If you believe what you read in the newspapers – which is admittedly a dangerous thing to do – then it seems that Spurs seem to want the best of all worlds when it comes to the transfer market.

Recently, Harry dismissed all reports of an imminent bid for Scott Parker when he underlined that Spurs would not bid for a 30 year old with no resale value. These were his words:

“If you take into account the fee of around £8 million, signing-on fees and wages, you’re talking about a £30 million deal,” Redknapp said. “There is no way the club would sanction a deal for a 30-year-old who would have no resale value at the end of his contract.”

This week the rumour mills have been full of stories linking Peter Crouch with a move to either Stoke, Newcastle or QPR and today those stories have gathered even more momentum with suggestions that Spurs are finally happy to let him leave.

The stumbling block however seems to be a £9m fee for a 30 year old player who wants a four year contract. Not too much resale value there either.

Needless to say this could all be paper talk, but this form of double standards could only result in Peter Crouch staying at the club for next season.



  1. Who’s side are you on… ! I would personally drive crouch there in my Lada estate(GTI may I say)….. He is rubbish and so is Parker. We don’t want either player… We are tottenham and infact do not wan’t any players from the spammers…. they are worse then vermin…..

  2. i live in aus and i’d drive him there in my elantra GT, but only if we find a big man to replace him. who do we have as an aerial threat without him?

  3. On come on!

    Spurs are entitled to ask what ever they want for Crouch. the less they actually want to sell him the higher the price.

    In any event, just like if you are selling your car, you ask too much in the first instance in the knowledge that you will be bartered down.

    Also, there is apprarently some competition for Crouch with Stoke & QPR mooted as possible destinations…..even more reason for a high asking price…and with 5 weeks left in the window no need to panic yet!

    • Well said that man. Set the price at £9M and we may get around £6M upfront with add-ons which would be a good deal. Shift Keane as well and get 2 new strikers who are an aerial threat and we would be pretty well sorted then.

  4. Crouch is the only striker I would want to keep. At least Crouch has a partnership with VDV. He is not great but Keane/Pav/Defoe are even worse.

    It is all paper talk anyway. Harry does not want to sell Crouch and Spurs want too much for the other strikers which scares off any buyers.

    We have no chance of top4 with the current strikers but the headline news of the summer will be that once again Spurs stick with them like they did last January and last summer. Sad but you know it is going to happen.

  5. There is need to panic when we’re citing our reasons for not buying as not being able to sell. This is worrying, we have a potential banana skin as our first game and travel to OT for the second game followed by Citeh at home. With two new additions up top I would be fairly optimistic with these games, with the firepower we have at the moment Reknapp’s “2pts 8 games” talk could come back to haunt him. Let Crouch go for 6 or 7 million.

  6. I will bet you any money your words will come back to haunt you about Crouch. The premiership is the fatsest in the World and the big reason is TV money and sadly drugs. We have Utd past drug cheat 1st Chelsea past drug cheat 2nd Man City drug cheat present 3rd Arsenal past drug cheats fourth . You need to open your eyes Crouch scored 11 goals in European ties why i will tell you Ufa are stamping down on eneregy drugs. Ferguson has tipped City Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal has title contenders and never mentioned Spurs why because he wants Modric. He has mentioned all the teams with past drug cheating in there history and two of them not long ago Liverpool and City Liverpool’s energy drugs scandal was swept under the carpet because there dept done more damage to there team. They are back playing high tempo expet in the friendlys so Fergie dismisses Spurs at his peril because i will make sure his team and the rest of his five picks play fare. Rooney was on masking agent for baldness drug the same drug that got ex Birmingham player Lazaridus banned for two years and now the drug has bean allowed. Rooneys from puzzled everyone he was sent away to America and Came back a different person when you take this drug you are target tested he stopped taking it to have a transplant his form improved according to Ferguson through Nike’s training complex amazing or was it he stopped getting tested for the masking drug i no what i belive Ferguson flew to Portugal to stand up for ex partner Queros who got banned for stopping his players from being tested Nani and Ronaldo to name a few Ferguson said he is against drug taking but he was at the training ground when Ferdinand legged it who told him testers where on site. So when you call Crouch and Defoe just remember this How many young Footballers have died suddenly and who has failed test’s on energy drugs and how many blocks and saves are down to extra energy. I no and it would stagger you and this is why i shit myself when Blackpool was our game in hand i was told by a young girl tester it was rife and she was right.

  7. WTK are you smoking davspurs? how did double standards re transfer costs move to an essay of drug cheats. Harry has said he wants to keep Crouch – but he prob realises that if cash is offered for any of our strikers it has to be considered, especially as we’ve been trying to clear dead wood for 2 yrs

  8. Always the same: everyone expects THFC to give away unwanted players but jack up the price on their own and then whinge about the wage bill when they are stuck with them. If NU could sell someone for 35 million surely they can afford 9mill for an England player in the same position. But oh no!! Its THFC so go for cheap and whinge at a fair price. Parker’s fitness is what undermines his value so it’s not remotely a fair comparison..

    If they want our bench who would be in most PL teams(not all I agree) how come they wont pay for them?


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