While it’s impossible to know how much to read into team selection for pre-season friendlies, it would have been interesting for some supporters to see Carlo Cudicini take over the gloves for our first game against Kaiser Chiefs before handing them over to Brad Friedel for the follow up against Orlando Pirates.

Despite our slow start to the Vodacom Challenge, Carlo is bullish about our chances in tomorrow’s final,

“We’ve had two difficult games so far,” said the keeper. “We managed to draw the last one against Pirates but we’ve played two very good teams who both play good football.

“Now we have the final on Saturday and everyone here wants to finish the tour in the proper way, so we’ll be aiming for the win before we travel home.

“No-one should forget that we’re here to train and if you win, of course that’s better, but the main reason is to train and to prepare for the season to come.

Cudicini stepped in at the end of last season and turned in decent performances in our final games and while last week’s selection is unlikely to mean too much, the Italian may be looking forward to an unexpected second choice berth once again in 2011-12.



  1. I would have Friedel 1st,Carlo 2nd, and Gomes on the plane to Holland. cant believe how much support he still has considering he cant even catch a cross. Horror show Gomes has to go. Our defence cannot trust in him. costly errors too many times. fumbler!

  2. I hope not…the guy is rubbish and instills no confidence in the back four. For his couple of high profile mistakes, Gomes is a much more accomplished gk than CC. I grown whenever I see him start because i know theres always a greater chance of conceding from mere poor goalkeeping.

    Friedel- 2nd

  3. hopefully Gomes is in Holland securing a move – why would you want him as your no1, he is a clown. watch his howlers against Fulham, Chelsea, and Real Madrid and then come back and still say you want him as your no1! Carlo is steady, and is happy as no2, Friedel may be old but Gomes makes more mistakes in a season than Friedel makes in a career.how many times must we say another Gomes blunder??? COYS


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