We’ve seen the rumours linking Jermain Defoe with a move away from Spurs before but while the stories surrounding a move to Arsenal in the summer seemed unlikely, could today’s Liverpool link be more plausible?

The story seems to have broken in The Daily Mirror and may just have come from adding up a sequence of possible events: JD has a new agent with supposed ties to Liverpool who in turn might be looking to offload Andy Carroll while needing to cover the loss of Luis Suarez.

That’s how Harry sees it anyway,

“A new agent comes in and the boy is not playing – I can understand it,” Harry said.

“Our chairman Daniel Levy spoke to his agent who said Jermain is not happy because he wants to play and he has got a few clubs in for him.

“That is how agents work. This is the time of the year where they make their money by trying to shift players. They want to do a deal. They have got to sell somebody. He is not moving anywhere though.”

Defoe will have been disappointed at being dropped after scoring the winner at West Brom but it looks as if he will remain part of Spurs’ strike force until the end of the season at least.



  1. What would you think if we sold Gio and bought Ronaldinho?
    Would you get excited or think that Harry/Levy lost there marbles……

  2. I am so bloody annoyed today! Why are we being linked with Andy Carroll? Do we want to be a big club or not? Look at Liverpool with Carroll and even Newcastle are higher than them and are 35million better off. Jermain Defoe is Tottenham all the way, he can sometimes be so frustrating, but so can Bale and Lennon and van der Vaart but they are OUR players who we adore so much. I remember when he came back for the second time- i was so happy- it was like when Henry came back for Le Scum- we knew the impact he was going to have- he never wanted to leave us in the first place and we know how much he wants to play- and to be fair he hasn’t done much wrong when hes come on or started. We can’t buy world class players but we can buy world class potential which is what we have been doing all along- our team is world class but when they all first came apart from van der Vaart everyone was average. Players like Vertoghren, Shaquri, Soldado they are all world class potential and would cost less than Agueros transfer fee altogether. We have to be smart and buy smart which we have been doing for the last few years. I hope we can be patient, and careful because if we waste money on anyone who is not going to improve us, it could easily come back to haunt us. I also think we should keep Pav, Ade and JD for the rest of the season- we could get a world class striker in the summer like Higuain depending on where we finish in the League and also our aspirations and style of play could. Also the Euros could be a good for us to scout any world class potential. Just want us to be the best we can and Andy Carroll is no way near the answer.COYS!

    • I agree that we should be going after potential rather than paying over the top for the finished product. It seems more (personal opinion here) more honest to develop a player — if only for a couple of years — instead of just buying the biggest names in the world (City). It’s also a lot more exciting to watch them grow into top players. If they don’t you haven’t really lost much.

      You finish by contradicting yourself, though. “…if we waste money on anyone who is not going to improve us…” I’d be (more than) fine replacing older players with younger players that have more potential even if there current skill is the same or slightly below who we lose. Long term gain.
      Also, waiting until summer to get someone like Higuain is hardly going the potential route — much as he’d be a great signing.

      As for Carroll, he’s been way over-hyped, but if you could take that away (and the price-tag he now carries) he’s young, reasonably skilled, and physically the type of player we need — I’d take him as a 3rd choice forward. That’s about the level he’s realistically at. Not terrible, like some say, but no top player ready to be a starter for a top team. Up to 10m I think he’d be a deal with the understanding that he’d take a year or two to slowly grow into playing for the team.

  3. ilovespurs why are you so annoyed? A newspaper has just invented a story. Sours haven’t linked the club with him. There isn’t anything to get annoyed about.

    defoe isn’t going anywhere because Defoe himself said on national tv that there is absolutely no chance of him leaving Spurs in January so this is another complete non story the gullible Mathew Harris has penned.


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