The Sky cameras were at White Hart Lane last night and after the game, resident pundit Gary Neville was quick to bestow the man of the match award on Luka Modric.
Spurs were dominant in possession throughout the game and Luka was given credit for holding the ball, keeping possession and finding a white shirt with virtually every pass. His sliding tackle was perfectly timed too and one that any of our defence would have been proud of.
Elsewhere, Emmanuel Adebayor is an obvious contender with his two goals, both of which were set up by Gareth Bale. At the back, Younes Kaboul was singled out for praise by Harry Redknapp for his dominant performance.
Overall, do you agree with the Modric conclusion or is there someone else more deserving of the man of the match accolade?

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  1. Alright he missed couple of great chances ade worked tirelessly all night and deserved to be back in the goals. Modric, bale, Kaboul and Parker were the other outstanding performers for me, taking nothing away from the others they all played well.

  2. Benny and Kyle also got through a lot of work last night. Modders gets it for me. If Ade had stuck his two chances away he may have deserved it but he really needs to start taking the easier chances, ha has missed several now.

  3. Kaboul was immense. Bale created and scared Villa ****less. Modric ran things particularly in the second half. But (never thought I’d be saying this) for incredible effort throughout and despite the misses the two goals clinch it for Ade.

  4. The entire team contributed collectively. However, I was a little dissapointed by Sandro’s last minute entrance where he did not have the oppurtunity in exhibiting himself. I do hope that he features in the West Brom game.

  5. Kaboul for me was immense. i think he deserves the MOTM award for last night. There was an instance in the first half where he sprinted back to make a great tackle on Agbonlahor after we lost possession in midfield and Walker had committed himself going forward. And we all know that Agbonlahor is really really quick.

    Really enjoy watching Kaboul nowadays. really has improved. I find it difficult to see Dawson walking back into this team. If King and Kaboul are fot, based on the way the playing, they should be starting every week.

  6. Kaboul. His athleticism was always there and the steady presence of King next to him has helped the mental side of his game. The sky is the limit. Sandro needs to get a run in the team. He’s too good to not be given a chance every once in a while. Give vdv the game off against west brom and play parker and sandro in the middle of a 4-2-3-1 with modric playing behind ade.


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