Much of the praise following last night’s match was directed towards Giovanni dos Santos as the Mexican turned in his best performance in a Tottenham shirt.

Gio was at the heart of the Tottenham comeback, putting in the cross for Pav’s goal before spraying a Hoddle-esque pass out to Townsend on the left that led to the second. Finally, Gio found himself in space to seal the win with an unstoppable left foot finish.

It was an unsettling summer for the Mexican who had fully expected to leave the club before the end of the transfer window. Ultimately, a late deal to Spain was called off and the player had harsh words for Harry at the time.
However, Gio seemed to be enjoying his football last night and OK, so it was only Shamrock Rovers, but reports this morning are suggesting that he could repeat the feat of Gareth Bale and suddenly become a star at the Lane, after it seemed his career was over.

As far as the Premiership is concerned, Dos Santos is likely to be restricted to substitute appearances unless there is a rush of injuries but a repeat of last night’s performance in the league could yet see him forge a career at Spurs.



  1. If he’s happy to used as part of a rotation system and substitute appearances, Gio is a great squad player.

    He would possibly play even better in a better team (with more first team players rather than our youngsters).

  2. We need a whole team that isn’t precious. They need to all be healthy and able to fit in various roles, this way at the end of the season when other teams run out of players for set places we don’t. Gio tracked back and defended in the last game, he acted as playmaker and scored in this one. We need a few players that can play as well as this in the Premier league. Gio seems to be a player that needs confidence to improve the next logical step is some first team stuff against lower teams while still going against Europa teams. If he fits into the team think of the extra money we save through not selling/buying/bedding in a new maybe?

  3. I agree he again showed promise. But I wont be getting too excited until I see a string of these kinds of performances from him in the Europa League. Remember its just one game if he keeps it up though then he could reach the heights we all knew he could. And I for one hope he does.

  4. This lad has massive ability but has taken a long time to mature. If rumours and Harry redknapp are to be believed he enjoys the London night life a little too much. If he can get his head down and work like he does for the Mexican side he has a big future. He could be a great impact player and I think he massively showed up azza blud last night. Mind you so did Danny rose and andros Townsend!!! Great player to have in the squad and we we’re offered 13m for him so there is undoubted talent there! Let’s hope he can match the promise with a bit of consistency now!

  5. It was his attitude that shone most last night. Rather than stand there hands on hips scowling after he’d lost the ball, He showed a hunger that wasn’t evedent in previous matches. Perhaps the pennies dropped at long last, but as they say, it’s a long way till May.

  6. Gio hates the club and will move the first chance he gets. Him playing well helps us in the short term for Europa and bit parts in PL and drives up his transfer fee (all which are very good things). At the end of the day though I don’t see him as a fit for this club. I don’t see him having a Bale like breakout like someones stated above. His best suited position is the second striker VDV role and frankly I don’t think he is strong enough nor good enough to occupy that role for a big PL club. Left Midfield I could see down the road but with Bale there (and let’s be optimistic and think we can keep Bale beyond this year) he is surplus. Let’s hope he plays well and get him out of here for 12-13 in January thus raising the funds for the 25 it will take to get Leandro.


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