As something of a footnote to Daily Mail sports news this morning, the newspaper reports that David Pleat is lined up to return to the club for a fifth stint in a new role as scout for ‘young and overseas players’.

Tottenham have been linked with a whole host of young talent in recent weeks and during the summer, the club picked up some exciting prospects in the shape of Cristian Ceballos and Soulemayne Coulibaly.

With some solid performances from our youngsters in the Europa League, there are hints at a new dynasty of players being built to carry the club forward and the Mail suggests that Pleat is to be the man charged with identifying more fresh faces.

Amongst other points, the article makes the following claims: ‘When Redknapp was appointed in October 2008 the club abandoned the continental managerial structure at that time, but the system could be reintroduced this summer should Redknapp depart to take charge of England.’

Levy has often made clear his preference for a two-tier system, which would also appeal to a new foreign manager.’

So it would seem that Pleat’s potential appointment could clear the way for the next phase in Tottenham’s managerial history as well.



  1. I havent heard if this is confirmed or not but will be happy if it does, more footballing brains can only help and Pleat cares for our club so wont do a frank arneson and look for the next pay chq. At least this way we wont have any repeat of trying to lure the oap’s to spurs (GK dont count, as they don’t run). This structure can work and it will enable the manager to coach the team and Levy to continue his fantastic work and concentrate on the stadium plans. Commoli has sorted Liverpool out with young talent such as Downing, Henderson, Carrol and Pleat will help identify what Spurs need, such as quality CB and CF as well as excellent youth to compliment what we already have

    • “Young” talent such as TWENTY SEVEN YEAR OLD Stewart Downing…? Older than Modric? Hendeson was overpriced and has so far lost his place. Carroll is the same. Those deals are beginning to look like the Bent, Bentley and Hutton deals that Comolli failed with at Spurs. I am sorry but the Premiership STILL is not ready for that system. Especially PLEAT, who wasn’t good in the transfer market either as a manager.

  2. Good news. Now Spurs can sack Redknapp and replace him with Pleat any time they want. He is much better than Carlo Ancelotti who is over rated. We should never have sacked Pleat in the first place.

  3. TonyRIch – agree that Henderson was over priced, but he is still a top talent, look at stats whilst at Sunderland ball retension, pass completion. Downing has matured in last 3 yrs and is now a class winger – miles ahead of Lennon and can cross and score. Carrol – again overpriced but is the future and will develop.
    main point is harry is dangerous when making the decisions, we could have ended up with David James, Phil Neville, Sol C, Hargreaves, Beckham, Owen etc.
    we also need Levy to be giving the stadium 100%


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