When the headlines came over yesterday declaring ‘Spurs sign Juventus winger’, even the more cynical amongst us couldn’t help but get a little excited.

So when the name Iago (or Yago) Falque appeared, it was a little deflating, but perhaps we should have seen it coming.

The news was ‘leaked’ by the player’s father who said,

“Iago loves big challenges and this with Spurs is very important,”

“It will be hard, but he will fight for his place.”

Later the story was confirmed by the club website who announced that the winger had joined on a season long loan deal.

So who is Yago Falque? Thanks to a very rapid overnight update of his Wikipedia page we can say that he is a 21 year old midfielder who was on loan at Villareal B last season where he scored 11 goals in 36 games. To say he is a Juve winger is a little misleading considering he has not made a first team appearance and it’s also stretching it to herald him as a Spanish under-21 international having only played once at this level.

At 21 he is a little old to be one for the future, but we welcome Yago Falque and looking at this clip, at least he knows how to take a penalty.



  1. why on earth have we signed this guy? Looks to be a left winger. Hardly a lennon replacement. Was it a case of trying to get Mata and then settling for his understudy?

  2. Mmm- this is it, is it? Two loan deals and probably Scott Parker and Joe Cole. What happened to the money we were apparantly trying to throw around in January? So no centre-back, no Diarri and no ‘top drawer’ striker on a long term contract.
    I prayer the next week proves me wrong. I doubt it will though. We’ve been losing momentum and direction since last January. And only Redknapp and Levy don’t seem to notice…

  3. It’s not going to hurt having a replacement for Bale who’s a proper left wing. Last season you could tell we were playing Bale when we should’ve been letting him rest and recover. I know we have players who CAN cover there already, but I don’t trust them (Pienaar); I’d rather see Kranjcar cover VdV and Modric than be used on the side.

    The only thing I don’t get is why we got this type of player on loan — unless it has an option to buy. You want a quality starting player (Bale) and a young backup who can get experience while providing some cover. How does it help us if this kid gets good experience for another team?
    If you’re going to get someone on a year-long loan get someone who already has experience.


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