We all knew that Luka Modric was heading for talks with Daniel Levy yesterday but Spurs fans would have held different opinions as to what the outcome would be. It may have been a surprise however, to see Levy stop and talk to reporters on his way out of the ground. Here are some of those quotes,

“Everything was fine. We had a very good conversation and as I said previously Luka Modric will not be sold.

“It’s the end of it. As I said a few weeks ago there’s no further discussion on it. He was on holiday, we’ve now had the conversation and he understands our position.

“I’m sure once he’s back with his team-mates everything will be fine.”

There’s been no word from Luka or his agent, but it’s thought he won’t hand in an official transfer request.

When the news of Chelsea’s bid broke a couple of weeks ago Harry Redknapp said that some big names would be arriving at Spurs that would show Luka the club’s ambition. Is now the time for that to happen?



  1. Daniel and Harry. If you want top 4 and a chance at the title then.
    Buy, diarra 15mill, cahill 17mill, Rossi 30mill, Adeybaor 12mill, Adam johnson 15mill. Total spend 89 million.

    Sell. ohara 5mill, jenas 4mill, kranjar 7mill, palacios 12mill, Bassong 9mill, hutton 5mill, crouch 10mill, keane 6mill, pav 13mill. Total income 71million.

    summer spend of 18 million. Not bad business and happy spurs fans.

  2. I’m as frustrated as the next man at our lack of signings but please be patient and realistic.

    We can only have a 25 man prem squad but are well over that so our finances are being drained by players who will prob never kick a ball for us again, some on big money – Bentley, Keane – so we have to get rid. Who will give us £6 million for Keane or £13 for Pav? – I dont see a big queue. In any case is there a point in getting rid of three of our strikers without knowing we can replace them?

    All the big name signings we are interested in are fraught with difficulty. Can we meet the clubs’ fee demands – they might start high and only be prepared to accept sensible fees later in the window. Is Cahill worth 17 million? Even if we can afford them, do you really think City will sell us Adebayor and Johnson? (they wouldnt sell us Bellamy last year). Even if the clubs will sell, can we match the players’ salary demands? – highly unlikely for Adebayor. Even if we can work our way past all those pitfalls, will players like Diarra be desperate to leave arguably the biggest club in the world to come to us? – we arent Manu, cant offer CL or pay the mega money offered by City and Chelsea.

    Taking Rossi as an example, even if we offered Villareal enough for them to say yes immediately without waiting to see if they can get more from someone else, he wont come until he is certain he wont get an offer from Barcelona, which may depend on whether they can sign Fabregas….

    Its very very complicated, plus we have had the Modric saga, The OS appeal, NDP funding application and Redknapp’s personal situation to worry about.

    Liee I said I am frustrated but that is where we are as a result of failing to qualify for the CL, having a small ground and being sensible financially.


    • Yep. Its wages wages wages … Does not matter how much you raise in selling players. You may be able to cover the one-off transfer fee payment, but you cannot commit to the amount of money stated in the required contract. Aim LOWER. Our “intent” is finishing in the top 5 consistently – with a chance of popping in the top 4 now and again.

    • You’re so damned right, and Levy is equally aware and clued up about the situation. He said that we can expect to qualify for 4 out of the next seven seasons, if we can build upon what we already have. That means no star players being sold, but a trimming of playing staff will be inevitable. That pragmatism, that’s his job, and he’s doing it well. Sorting the stadium out is on-going and vital to our long term and immediate future, so it’s patently obvious that we’ll have no new arrivals, unless there’s departures.. common-sense at best, which is so unusual in football!

  3. Well done Levy. Now, for your next trick, get Redknapp to shut the f*** up.

    No more defeatist shit like, “This is as good as it gets”, “It’ll be impossible to finish fourth”, “We can’t compete with other team’s money”, “We can’t buy until we sell”. etc. etc.

    Other managers don’t feel the need to give a running commentary on what their club is up to, and it doesn’t help.


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