With every passing day of the close season it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Spurs won’t be completing any major deals until we clear some of the unwanted players from our books.

The reality is that Spurs simply pay average players too much in wages and so when it comes to transferring our misfits from the club, it’s no surprise we can’t get rid of them. Other teams are simply learning from our mistakes, and not taking the same risks.

Its been stated recently that Daniel Levy needs to lower the asking prices of the fringe players which is true, but Harry also has a responsibility to use the whole squad and not let his loyalty to players infringe on our performances.

There’s nothing worse for a players confidence than seeing a half fit player occupying his position, so hopefully next season Harry will learn from his mistakes and start to use the size of our squad to his advantage.

If Bale is struggling for fitness or form then let’s use Rose, Kranjcar, or Giovanni. If King isn’t fit lets show Bassong, Kaboul or Corluka that we trust them to operate at centre-half. If Defoe scores two goals then obviously let’s start him next week (this isn’t rocket science is it?).

Why do we have to be down to the bare bones to resort to playing Danny Rose and why was Gareth Bale nearly heading out on loan to Nottingham Forrest before it suddenly dawned on the Spurs management that we have one of the best left sided prospects in the game?

Another frustration for me this season was the continual use of the media to justify our failings. What I don’t want to hear from Harry is “fifth is as good as it gets”, because it certainly wasn’t the case for Martin Jol was it? Or “these fans don’t know what they’re talking about”. Such comments show a lack of ambition and are disrespectful to the club and its supporters.

Regarding the clubs progress, we’ve recovered well from the Juande Ramos experiment and excelled under Harry’s management. As a Spurs fan I’m satisfied with the direction we’re heading and over the next couple of years we can continue to improve and can maybe then challenge for honours.

If Greece can win the Euro’s, If Porto can win the Champions League; surely Spurs can finish a lot higher than fifth in the Premier League.

Only time will tell…



  1. “because it certainly wasn’t the case for Martin Jol was it?”

    Actually he said it was as far as he could take Spurs

  2. anon – Did Martin Jol leave then because he couldnt take us any higher?? or was he sacked because we couldnt beat a top 4 side?, harsh as it may have been i think we know the answer

  3. Spuds gonna be nowhere near 4th place, one flukey season now back where you belong midtable also rans, haha come over to the light luka…. 🙂

  4. thats right Luka run along, that class act over there can make a £50m player look like a 50p player, grass isnt always greener, just ask Fernando…:)

  5. Rednkapp not rotating enough and playing his favourites left us tired and burnt out and subsequently we lost a top 4 finish that could have bin 3rd-above the scum and shitty.
    Krancjar,GDS,Rose,Willyp,JJ etc should be used more-even if(Sandro’s gonna be missing for 12 weeks at least)HR’s preferred central midfield pairing is Thudd and the rat. Keep our own players guessing should be the aim,getting them to give 100% and not even know who’s getting picked until as late to kick off as poss.Then if ya find a winning formula then it holds for good reason,the players can’t really complain and it then creates extra imperative and a winning mentality.No brainer really.
    Would like us to get rid of Keane,Defoe &Bentley and land a huge bid to get that illusive out and out 25+ goalscorer

  6. with more rotation the players would be fresh and able to give more, also players such as Dos Santos, Kranjcar, Bentley, etc do offer a goal threat. So even if we dont sign a 25 goals a season striker (cos there arent many) we wouldnt have such a reliance on the forwards. playing 442 will also help the forwards recover their form and confidence

  7. Good article and I agree that the practice of not using the entire squad needs to be looked at but at the same time what do you do when a player is bang in form doing the business? What I would like to see more of is us stop playing ariel ball up to Peter Crouch it’s boring to watch unimaginative and teams know how to counter and nullify the threat, what has happened to playing our strength of width? Ok I agree that teams will try to nullify that threat also but how often do they? The problem as I see it is learning how to accommodate Raphael Van Der Vaart because his game is not suited to 4-4-2 which everyone knows already which then means we need a target man in the shape of Emmanuel Adebayor who can play in both formations and is also not so clumsy with his first touch as is a certain Mr Crouch honestly look back on last season and see how many opportunities went begging because of his poor first touch and he’s meant to be a striker! We’re not talking about wholesale comings and goings here but certainly changes up front sell Keane and Crouch keep Pav and Defoe get Adebayor play that new lad Soulymaine in Europa league fixtures and run with what we got which on balance is a decent enough squad. I must say as well that I was most upset when we re-signed Kaboul but to be fair when he’s asked to play in the back four he hasn’t disgraced himself entirely but the signing of a centre back must also happen. Just a little tinkering here an there then nothing major and we’re in business and for Gods sake cut the communication lines between us and the media let’s just get on with the business of playing football let others worry about what we’re doing and not the other way around talk about it when we’ve done it. Lillywhitetilidie.

  8. Come on guys, Martin Jol was the manager that brought back the good times to our club, don’t forget the good he did us, gave us back our respect and everybody loved him….even Gooner fans and I know that for a fact cos I think all my friends and family are dirty scum supporters!

    He got sacked because our chairman had ants in his pants and just didn’t trust him like he really should have done with buying the players HE wanted….don’t forget, the year we SHOULD have come 4th, was done without Berba and with a brand of football we all loved, fast flowing and attacking, imagine if bg ol Martin was still at our club now from back then…….I reckon we would have won the league by now!


    p.s I actually want Harry to be found guilty of tax evasion, because really and truly, he’s takes us as far as he can, he is the reason Luka is carrying on the way he is now, with that pearl of a comment when we came 5th last year…..THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS….PRAT!


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