Yesterday we asked whether Harry should find a place for both Sandro and Scott Parker in his first choice starting line up. While injuries and rotation will often have their say in who takes to the field, if and when everyone is fit at the Lane, there are some serious selection headaches looming for the manager.

Obviously there’s going to be some odd men out (remember Steven Pienaar?), but many Spurs supporters will be wondering whether Harry will find space for Tom Huddlestone.

As with most Spurs players, the mention of Hudd’s name draws praise – (Hoddle like, great eye for goal, visionary passing) – as well as criticism – (slow and overweight).

Tom has obviously struggled with his own injuries for nearly 12 months now and has just been on the fringes of this Tottenham side since the start of the season. He obviously brings something different to the side than Parker or Sandro but does he deserve a place ahead of either of them when he gets back to full fitness?

What does the White Hart Lane future hold for Thudd?



  1. No not ahead of them as he will have to work hard to get back into the team but he certainly has a future at spurs.
    One of the best passing midfielders around and with injuries and the number of games we could potentially have he will be used regurlarly throughout the season.

    • We just have lots of options, we don’t need to play Parker & Sandro every game.

      So you look at who they will be up against and pick accordingly.

      Hudd is class and I could even see Fergy coming in for him because someone who can spread the ball that effortlessly opens up play and is very hard to play against.

      Teams that want to come and sit back at WHL he is perfect for as his mobility isnt in question when we have the ball and high the majority of possession.

  2. We must keep Hudd at all costs. Because Modric is due for bigger things soon, Parker is 30, Sandro is not yet proven for entire season yet, but looks good – and let’s not assume that no one will try to poach him. Hudd is in prime age, and is an unique player. He will get his games, even if it is in Europe & cups more than league.

    • Well said T.R Thudds offer more than passing he is 6ft3 and has for is weight he has lost two stone since big Martins reign. Too sum him up he is like a golfer with a long tee shot a great chip and can sink long puts. He has a great long pass a great chip pass with either foot and a great long hard shot when he lets it go and he can dribble when he is cornered. This lad is 24 and if he gets through this bad ankle will show us what its like when he has a quality Striker at his disposal something both him and Lennon have not had this seasonor King or Parker,

  3. i think simply he’ll be the more attacking option for Sandro when we’re 4-5-1. Sandro best used away. Hudd at home. I think thats a great situation.

      • We are talking long term which 3 of our current lot are not. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that tottenham have never lost a game with him playing in the centre of defence…

  4. To me there are names that represent Spurs..King..Dawson…Lennon..Huddlestone..we should always find place for them..if we are asking for player loyalty then they should expect club loyalty in return..

  5. I think the only way Thudd can really play a significant part for tottenham is as a part of a 4 5 1 (or 4 4 1 1), alongside either Parker or Sandro as one of two deep lying central midfield players, with modric playing CAM, Rafa on the right and bale on the left. I think at the lane this could be an excellent option to have as a midfield five of Parker/Sandro, Modric, Van der Vaart, Bale and Huddlestone is as good as any midfield in the prem. We now finally have a striker capable of playing on his own in the shape of Ade, and with such a creative midfield it can be guaranteed Ade would not be short of ammunition.

    • Totally agree. The 4-2-3-1 formation you mention is exactly what I’d like to see.
      It’s a slightly conservative approach, though, and against weaker opposition I’d still go back to a 4-4-2 with Parker and Mod/Hudd in the middle, and Defoe and Ade up front.

  6. A place must be given to any player that has proven his fitness and his form to the boss in midweek and for the up and coming match on sat / sun , no one has the right to expect to be on the team if he is not giving 100% !

  7. Its about options, you would bring on Hudd in a game for either Parker or Sandro if your chasing a goal.

    All 4 are different.

    Modric- attacking playmaker
    Hudd- attacking deep lying passer
    Parker- Box to Box busy bee
    Sandro- Breaks up play

    We need all 4 our strongest 2 looks like Modric and Parker but Hudd and Sandro is very very strong

  8. We aught to be greatful in having this option in abundance – not many teams have it. As long as the understanding of rotational play & John Ducketts comments of 100 % fitness is acknowledged amonst players, we have enough fixtures to please our players. As long as we do not have the sulks like Suarez, Spurs would be accomodating.

  9. He would make a great sweeper longterm but for moment It’s about rotation he will get plenty of game time & won’t have to be rushed back into team from injury a lot of his mistakes happen when he was trying to regain match fitness

  10. As good as Hudd is, he is 4th choice midfielder for me but able to offer a completely different option which is what we need. As good a passer as he is, he is also slow not the best tackler.

  11. Tom Who? Sorry does he still play for us.At best he is now the squad player with Luka, Parker and Sandro ahead of him.He will have to wait and see if he gets a chance and then try a do some thing very special.

  12. Team vs the Arse for me would be:


    Walker Kaboul King Assou-Ekotto

    VdV Sandro Modric Bale

    Adebayor Defoe

    Subs: Cudicini, Corluka, Parker, Kranjcar, Pav

  13. We should keep Hudd at any cost.
    There are rumours that the PL will launch an indoor championship and Hudd would be great there.
    Besides he would be a good replacement if Modric, Parker, Sandro, Pienaar, Livermore, Corluka, Townsend and Cranjcar would get injured.

  14. If we’re looking to replace King in the longer term, what better player is there to do that specific job. He’s calm, assured and has captained the side, played at centre half and move up in much the same way Ledder’s does. he needs to get properly fit however, but it’s a squad game and he’s vital to that squad.

      • The only alarm bells are going off are those in your institution. How many times has he ‘been turned’ when playing CH, look up the facts, get your carer to read them out aloud for you, and then digest them, I mean to ‘understand’, not eat them, of course, but knowing you, you’ll eat them anyway!

        • One of King’s biggest assets is his pace so therefore saying Hudd is a replacement for him is like asking a slug to replace a cheetah. I’m not saying he couldn’t play CB but he needs a pacy one alongside him.

          • @Spursman, he has played a CH and played exceptionally well, but I’m not saying for a moment that he could replace Ledder’s at this moment in time, but at least groom him in Euro-Cup comps and see if it could develop into something. It’s always better looking at what you’ve already got, than paying fortunes on failures (like the Goons). Caulker could become that player, only time will tell, but it’s evident that when King plays, we play, and when Huddlestones knocking it around, we’re another gear up again.

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  15. I think Hudd definitely has a future at this club. He’s great for stretching the opposition full back when we are playing with wingers or wide attacking forwards, a la 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 that people keep talking about. He probably wouldn’t be my first choice for a central berth in 4-4-2 but that is the point of having multi talented squad, to rotate for freshness, formation and tactical purposes.

    Let us not forget, we’re all waxing lyrical about the talents of Barcelona; but neither Iniesta or Xavi have any pace to speak of. Let alone Xabi Alonso who I’m sure was deemed one of the best central midfield (quarter-backs) in the Prem during his pomp at Liverpool. Let’s not knock Hudd for his lack of pace, he never had it to lose. I won’t even mention Carrick.

    Gone are the days of a ‘First Eleven’ its a squad game now and if we want to compete for and in Europe every year, we need a strong and varied 25.

  16. Hudd is a quality player and gives us extra dimensions that we don’t have from our other midfielders. He was badly missed last season and will play an important part in our future success when he is fit again. It’s great having four quality midfielders all with different strengths and it provides the competition and play options we need if we really want to challenge

  17. I agree with Essexian.
    He could become a great CB.
    He would be superb particularly in one against one situations, tackling the ball and heading all high balls!
    I wonder why nobody from the technical staff thought about it!
    I think strikers like Messi, Rosi, Ade, Rooney wouldn’t make any chance to score when they would face a CB like Hudd.

  18. As D Doc says above, Hudd would make a great sweeper. He might end up being part of the back four. Wherever, he has a big part to play in Spurs’ future.

  19. Touchy subject this one. I am a Thudd fan. He is a taste of the glories days gone by. The reason the England national team is NOT regarded as a world class threat by anyone is for the kind of reasons you guys are suggesting for Spurs. A bunch of Athletes vs a football team. Play Sandro or Parker next to him. The argument will always be – the ball travels faster than a player can run.

    In our best season in the premier league THUDD was the ever present. Seems we like to ignore that. It was Perryman who said of Hoddle that he was brave giving the ball away 19 times in search of that 20th killer game winning pass. This is what Thudd can do. Bale flourishes as does Lennon with him in the team because plays the ball into that space they thrive on.

    To me the big downside with THUDD has been this mean streak that has been showing itself in recent months and that is where he is a liability.

    But that ability to shoot out of the box which other spurs player??

    Do for him what england for years should have done with Hoddle. Am I suggesting he is as good as Hoddle, not at all, but he can do alot of it.

  20. These blogs bring out the most stupid people on earth the people who pre internet would only bore their friends with their opinions. Tom is the best passer of the ball in the league. In most other countries he would have about 50 caps by now. Just because he doesn’t have pace some people talk about him as if he is rubbish. There will be a place for him at Spurs, no doubt about it.

  21. I agree about big tommy, before he got injured last term he was excellent, overweight and slow? he didnt look it then, a great passer of the ball and not afraid to mix it up physically, hes vital to spurs, cant wait to see him fit and slamming the ball past gooner scum again, coyfs!

  22. most over-rated midfielder in our team. any team offering 10m i would happily drive him there, that’s obviously if we get any bids in that region which is most unlikely.

    although huddlestone has great passing and good vision, his lack of mobility in midfield is a massive problem for us. he is slow and although he is a big unit he never uses his strength to his advantage and is easily marked and easy to get past.

    the game at home against stoke where we won 3-2 showed exactly why hudd will only sit on the bench for us. matty etherington went past both corluka and huddlestone like they where not even there.

    people who believe huddlestone is better than sandro, parker, modric or vdv either 1) dont go the games or 2) don’t understand football.

  23. Over a season we tend to get so many injuries that we are going to need all three of them. I hope Hudd can get fit and stay fit. He should score more goals – he strikes the ball so well.

  24. are we talking about the player who much of the press described as having as much movement as a “statue”, in games like Real Madrid v Spurs last season ? – a game that we got thumped in by the way .

  25. I believe that T. Hudd’s future lies as a tough tackling, no nonsense central defender – possibly to replace Ledders when the time comes.

    When the chips are down T, Hudd is a man amongst men, as proven in the Cup Final v Chelski when he showed cowardly lick arse Jenas how to deal with Mr. Terry and Co.

    The lack of pace wont be a prob at CB.

  26. Ideally, Tom Huddlestone could have been a Patrick Viera type of central midfielder, a real rock, but he’s just so sssllooowwww. I like the idea of him at CB, has he done it before?


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