Pav move rumours surface again

Pav move rumours surface again


Stop me if you’ve heard it before but the stories in the newspapers and over the web today are full of reports that Roman Pavlyuchenko wants out of the Lane in January.

Pav hasn’t been given the game time that he has craved so far this season but when he has appeared, his performances have been lacklustre to say the least.

Our old friends the Daily Mail seem to have kicked this report off and in the story, the Russian is quoted as saying: “I do not have much playing practice at Tottenham, although I am in very good physical shape.

“I very much want to play football. That’s why I need to start.

“I love Tottenham. The team is like my second family. But if nothing changes I will agree to any loan deal. In fact, to any deal which gives me the chance to play permanently.”

A departure for Pav now seems inevitable and Spurs will have to think carefully as to who will replace him. However, the concern in the meantime is our lack of cover up front and if Roman is called up to replace Defoe or Adebayor, he will need to lift his game considerably.


  1. I used to feel sorry for Pav when he was not getting the game time to prove himself. However, he has proved last season he has not got what it taked to be a striker in a top prem side. He has a very heavy first touch (same in the bedroom I beileve) and hios ball control and decision making is very poor. He shoots from stupid distances and does not play well for the team. I trhink he had 2 or 3 decent games last season and that was it. Nice lad but out of his depth.

  2. whos going to pay for him tho? even in the youth side in europe he cant manage to stand out then, id rather us sell him ( or give him away ) and give harry kane his chances, im not sure whos decision it was to keep hold of this donkey

  3. Niktheyid:the ” donky” was our top goal scorer last season despite limited playing time, an yes he has not played well in europa league, but it is difficult to play when the team is brand new.. I would give him a chanc

  4. Pav could only prove he has talent with a whole other team – he has no touch or mind to keep up with the way this team plays best – we expose teams because of quick tics, elusiveness in tight spaces, unexpected passes that beat defenders instead of dribbling, pace, and cool finishes. Fish out of water. Cheers


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