It looks increasingly likely that Ledley King will be available for Spurs this weekend after his latest comeback from injury.

Club captain Ledley underwent knee surgery in July and has been slowly working his way back to fitness ever since. It was expected that he would feature in last night’s game against Kettering but instead he featured in a training ground friendly a day earlier and it appears that he came through unscathed.

As we saw at the end of last season, Harry is prepared to throw Ledley back in straight away and that could mean that Younes Kaboul switches to right back or misses out completely.

So should Ledley come straight back into the side at Wolves and if so, who should miss out.



    • Dawson on the bench

      Although I do feel he ups his game with Ledley at the back.

      Kaboul shouldnt be punished for taking responsibility when defending, Dawson just left his man every time, the one time he did try to stop City Aguero made him look silly.

      How about Gallas and King cant wait for that

      Kaboul is our top scorer so cant be dropped 😉

  1. Kaboul and Dawson both had nightmares against city. Kaboul was “marking” Dzeko for each of his goals and Dawson got turned inside out by Aguero for his goal (I reckon i could have put a better challenge in and i’m 45 and 18 stone)

    Dawson however is twice the player with King alongside him. That is the thing about King, its not just his rolls royce performances, but the confidence he gives to his fellow team mates, especially in the back four

    King and Dawson for me. I really like Kaboul but his confidence must be shaken after citeh

  2. King and Dawson every time. Kaboul is an option for right-back but I’d like to see Walker given a proper run in the side assuming he hasn’t still got a cold…

  3. As we’ve seen from their performance on the field and as the results indicate, Kaboul, as well Dawson and Bassong, are players who lack some of the necessary PL level skills.
    They can be used only as substitutes.
    Besides, Kaboul can’t play well as a CH.

  4. Rebrov 18 stone should be 14 i was 16 and iam now 14.12 .I stopping smoking 8 years ago and piled the pounds on. The way i would have stopped Dzecko was with a piss tests and blood sample before and after the game just like Stoke got in the cup and City got Newt Nuffin not even could you piss in this Bottle so . My advice to you is don’t trust your eyes when you call our players unless you have inside knowledge of why the North of England smells of stale sweat and weight loss i live hear and now why?.King should return because he is better not because Dawson and Kaboul got beat by induced players and also Gomes should come back if King returns he helps calm the Octopus.My Team Gomes Kaboul King Dawson Bale Lennon( if fit) if not Walker Hudds Parker Modric Bale Defoe Aby Subs The Spanish loaned juventus star Soulmam soulman didi Drogba Kranjcar Corluka FRIEDEGG pav

  5. Davspurs – you high again? why the constant drug cheat talk? surely thats old hat now init?
    Rebrov – what happened wiv your weight, you were only a small fella when Hoddle signed ya 🙂
    King has to play even if he is 75% fit, I would switch Kaboul to RB which will help his confidence for when we have to use him again at CB.
    Walker is deffo the future but for now we must ease him in gently.
    Looking forward to Ade and JD up top!

  6. I would play king and dawson- most established of the centre half pairings- i would think ‘arry will stick with walker at right back – not sure kaboul will be too worried as their are a lot of games this month and king will not be able to play in every one

  7. Kaboul and King for me.

    Kaboul has all the qualities Dawson has with only more pace/athleticism.

    This combination or a combination from Kaboul, King and Billy G ticks every box for me.

    I don’t hate Daw’s but he’s out of the England squad for a reason and his passing has been shocking of late.

  8. Fot the Wolves game nobody because it would be better to play Ledley against Liverpool or Arsenal.

    When Ledley does play there isn’t any choice.

    Kaboul has been responsible foe at least 4 goals already because of his poor positioning leaving Dawson to try and defend 2 forwards on his own. He has also been passing to the opposition in our half. he has made a couple of simple “show tackles” knocking the ball into touch off the feet of an attacker. His concentration is a problem every game, the new Gardener! A big liability.

    Dawson and King are a proven pairing, Gallas is back up and Kaboul is 4th choice so we need to sell him in January and upgrade.

  9. King is class, could have been the best in the world, but mean defences consistently play together. It must be hard knowing as soon as he is nearly fit he is in the team. I like centre halves to build a partnership. It is important. King must play, but we cannot keep this scenario up for much longer.



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