There was never much doubt that Harry Redknapp was going to keep faith with Brad Friedel for Saturday’s fixture with Wolves but once his name was inked in on the team sheet, we seemed to get final confirmation that Heurelho Gomes’ days at the Lane could be numbered.

Today, Redknapp has confirmed that while Gomes isn’t necessarily number 3 at Spurs behind Friedel and Cudicini, the player is now looking at the possibility of a transfer out of the club in January.

“He’s not happy and he’s eyeing a January move,” said Redknapp. “If the chance comes for him to play elsewhere, I’m sure he’ll take it.

“I’ve not bombed out Gomes and made him number three keeper but we decided Carlo Cudicini would be better on the bench.”

At the same time, Harry sang the praises of our new number one who arrived in June on a free transfer from Aston Villa,

“Gomes has trained hard but Friedel is fantastic. If ever there was a man who didn’t deserve those two beatings by Manchester United and Manchester City, it was him.”

So the goalkeeping pecking order has been established, but is it the right decision for all concerned?



  1. Absolutely the right decision, although Gomes makes some world class saves, he is just not steady enough to build a consistent team around. Every big game, Gomes does something silly. That’s just his way, nice guy, still a very good keeper but NO defence good operate in front of him with confidence.
    When Brad is in goal I do not expect him to make a howler, every time I watch Gomes and a cross comes in I am nervous, enough said.

    sorry mate just went into one again about the bloke i really dislike
    However what i was going to do was defend GOMAZ in a polite way .IT seems the in thing to knock gomaz people on various blogs do it with little or no knowledge of goalkeeping having played in for 10yrs after packing up playing on a Sunday ,kept me playing the game i luv
    However my beef is with you and a lot of people who quote “he is useless get rid” “to error prone”
    not wat we need always winging etc etc
    A couple of yrs ago at FULHAM he made a cock up, took a horrible bounce end off wat no body else said was including TWITCHY was he had a couple of broken ribs witch he played on with ,
    and pulled off 2 fantastic saves in the second half ,and this is ONE big bug bear with me and HARRY never defends his players BENt,BALE,SANDRO and LENNON spring to mind
    However back to gomaz he went through a bad patch every dropped catch every dropped shot
    unbelievable on telly ,radio, slaughtered him with no body helping him especially redknapp
    SEASON before last GOMAZ was excellent defence was stable not many changes or injuries
    we got into Europe mainly because of him and the defence being rarely changed ,we had the lowest goals conceded at home in 70yrs and remember 2 games which we have been losing for years Remember ARSE and CHAVSKIS with robin van persie ,them 6pts and others got us into Europe not bloody HARRYS luv bloody child, but nothing about how good gomaz was not a bloody word probably 2 of the best saves i have ever seen ,and that incudes GREAT goalkeepers like PAT JENNINGS,CLEM AND NEVELLE SOUTHALL .Remember MILAN away couple of unbelievable saves again nothing from that prat redknapp
    Remember redknapp tried to sell bale [didnt rate him] ,that sums him up ,he will take all the plaudits but soon runs away when the going get gets tough,
    BACK to GOMAZ last season not brilliant constant defence changing and a couple of cock -ups against chavs
    fine made a mistake but he was the one continually slaughtered in the press and by arse wipes on blogs `slagging him off because of it , never mind it was never a goal , against Madrid i remember seeing Clemence do exactly the same against the anaimals[80s] back then ,any way game was over against them and redknapp went ultra defensive but still didnt defend him [he is full of crap] Into modern game this ball is lighter fly s about in the air lots of goalies are making mistakes but GOMAZ is a figure of fun and ridicule for presenters and supporters alike but that doesnt matter
    first class prats on others blogs slagging him off and at the same time praising FRIEDEL after 1 game 1 bloody game
    VILLA fans call him JESUS and[ have a better goalkeeper in given] u lot will soon find out why he is called that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. reply – 1) Its spelt Gomes 2) Tim Howard made a few decent saves and did ok for utd when in the sticks, that didnt stop Fergie getting rid because he had no consistency. 3) As we dont have a regular CB pairing we need a good communicator, and someone we can rely on, not sure Gomes even speaks fluent English. I judge Friedel on his carear performances, how many errors have you seen him make in the time Gomes has been at the lane? 4) Any one who has watched all Spurs games he has played in will know he scares the crap out of his own defenders! (how can this be a benefit to the club) 5) No top club will come in for him due to his inconsistency, that will show you how good he is. 6) before you reply you may want to take a look on youtube at his blunders against Chelski and Real Madrid last year, anyone who can defend a GK after errors like that should look at a carear in comedy or with the government 🙂 COYS

  4. Your real comedian mate ,READ MY DETAILS WHICH U HAVEN’T ,THEN MOAN villa supporters called him JESUS because HE WOULDN’T COME OUT FOR CROSSES!!! he is 40 bloody hell another short termism by twitchy ,and my northern mates said he made loads of mistakes over the last couple of years but doesn’t highlighted like GOMAZ! because of his profile
    inconsistent read wat i am saying mate !!!!!!!!
    mate i go to every bloody game read it i said he made mistakes against the chavs and and the one against Madrid was inconsequential 4-0 down f***K up by Redknapp and the stick i was in madrid and it wasnt down to GOMAZ[brasil way] SO DONT jump on the bandwagon

  5. Spurs V Man U, Who won, Man U 3-0…Who was in goal Brad Friedel.

    Spurs V Man City..Who Won, Man City 5-1..Who was in goal ..Brad Friedel

    Sorry lads, but I don’t rate Brad Friedel.

    Harry,If you want Spurs to get in to to Europe of the Champions League, then you are doing something wrong.
    If you want to leave Spurs and Manage England , then do it and do break up a team what was doing well.
    And yes, we all make mistakes


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