The main headline on the official club website for now concerns Louis Saha with news that the Frenchman is fit and available to face his former club tomorrow. The website doesn’t pick the team of course but many fans are expecting Saha to move back ahead of Jermain Defoe in Saturday’s starting XI.

The other usual question is in defence where Michael Dawson has now been officially ruled out for the season but William Gallas is available and could slot in alongside his compatriot Younes Kaboul.

“William should be okay, he’s had calf injuries all season but hopefully he’s back to fitness now,” said Harry this morning.

“Ryan Nelsen came through the other night, I was pleased with him and we’ve got Younes and Ledley, hopefully we can keep Ledley fit.

“Aaron Lennon picked up a hamstring injury against Stevenage, he’s not available. He shouldn’t be out long. He’s going for a scan today, but he doesn’t feel too bad.”

With Lennon out, Redknapp could stick with Jake Livermore who earned high praise in last weekend’s defeat at Old Trafford or he could play VDV in a position that isn’t popular with the Dutchman.

Up front, well… we don’t pick the team either and while we may feel that JD has earned a start, here’s how we see the starting XI. But what do you think?



  1. Livermore on the wing???????
    Krancjar or VDV. I would play Defoe instead of Saha. Think the occasion might get to Louis.

    • Livermore has played there before, and given that we have no natural RM back-up, some one is going to be out of position – be it VDV, Modric, or Livermore.

  2. If you were to pick 2 strikers, then it would be hard to omit Defoe in favour of Saha. However I would NOT pick 2 strikers, and would play VDV behind Ade. But I agree with Livermore on right – mainly to provide some hindrance to Drenthe and Baines in Lennon’s absence: 4411: Friedel, Ekotto, Kaboul, King/Gallas, Walker, Bale, Parker, Modric, Livermore, VDV, Ade. Niko was bad the other night, so bench him. This is a game that needs VDV’s grit – and potential match winning ability – because it will be tight.

    • But Ade & VDV have to play. Everton are organised and bound to gobble up predictable Defoe. Vdv and Ade aren’t predictable and I believe would work better in this one.

        • As much as I agree VDV and Ade are our best combo, I wouldn’t say Defoe is predictable. He finishes like no other striker, and he’s clearly in form. Deserves a start, and with Lennon out I’m guessing VDV will play midfield anyway, so Ade and Defoe up front

          • Defoe is on form when he gets a shooting chance. I just do not believe that he will get much in the way of shooting chances vs Everton. You are guessing that VDV will play RM, and you are probably correct about what might happen….does not mean that it is what should happen. VDV is not a RM and not disciplined, and Drenthe and Baines running past him. VDV will provide zero attacking threat in that role, and would need to be disciplined and pin himself to the wing…..Not too sure about that.

  3. I would play Jake with Walker close behind Gallas and Kabul, i think Kings knees are begining to go he looked tired at M U,Defoe has got to play.

  4. Friedel
    Walker Kaboul Gallas BAE
    VDV Parker Modric Bale
    Adebayor Defoe

    Looks pretty strong on paper, just need Harry’s mind to be on the game and get them up for it.

  5. Id go brad-
    Walker————- bale
    Play nelsen for gallas or king if you want and Livermore for sandro if you prefer. But that gives you pace and balance while also taking care of Drenthe and Baines threat.

    • Where’s Modric!!!!!!!

      And Walker on the right?

      I’ve never seen Walker beat anyone man for man, he just runs in straight lines and normally into people!

      Take a look at yourself man!

  6. Not being funny but some people, including the author really has not got a clue. Livermore right midfield? Really, why? And no he hasn’t played there before and would be awful there.

  7. No vdv or kranjka on the right, it does not suit their game.
    As long as Modric stays in the middle with livermore/Parker, and Bale on the left (and stays there ), then Walker in place of Lennon and Kabul in place of walker, Sandro CB with Gallas (WHY NOT, LEDLEY STARTED AS A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER ), then the midfield and back four could be good for us. Any one of the strikers up front with VDV just behind should give us the edge over Everton.

  8. Did anyone else notice that the Stevenage striker who shoved Dawson the other night appeared to do so deliberately while Dawson was still in the air after jumping for a header. I hope that Stevenage player is proud of himself

  9. id go for
    Walker Kaboul Gallas Benny
    Niko Modric Parker Bale
    sub vdv for defoe around 60′ and play 442

  10. Walker Kaboul Gallas BAE
    Sandro Parker
    VDV Bale

    Try to get our FB’s involved going forward for extra width and pace. It’s time to go back to basics. Play a solid formation and rely on our quality to win us the match.

    • I personally think that Defoe could play there, and would get more joy up against a not too secure Baines as opposed to their tough tackling, organised CBs.

  11. We need pace on the right, all due respect to Niko and VDV. I would play Walker there; move Kaboul to RB, and have Nelsen and Gallas in the middle.
    Let’s focus on attacking Everton, rather than watching our back !!

    Kaboul – Nelsen – Gallas – BAE
    Walker – Parker – Modric – Bale
    Defoe – Ade


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