With Jonathan Woodgate having left the club, the centre back positions are looking very thin and although we know that Ledley will remain in the ranks for the forthcoming campaign, everybody knows not to expect a full season from him.

With that in mind, the deadwood report turns its attention to Sebastien Bassong and here is another player who seems to split opinion down the middle. At times he looks solid and on occasions he can go AWOL and be capable of the type of clumsy challenge that gave away a penalty at Blackpool. He can also score some important goals – none more vital than our first against Young Boys at the start of last season.

As far as the club and player’s intentions are concerned, it may be a clear cut decision. Bassong isn’t happy, particularly after being left out of the side for a half fit Ledley at Liverpool. From Harry’s point of view, the best option for the player may be to use him as bait in a deal for Gary Cahill. The question however is whether you would keep Sebastien Bassong in the squad or let him go with the rest of the dead wood.



  1. i would keep him and im sure the club would keep him but he isnt happy and obviously wants to go and play somehwere. How can you stop a young pro doing that? So he has to go.

  2. Bassong did well during 2009-10. HOWEVER, he got away with an awful lot of holding and shirt-pulling in the penalty area.
    The main problem is that he has absolutely no idea when he is in possession, ie isn’t a footballer at all.

  3. We are not thin on the ground because we have Caulker Huddlestone and Bongani who can play centre half . Huddlestone has not bean on the losing side playing there Bongani looked very accomplice d at centre half for Preston if we buy anothe player Caulker will be wasted Smalling has come on since he has gone too Utd and Jones will follow .

    • But neither Caulker or Bongani are ready yet, both need to go on loan to get experience and Huddlestone is not a centre half, he only plays there as a last resort. If we want to challenge for Champions League football we don’t want to be relying on last resorts.

      Smalling was regularly playing for Fulham, Hull is a Championship club, loan both to Premier League clubs and we will benefit the following season.

  4. That’s a bit harsh Lawrie – by that logic Dawson is absolutely useless with his Hoof Ball magic.

    The truth is that Bassong is a young player that needs to play and the writing was on the wall when Harry brought in Gallas which effectively pushed him into a 5th choice tie with Kaboul behind King, Woody, Gallas and Dawson.

    I wouldn’t give up on him, but it’s well known that Harry prefers old players to young ones so we should sell if the price is right.

  5. If we sell Bassong, we would need to replace him – regardless of the presence of Caulker. There would be no point in selling him unless he wants to go. We hear that this is actually the case. If Bassong goes then that leaves us with (in terms of seniority): Kingy (4-15 matches a season), Dawson, Gallas, Kaboul, Khumalo, Caulker. That is very thin given that King, Gallas and Kaboul have their injuries, and Khumalo & Caulker yet to play a Premiership game. Caulker better off being on loan again – or kept for Europa league.

  6. He’s a good defender but behind king, gallas, dawson and Kaboul so I’d let him go. I’ve not been to keen on him ever since he forgot to put his shorts on when sitting on the bench and he seems to lack some concentration and maturity. If we kept Caulker around this season he could cover if things got very thin as well as play in some cup games maybe, and Huddlestone/Corluka could also do a job there.

  7. If A club in the prem offered to give him a full season in the starting 11 he could come back a top defender as i’m sure Kyle Walker will but unfortunately it seems Harrys man management has frustrated him so it seems he wants away – If could be used with money to swap for another CB such as Samba, Shawcross, etc that would be beneficial. Cahil looks nailed on for the gooners now. he is over-priced anyway – coys

  8. Keep the guy, him and dawson were rocks in central defence 2 seasons ago where we kept alot of clean sheets and people forget that all too easily hes still only young and is a good quick tackling defender he will make mistakes but hes still only learning plays the ball better on the ground than dawson does to. I like gallas but i feel dawson is better with bassong beside him because both play in there preferred positions so are more comfortable beside 1 another.

  9. The problem is Bassong and Dawson playing in the same side as both are naive and rash and without a leader both are prone to error. The moment King’s back in the side, Dawson looks unhurried and assured. Bassong requires good effective coaching, hate to keep banging on about it, but it’s so evident in all departments that it’s criminal. Before going out and spending huge amounts on players, Harry should perhaps look at himself and those around him. Enough of the old pals act, lets get it right from within!

  10. You do make a valid point, as much as I respect Les F, Sherwood, Tony Parks, etc I dont think they can be doing a great job with the coaching as our players dont progress as expected. eg. Bostock, Naughton, Gio, etc.
    People may praise Harry for keeping these people in the game but look at where Tony Adams is now, proof it doesnt always work!

  11. He is useless, probably the worst player in our squad. No coincidence that when we have been badly beaten he has played e.g, Fulham, Milan, Young Boys etc and his ‘vital’ goal against them, you forget he was at fault for 2 goals in that match?!
    Hes not happy here, hes not good enough and he handed in a transfer request so I don’t think there is any debate

  12. Yes he is not good enough, he makes a major mistake virtually every game which often leads to a goal, just like Gardner used to do.

  13. Why should Caulker go on loan again he has played for Yeovil 17 player of the season Bristol like wise and got injured e is the same age has Jones who played in a team struggling . Smalling never played every week and if he is not ready at 19 then another year on loan could see him like Walker wondering if Villa is his real club. And has for Huddlestone check out is states playing at centre Half with Woodgate he got our first -0-0 at Everton and he got man of the match against Shacktar with Zakora alongside him he can just like Danny Rose proved he can play both and i will bet you he wont be on the losing side. Bongani will shock you how fast and accomplished he is. And Caulker will learn a lot more playing with King or Dawson and Gallas with the new rules he should be used we will see on pre season how good he has become .


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