Spurs fans may soon be getting the news that they’ve waited for as the race to sign a striker seems to be hotting up. While we may not land Emmanuel Adebayor, Harry’s comments yesterday look to be a clear indication of the club’s intent to land a signature before the season starts.

So if it’s not going to be Adebayor, could it be Mirko Vucinic? Tottenham have been linked with the Roma striker on and off for the last few months but having fallen out of favour in Italy, it seems that he could definitely be available this summer at a price of around £15m.

Vucinic is 27 and has played in Italy for the last nine years where he averages around a goal every three games, despite often being deployed on the left wing for Roma. At international level, he has 24 caps for Montenegro scoring 11 times.

So he has the type of record that suggests he could score heavily in the premiership but one worrying aspect of the story is the claim that he has fallen out with fans due to his ‘poor attitude and body language’

For the time being, we await any developments, but the chase for a senior striker may finally be on.



  1. I have no idea about his ability or his attitude but what i do know is that our current strikeforce is garbage despite being served by some of the best creative players/wingers in the league.

    So you’d fancy this bloke to be an upgrade,as would Adebayor and numerous others.

    As long as we get two strikers in,then we must surely have a better season in front of goal than we did last term.

  2. In fairness to him, I was under the impression he was a striker who was forced to the wing by a sulking Totti (who also apparently hogs the ball). I haven’t seen much of Roma, but I am very excited about this guy coming to the Lane. COYS!

  3. Would prefer Adebayor, however its is looking like Vucinic is going to be the man, according to some sources he has missed training and autograph sessions in last few days.

    Definate step in the right direction, but would have prefered the club to be a little more ambitious.

  4. I think we need someone with a better goal scoring ratio than 1 in 3. Nearer 1 in 2 if possible. I can’t see a signing like Vucinic is going to drastically improve our goal ratio or convince Modric to stay at Spurs. C- Must do better.

    • What was the ratio of our strikers last season (excluding Pav) something like 1 in 10!!!! I would take 1 in 3 any day!!

  5. He’s very much in the Dimitar Berbatov mould. Oozes class but lazy. He’ll be better than what we have but then so would my grandmother.

  6. Bit underwhelmed by some of the names we have been linked to recently…what happened to the likes of Falcoa’s, Llorente’s? Rossi’s?

    Not really showing any ambition of competing next season…but theres time for us to pull of a wonder signing

  7. Tim… So a 1 in 3 record when a striker is being played on the left wing isnt very good enough is it? What is Bale’s record playing from the left wing? and we consider him a big goal threat.

  8. Brooding sulking poor body language. Sounds like someone the Chavs might be interested in. Cut out the middle man (Spurs) and let them buy him now.

  9. Goals per game last season:

    VDV: 0.42
    Pav: 0.36
    Vucinic: 0.31
    Defoe: 0.30
    Crouch: 0.28
    Bale: 0.26

    So it doesn’t look like we’re going to improve on our scoring if we get Vucinic. However, considering how many of Pav’s appearances were off the bench, and Defoe was unfit for most the season, they didn’t do too badly. VDV did brilliantly.

    Having said that, apparently Modric is too good for us, and his goal ratio is:

    0.0952 so less than 1 in 10. Yes I know, he does much more than that, his assists tally.. Oh wait… he is a great player, but he’s not too big for this club.

    I’m not excited about Vucinic from what I’ve heard and seen. Boooo

  10. We seem to be going from one to another, seems like someone isnt prepared to pay or players dont want to play for us. City were signing some of the biggest names and they were in our shoes in europa league. Step up to the plates Levy and start splashing the cash. Sell the naming rights to the stadium for 150m to Joe Lewis and give Harry Some funds to play with. Man Utd have already spent 60M. We have signed an oap goalie and a few promising youngster, who may never reach the 1st team.

  11. I remember him ripping apart Man U a few years ago in the champ league. Italy is a hard league to score in as they all play defensive football, except for Inter who funnily enough win the league often. He will be a step up from what we have, there are not many forwards out there with a 1 in 2 goals ratio, and those that do can demand champ league football. Sign him and bomb Keane out for 2 or 3m to any takers. COYS


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