It’s still pretty much impossible to find any actual news other than the Redknapp for England links but it is worth just looking at some of the manager’s quotes since he was first questioned on the subject.

“Of course it is nice that people put me in a position where they think I’ve got a chance of getting the job. It is flattering,” he said.

“Other managers have come out and said nice things and I appreciate everybody’s support really.”

Harry also declared that he is very content with life at Tottenham,

“The club have been great to me,” he added. “It couldn’t have gone better for me in the three years I’ve had here and I love every minute of coming here. I’ve got good players, an excellent team, and I couldn’t be happier in my work than I am at the moment.”

Harry also went on to say that he felt anyone would find it difficult to combine two jobs and that has led some areas of the media to suggest that he wants the England job full time. For the time being, Harry and all Spurs fans will be glad to get back to football matters at White Hart Lane tomorrow.



  1. The England job would be wasted on Harry.
    I’d love to see him manage the national team in the future, but the current crop of English players just aren’t good enough.
    Jesus himself couldn’t bring the trophy home with the squad we got.
    Get Pearce on it, give him some experience and a taste of things to come.

    • You got it Brizzlespur, the current team aren’t worth it, especially if thugee Terry is still in it, who could manage him?….Nikolay above you might be right about us supporting England in general, but Spurs mean more to me than the 2nd raters posing as our national team with their Wags in tow, S.Africa was a disgrace, Germany not much better…at least I can remember 1966

  2. I cannot believe Capello did not walk away without an ulterior motive. The abysmal performance in South Africa must be laid at his door. EVERY English player in that tournament was sub-standard, so it was a systemic problem that has to be laid at the managers door. Yet the FA has the gall to re-appoint him, I believe, before there was any real inquest as to why the mess-up. I think Capello realises that things would not be any better at the Euros as there are simply not enough world-class English players to compete internationally, so he walks away clean. Harry would be silly to jump into that frying pan!!!


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