Harry describes England job as ‘poisoned chalice’

Harry describes England job as ‘poisoned chalice’


Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has called the England manager’s job a poisoned chalice while at the same time stating that it would be hard for any Englishman to turn the position down if it were offered.

“It is a poisoned chalice,” he said. “Good luck to whoever takes over if they win Euro 2012, because it would be like following Sir Alex Ferguson, wouldn’t it?”

Redknapp has been widely tipped for the job after Euro 2012 but insists that his future has not been discussed with club Chairman Daniel Levy.

“But it would be difficult for any Englishman to turn the job down. I’m not pushing myself for the job – whoever gets offered the job, if they’re an Englishman, it would be hard to say ‘no’ because it’s your country.

“But it’s not a problem. I haven’t heard anything from anybody so I’ll just get on with my job and see what happens. You never know what happens in this game, do you? You never know what’s just around the corner.”

While it’s true you never know what will happen in football and it’s a long way to go before the end of Euro 2012, these rumours are growing already and it’s certain that they can only gather momentum in the coming months.


  1. check it out – Harry getting his excuses in early! this is the trouble fellow spurs fans he is only thinking about the lions job! come on Spurs start looking at options now
    Ancelotti, Oneil, Coyle, Moyes, Rijcaard, Hiddink – plenty to choose from


  2. Harry – Jedi master at deflection, misdirection and confusion. If I didn’t know better I’d swear he was bi-polar.

    I honestly believe he wants the England job and Levy will be happy to receive the compensation. I think Levy has not committed to any Harry buys in the last couple of windows with this in mind.

    In terms of a new manager its Ancelotti, Coyle, Rijcaard or Hiddink for me.

    I’ve got no problem with O’Neil but he can be quite brutal in his management style and to go through Harry to O’Neil would be a massive change for the players.


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