Various comments on this site have alluded to a break down in relations between Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy and manager Harry Redknapp. In particular, there may have been issues over the Luka Modric affair where the chairman maintained his stance throughout, insisting that the player wasn’t for sale whereas Harry offered suggestions as to how difficult it was to keep a man who isn’t happy at the club.

It’s a surprise therefore that the newspapers hadn’t really picked up on this until the weekend when the Express highlighted the issue.

Within the article, it states: “There was a difference of opinion between the boardroom and manager before the transfer window closed, with Redknapp believing it was better to cash in on a player whose head had been turned and immediately invest the windfall on new signings.”

Is this close to the truth? The piece even goes on to name David Moyes as a possible successor and suggests that if our early results don’t improve, the Everton man could be brought in sooner rather than later.

That may be a little premature, but as the Fabio Capello reign as England manager draws ever closer to its climax, we can expect more of these stories to appear in the coming months.



      • I would love Martinez to come but if he does come he will show his worth and then on to a massive club, we need a manager to stay for quite some time if we are to consistently challenge for top 4

  1. Moyes though, really? Why? Presumably Levy still entertains the notion that we can challenge as a regular top four club. What evidence is there to suggest that David Moyes is the man who can achieve this?

    Not that I’m demanding Champions’ League football or anything (been there, done that), but how can Moyes improve us? Is he good in the transfer market? No. Do his teams play entertaining football? No. Is he experienced at man-managing the egos of superstars? No. The one superstar he’s ever had ended up taking him to court.

    Moyes is not the answer.

    • Bit unfair to slate a man on his Transfer policies when all he has is £2.50, a button and pocket fluff to spend! Why is everyone demanding Ancelloti as he had a star studded squad with Chelsea and under achieved for what he had, hence he got is P45.

    • Do you know anything about football? On this evidence, no.

      Moyes has kept Everton competitive in the top half of the Prem with no money. Its easy to be astute in the transfer market when backed by billionaires but this guy does pretty well on a shoe string.

      If we look at alternatives, could Ancelotti or even Harry have done so well?

      Moyes is the man for me.

        • He will be organisation and toughness also, two traits not quickly associated with Spurs. He has been with Everton for years, I would like to think that he is a man quite happy to stick around once he arrives

      • Spot on. I can’t think of a better English replacement for Harry than Moyes. Tactically, he’s one of the best managers in England, and it’s criminal how he’s been treated at Everton. My guess is he’d leap at the opportunity to move to Spurs.

        Of course, all that said, I’d still rather see Guus Hiddink. But that’s a pipe dream.

    • He is a better manager than Harry and has done better than him despite never having anywhere near as much money to spend. He is a much better tactician. He got everton to the champions leage play offs on a shoe string. Harry inheirited a team that had got 5th twice in 3 seasons spent about £100m and still came 5th. Spot the difference?

      • Done better than Harry? Please explain that one. How much did it take for Mancini to achieve the same feat? I don’t think that Moyes is a master tactician – unless you count playing for a nil-nil draw as excellent tactics…

        • Moyes’ results against the better clubs go to disprove your point I’m afraid.

          Yes Everton look gritty by they’re by no means a long ball team, just one that uses the resources available.

          I’d be interested for those who don’t rate the guy to list any better managers in the Prem.

    • Moyes is a very good manager and regularly has everton challenging for Europa places with absolutely no money whatsoever.
      With some additional funds behind him I think he could be a manager who’d break into the top 4

    • Agree. If all it takes to get a maanager with Champions League pedigree (Ancelotti) is £6M then it is money well spent. Moyes’ teams are best described as “battlers” not a term associated with Spurs!!

    • obviously we would like harry to stay, everything he has done since becoming spurs manager has brought good, bale and modric were nothing before he came, he went out and bought sandro, VDV and Adebayor as well as parker. We lost two games so far against the two best teams in the league, neither games we would of expected much. but he will go after the euro’s to be england manager and moyes would be a good replacement, as he is the only recent premier league manager to take break into the top 4 with a not so big team, apart from harry!

      • modric had been there about two months before harry came.
        bale only got included when AEK was injured, till then harry was trying to sell him.
        sandro and VDV were bought by Levy Harry hadn’t looked either of them prior to purchase.
        harry didn’t even know Adebayor had been signed when he did his pre-match interview a couple of weeks ago.
        so who exactly did he bring in? Parker ok, looks good but time will tell!
        harry is a good motivator but that’s about it…which is all England really need…(that and a German University to work on the tactics)…bye bye Harry.

      • You may have not expected much from Man U and Shitty but i did. Harry must have the worse Medical staff in the world both Utd AND City played in 6th gear and once again Spurs where left stalled on the grid. We got Friedegg and Vila got Shay Given Liverpool got Bellamy for free we got Ady on loan why? City would not let us have fresh air yet they allow Bellamy to got to a team according too pundits better than Spurs. What we need is a manager who can make a team play at a high Tempo level every week on a limited budget and the big revaluation i found out was its not Fergie Moyes Coyle Mancini but the medical staff just like formula one Mechanics get the car to run faster so too can the medical staff help a team to run at a killer Tempo for 90 mins this will make any team struggle and the better the team the better they will play the problem is you need a big squad or burn out and illness like Fletcher will affect your players. When City spent millions and missed out to Spurs the next year there tempo increased when they and Liverpool got knocked out of the Ufas and they finished third . We lost two managers to this killer tempo Jol and Ramos City relised when Liverpool hamered them 3-0 somthing was missing and they found out what it was and Toure getting caught taking killer energetic drugs was the answer to there mean defense and when the crunch matches came they made sure they won. So we need to make sure whoever we get the team have the right fitness coach Physio and Doctor like the fittest and best exponents of this killer tempo Barcelona there Doctor is superb at making them play better faster. He even turned Mascherano into a center half ex Liverpool midfielder who finished second and won the Europe cup with Killer Tempo playing for Liverpool and Barcelona?

  2. I like this article but there is a couple of things that haven’t been mentioned in it as follows:
    1) Why should DL sack HR when the FA might come calling towards the end of the season and miss out on COMPO from them.
    2) As there is a Court case pending for HR soon ( does anyone know the date) it could mean away out for DL if he is found guilty it would give DL away out without having to pay HR any Compo and also get Bond and Joe out with only a little Compo to pay.

  3. Have to disagree with the comment above. I think David Moyes would be an excellent replacement for Harry. He has worked near miracles at Everton where he has had to make do with little or no transfer funds over the years and yet has still managed creditable results. He could deal with the egos at the club and would probably give the youngsters a chance wheras Harry always picks his favourites. My first choice would be big Joe Jordan but l would have no problems with Moyes as our new manager.

    • Yeah, he sure as shi* held on to Rooney and played him alot – If you think about it Everton have had their fair share of dosh coming in for player sales. But simular to Spurs they have to many expensive average players – I think wages is the problem at Everton, Saha, P. Neville, T.Cahill, T.Howard, L.Baines just to name a few these players are on big salaries for sure. David Moyes is definately not the answer – we need an entertainer, Martinez?, Coyle?. To me asking for Moyes is parallel to asking for Pulis so unbeliveably unattractive – something Spurs should not be! G.Graham anyone?

  4. To be fair to Moyes I don’t think he’s really been supported in the transfer market to prove how good he could be.

    I though have also read that it might be Ancelotti who is next in line.

  5. bare in mind though the article was written by john ricardson, who is without question one of the worst fleet street hacks in the business. to say he makes assumptions without fact is understating it by a million.

  6. I don’t think it’s quite the foregone conclusion that everyone thinks that Harry is England’s next man. It’s not a done deal and the longer we continue to struggle in the league, the less likely it is that the FA will want him, especially given the “proceedings” currently going on…

      • Mate, the only way Harry would get sacked is if we were in danger of getting relegated – not gonna happen. So either he’ll take England job, retire, or he’ll still be here. I think he’ll be perfect for England job, and would not be able to resist it.

    • Your right syco Pierce is being lined up and he will be manager of the GB TEAM. All this was sanctioned by his ex City Chairman David Bernstien. He also got the FA job against all the odds and City got third ?

  7. Its all premature. Personally I would like to see Coyle get the job as players like and play for him.

    Ancelloti could be ok but only with Wilkins who I quite like.

    I could see the special one coming to spurs. Thats why Levy is saving the pennies at the moment to give him 100m to spend when he gets here : )

  8. I quite like the idea of Coyle as he has Bolton playing decent football and is not afraid of blooding a youngster or two. Forget Mourinho as he will never come to Spurs and to be honest since he went to Real Madrid he seems to have lost the plot! Ancellotti no thanks and Moyes I think would be worthy of shot. If anyone is interested then look at this article as it hits the nail on the head –

  9. Mark Hughes, Martin ONeill, Guus Hiddink, Owen Coyle, David Moyes, Slaven Bilic, Rafa Benitez, Carlo Ancelloti or even Cappello if Harry takes England job.

    Outsiders Tim Sherwood, Gus Poyet.

    My choice Guus Hiddink.

  10. Anyway. So the chairman and manager disagree? SO WHAT?! Of course they are going to disagree. They are physically two different people. What do you expect? On talk sport, they were suggesting that Wenger misses David Dein – mainly BECAUSE the guy has the swagger to disagree with Wenger, and make him second guess his decisions. In short, having someone disagree can help.

  11. heres 1 for !!!! maybe mr sherwood who is doing a great job with the developement squad is being groomed for the hot seat??? alot of clubs go down this road as they no the talent coming through inside out .a certain guardiola done it at barca !! so why not????

    • Because Barcelona have fear factor. Real Madrid and Barcelona have so much power over the league, that they can sack managers at will and bring in anyone and still finish 2nd minimum. How the heck did we sack Juande Ramos and he became Real Madrid manager? If that sort of thing worked in England, then Steve McClaren would have waited for the Man U job. It just doesn’t work like that here. Also managing Barcelona B (as Guardiola did) is a bit like managing Watford. They are in the competitive leagues, just forced to stay in a lower division. You also get to use all the Barcelona young talent, so it is a great head start.

  12. David Moyes is one of the best managers in the league, but I can’t believe how many Spurs fans don’t respect Redknapp. He brought us to the Champions League in 2009/10, and if Defoe had been on form and scored around 20 goals again the following year, we would have converted most of our draws to wins and easily achieved Champions League football once again. Blame the players not the manager.

  13. redknapp is crap as a manager the sooner he goes the better. coyle o’neil or moyes are the only choices for me(unless fergie wants to try) and wilko would be an interesting punt he knows alot about football but can he manage a team is the question its different from being friends with the squad and training them! mourinho he’s lost the plot in spain he will be in russia soon.

  14. Harry has done what was needed of him, another manager must take us forward, one that can operate diff systems that use full squad and talents of flair players. IMO i would like Guus Hiddink, but not sure if poss. harry hasnt a tactical clue. even Big Sam had tactical awareness and could put up a fight against the big teams. harry just picks best 11 and doesnt consider the opposition

  15. he has 2 yrs left of his contract get some things right people
    defoe was injured for a larger chunk of the season then couldn’t get in the team because that numpty REDKNAPP kept playing his luv child crouch 4 gls and 8 league goals respectively apparently their some stats show we used the long more than any other team in the premiership ,no surprise there!!! harrys poxy record with the best team we have got in yrs is 4pts better tham RAMOS over 50 odd games here is another 1 14games 15pts TWitchy luv his stats the geezer is a walking nitemare
    for 3 seasons i have said this and i a guy done a blog
    called ONEIN THEHOLE which basically lays out everthing my mates and i have spoken about REDCRAP but a lot better and easier
    ALL i have to say is PORTSMOUTH away and crap redknapp comments about us

  16. its time for REDKNAPP to go he has lost it the way this transfer window has gone we are going backwards we need some-one to take us to the next level some of the names floating around are good managers but not for spurs Levy needs to take his time and get it right

  17. Harry has enjoyed success at Spurs. There is still and long way to go. When we were flying, England did poorly hence why Capello is leaving and at the time Harry was the outstanding candidate. He has said many times that he would take the job and as an englishman he should. But this actually halts our progress, and that is the problem at the moment and with the recent window. Levy is not releasing much cash, and players must be quite hesitant. Unfortunately Harry does need to leave now but I dont think that he deserves some of the anger towards him. I would like to see Moyes have the opportunity, and here is why. He is a stayer…….he seems like an honourable man that will work at a club and not purely use it as a stepping stone. Everton produce great youngsters and have done for a long time. They seem to have a stable squad and stable defence. I would rather him than some washed up old fool on the manager merry-go-round. If not Moyes…then I would like Ancelloti – incidentally, I think that they will go for the later.

  18. and for the guy who seems like he would like mourinho – dont be silly. It would not be Tottenham v arse, but Mourinho the media mogul v arse, and we would play boring football and bring our name into disrepute

  19. We had a terrible transfer period, I do not know who was to blame, Harry Houdini or Levy, whoever it was, it was disastrous all-around. I think we were linked with every striker in the world at some time or other, and finished up with a loan player, not very fruitful. Then we missed out on Cahill for the sake of another couple of million, who would have got us in the top four or at least with a chance of top four. It is easy to blame the manager, but we are not on the inside to know just who to blame. Last year we would have made fourth-place with absolute ease, but it appeared to me that the team were not dedicated enough to make this happen. We threw enough points away, due in part to the lack of dedication by the players.

  20. Sometimes you have to take a step back to make two steps forward. And I believe that we are in that phase now where Harry needs to be backed for this season and if he delivers us Champions League football again then he can see out his contract with us and consolidate us in the Champions League spots or at least make us favourites for a spot. Then would be the time to change manager. If he doesnt deliver at the end of this season then bring on the next manager but I’ll try to reserve judgement until the end of the season. If at all possible!

  21. get him out, and inn with a new one, that actually knows what he is doing. i have said so mutch about redknapp that most people knows what i mean about the mug.

  22. personally, i think moyes has done a fantastic job with little or no funds at all, unfortunately i think he will be the next man u manager when fergies goes. i’m suprised no-one has mentioned chris hughton, proper spurs boy and was much liked by the the newcastle players.

  23. When we were beating both milan teams ..none of this disloyalty shown to redknapp in these comments was on display! Typical short termism which has got spurs in deep dog crap in he past etc what is needed is stabilty over five years etc .if we get some uccess redknapp will be a hero again …such is football fickle thing we should not do is bring on our own demise ..remember ramos! Moyes is good but really is he better? ………..


  24. Redknapp’s main interest this season is Spurs doing well enough for him to maintain his chances on the England job. For a variety of reasons Redknapp is no longer the person to take Spurs forward including the fact he’ll be gone next summer at the very latest. Personally, I hope he will be gone by December so the new manager can start to implement a proper transfer policy – even maybe bringing back the Director of Football role – our best players are Comoli signings. If Brighton continue as they have then Gus Poyet should rightly be considered. I would also like to see Klopp at Dortmund considered for what he has done on a budget but unlike Moyles has won trophies but also for the way Dortmund play. The other manager could be O’Neill – a year out of managment to recharge the batteries etc… might just be raring to go for a new challenge. Hopefully Levy is already considering the position and has potential managers lined up.

  25. i’m not sure the words redknapp and loyalty should go together, remember him leaving his beloved portsmouth for arch rivals southampton?

  26. I know people like Harry and respect him for getting CL football so soon after being in a pretty dire situation. However, Spurs best players are inherited from Comoli or bought by Levy. Redknapp – players he has signed before or knows or getting to age he can share his cocoa with. Redknapp has insisted on Parker which will cost us 18odd mill over 4 years for someone who is already one month shy of 31. 18 mill for a player what 7 caps? He is a pretty good player who looked great in a very poor WHU team. Where does that leave Sandro and Huddlestone because Redknapp will start Parker – no wonder Sandro wants to play in Italy!! Spurs should be building their team around the younger players not buying OAPs – who next back to Beckham or Cole in a year? Should be building for the future not a short term fix which is all Redknapp is after to ensure Spurs finish top 7 to get England job. This is not we did well against Milan so Harry should stay. Football is ruthless look at SAF not hesitating to get rid of Ruud VN etc but look at how MUFC or LFC have bought this summer how they are building long term and then look at Redknapps signings since he came. We are not going in the right direction

  27. to bill: i have never ever wanted redknapp, i said before his first game in charge that we would become p.,outh. and if he had his way, we would be with more of his old pals, like joe cole, and david james(levy put his foot down on the james deal, in arrys own words) and arrys targets theese last windows has been so schooking that i cant find words. phil neville???? beckham, bellamy,joe cole, glenn jhonson,kenwyne jones(20mill????????????). the list is endless. and his tactical awernes is that of a lame jelly-fish. and all his blabbering to the media?? what did he say about bent?? thats sticking up for his own player, no wonder bent wanted to leave, and we replaced him with crouch!!!! that was good buisness??? so i can and i will say what i think is wrong with arry, and i think it is alot. we can have different opinions, it is after all a free worl. and i dont thibk that you are stupid or something, you just have more patience than i have, regarding arry.

    • My point is we need to realise a stratergy keeping us a the top of the epl…two years is not enough .the acheivement by redknapp with the same players as ramos is remarkable his real test as ive said b4 is after the honeymoon is over…intersting about bent he was our highest scorer when was the pressures of football our club is sound and play as other fans from other clubs say some great football…its not broke only our expectations are high…consider who we beat last year! Our local rivals afer 17 years etc beng in the shadow the goons for many years means we require a sound football foundation for years right with the new facilties etc redknapp has levy to deal with and is no push over .re modric etc….where to next will arrive but ie redknapp now seems somewhat premature….

  28. What can you say about a manager who does not give new players a chance? Bale and Sandro has not been given a chance of Rednapp but they have taken the opportunity themselves after someone has been injured.
    Compare how he deals with Dos Santos. His own favorites like Crouch and Defoe have had how many chances whatsoever. There is no team in the Premiere Leag who has played with such a poor forvards. Would Sir Alex continue with Defoe and Crouch when they play so poorly. I think Sir Alex would far rather use Gomes as forvard than making the same presentation again and again.
    The purchase of the player who has been responsible for Rednapp turns out impossible to sell later, because all other clubs realize they are not as good as Rednapp think.
    It’s a disaster when Rednapp talking about buying Joe Cole, Beckham or any other old man who Rednapp have trained before.
    Rednapps genius turns out when he takes out three goalies for a game or when he reports four goalkeepers in the squad of 25 men.
    Spurs need a coach that the players look up to and a coach that no player can put himself up against. A coach who can get players that Lennon to get sweaty.

  29. Harry Will go on to be england manager and i think might try and bring beckham to Spurs then they will go together to england job

    Why is no one saying who i thought might get the job and i think he is a great manager

    Martin O’Neill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Moyes is not the answer, Spurs grown out of Gerry Francis,George Grahams of footballing world..What Spurs need is simply a manager that has been at a top club ,experienced the big time, knows what it takes to bring and sustain consistent success.It is not Moyes, Spurs need to appoint a top four manager, Ancelotti is the quality we should be looking to bring in.

  31. Like a few on hers,I too was wqorried about harry’s transfer policy.Wanting 2 bring in all the old brigade.Not exactly looking to the future.Yes he has done a reasonable job.But tactically mat times,he really does get it wrong.That said many of the players last season did not full-fill their true potential,and really let the club down at times.The one thing harry did get right,was that Sandra could have scroced some of the opportunities that our strikers missed last season.So it was not all on Harry;s shoulders.And the Modric saga continues to worry me.As he appears to be anather Breba in the making.

  32. I’ve been saying Moyes to friends since last season, Harry will probably do the off at the end of the season anyway, if not pushed before.
    I can’t see the big draw of continental managers, as they only do well with huge amounts of the green stuff.

  33. what we need is a combination of most of the points you have brought up a manager who is reliable, a long term prospect, knows strategy and plans for the future. This might be a tad contraversial but…Someone like Wenger or SAF, but one of our own … I dont know who but, whoever we get we have to trust them and get behind them.

  34. it’s difficult to judge these so called ‘big club’ managers due to the wealth of the clubs they have been in charge of. i bet even christian gross would have done well at man city! personally, i believe until we get a new stadium with 60k capacity we will never compete with the likes of city, utd, chelsea, liverpool and that woolwich club. so, who better than moyes to keep a club with limited budget in the top flight? lets give the youngsters more of a go rather than throwing money at adebayour and other mercenaries.

  35. cant believe the harry knockers, we,ve been beaten by the 2 who will be battling for the title, had a great season last year, and have brought in 3 excelent signings, missed a trick not getting cahill, he will prob be off to london in jan, but someone who can offer CL, but i think this is the season where any one of 4 can snatch 3rd, us included, with harry at the helm, COYS

  36. we’ve seen in this transfer window the sign of things to come until we can financially compete with the rich clubs. do you honestly think bale, modric and probably even dawson will ignore trebling their wages at other clubs for much longer? i’ve been a spurs fan all my life but anyone who thinks we can compete with the top 4 clubs now is seriously deluded.

  37. Im absolutley astonished to alot of spurs fans attitude towards harry, completely dumb founded to be honest. the last manager to have any real success, was burkinshaw 30 years ago, harry has given us so many great moments in such a short amount of time. considering our wage structure i really dont know what anti harry fans expect? should we be finishing above man city, man u, chelsea? really?? as far as im conserned hes done wonders! fellas wake if we had mourinio do you think he could do better ?? considering we dont have the wage power to have the best players in the world all over the park??


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