many.If we can sell on 6-8 players it will give us a lot of scope in the market.This is not the fault of Levy but of the making of one Arry Redsnapps.He keeps wanting to add to the squad but never wants to sell a player.We need to look at bringing in players with better sick records and that means no Parker and no Cole sorry Arry.

  16. Just like some other people already said, the team can only count 25 members. I think it’s just rational to sell some players while they are still (theoretically) members of the squad. When they are really non-squad members their value drops to almost zero. And from the quality point of view: it is better to buy one top striker (and one young talent) and two established defenders then keeping ten players that don’t make us any better (Jenas, Palacios, Bassong, Crouch, Kaboul, Pienaar, Woodgate, Bentley, Giovanni, Huddlestone,…). Why bother to buy an extra midfielder when you have the best in the PL and Kranjcar on the bench?


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