With no Sky Live coverage at Saturday’s match, we’re left to our own devices in selecting a man of the match.
Newspaper opinion seems to be divided this morning with Scott Parker and Emmanuel Adebayor sharing the accolade while others are putting cases forward for Jermain Defoe and Sandro.
It was a mixed performance from Spurs and against a better side, we may have seen a different result. Crucially, was it just a case of we took their chances and they didn’t?
If that’s the conclusion then either Defoe or Adebayor should take the prize, while Bale and Lennon also threatened on the counter.
Parker was pretty much faultless once again while the shout for Sandro seems to have come from a lone voice.
Overall, who was you man of the match against WBA?

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  1. For me, it would have to be Defoe……..

    I don’t recall anyone have a good first half…..

    Second half was much improved……especially for the CM in Sandro and Parker.

    Either way, that game was destined for a 1-1 tie until that cracker by Defoe…….Not too mention, he set up Adebayor w/ a sitter that he hit straight at the keeper.

    Defoe gets the nod.

  2. You left Probert off your list. You know your club is being recognised as one of the “big” clubs when the officals start to bottle decisions like Sandro’s second yellow card, and MOTD then do even bother to highlight the incident. At least it was an enjoyable game to watch for the most part.


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