Many eyebrows were raised when Blackburn’s Ryan Nelsen joined Spurs on the final day of the January transfer window and with an already ageing and / or injury prone central defence it was hardly the acquisition to appease a section of Tottenham fans who were looking at a Vertonghen style signing.

Nelsen has however stayed fit in his two months at the club and manager Harry Redknapp could be looking at an extension beyond the player’s short term contract.

“I couldn’t believe I got him on a free. I felt it was an amazing player to bring to the club, he is a player I have chased for years,” Harry said.

“I have always thought he was top class, a great pro, a great trainer, a fantastic person.

“He has got a six-month contract. At the end of the season you have got to keep him here next year because he’s worth his weight in gold just to have around for other people to look at the way he works, the way he trains, the way he behaves, his attitude.”

Ryan also weighed in with his first goal for the club – a crucial deadlock breaking strike that also broke the tension in the crowd at last night’s Spurs v Bolton cup tie.

“I thought he was fantastic,” Redknapp added after the game. “I just think he is a great professional and a real good player.”

With the season rapidly coming to an end, Nelsen could be called into action in the league as cover for a back line which is now relying on at least one from either King or Gallas to stay fit. In the meantime, has he done enough to secure a longer term contract?



  1. I’m still in shock from last night,


    What’s next, Jermain Defoe actually passes to someone instead of shooting!

    On a more serious note though. I think there’s more chance of Harry Redknapp staying with us next season, than us signing Ryan Nelson beyond this season!

  2. “What’s next, Jermain Defoe actually passes to someone instead of shooting!”

    Well, yeah, in fact. It was next. Or did you not notice the second goal?

    Signing Ryan Nelsen as a player-coach would be alright (assuming his contract was reduced accordingly) as apparently “… ‘e’s a good influence arahnd ver club.” Anything else would be insanity.

    • I was being sarcastic, sorry if that was too much for you too handle.

      Nelsen would be a waste of wages as he wouldn’t play and we need a longer term solution.

      Also no to him as a coach, he’s only ever been in relegation battles, which means he knows how to concede goals, in fact he’s very experienced at it!

      I’d rather bring in Gary Mabutt(that was some more sarcasm, before you bite babck like the gooner)

  3. I would prefer a real solid long term signing. As a squad player, he’s a trooper so yes, lets sign him if he has no other options, but I wouldn’t beat anybody to sign him. Samba or Cahill would have definitely been preferred then and still now.


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