One of the transfer talking points in relation to Spurs in recent months relates to the future of on loan striker Emmanuel Adebayor. The Togolese made an instant impact in his first game, scoring at Wolves and striking up a useful partnership with Jermain Defoe in attack.

Since then however, performances have been a little inconsistent but the Togolese gave us a reminder of his undoubted talent with a man of the match performance in the 5-0 win over Newcastle – scoring one and assisting with the other four strikes on the night.

Ade’s wages were always going to be an issue however and it never seemed likely that Spurs were going to match his current deal which is believed to be in the region of £170,000 a week. However, with Harry Redknapp insistent that the club were more than keen to keep the player, a reported offer of £100,000 a week plus a £4 million signing on fee was mooted.

Rumours today seem to suggest that Adebayor will reject such a deal, leaving Spurs to look at cheaper options such as Loic Remy or Giuseppe Rossi.



  1. chicken on the ball. that said it all for these joke club! HA HA HA HA HA H O HO HO HO HHE HE HE HE UH HU HUAHA HEHAHEAHOAH HOHAOH HAO HAOHOHAOAHOAHAOA


    • Why?! 3rd or 4th means nothing more than a champions league spot! Both the same prize. Are you going to wembley?? Hahaha..are you fuck! Jog on jealous goonie!

    • What you mean one that wastes chance after chance week in week out?! £170k a week is a joke, massively overates himself and he wont get those kind of wages anywhere! Dream on Ade and best of luck wherever you end up whoring yourself next!

  2. i’m interested to hear some of the views on this guy. I for one think he has been a revelation. He gives us a target man, that is mobile, direct and can score the odd goal and involve others in the play. I’d hang onto him as there are not many out there who will bring the energy he does. The only criticism i’d have is that he can’t bloody head the ball which limits us considering we have brilliant wingers. Remy is not a patch on ade

    • Hes a good target man and that is where it ends. Thats not enough when we play him as a lone striker most of the time. We have been badly struggling for goals and thats down to the fact that he cannot finish to save his life! His touch is terrible, he spends most of his time out on the wing, if hes our target man whats he doing out there?! A lot of games he completely goes missing, for example, Everton (subbed at HT) where he just basically isnt interested. You cannot justify 170k a week for this guy, not in a million years! A better striker against chelsea and we would have got the 3 points, end of.

      • Totally agree – Couldnt hit a barn door at times. One good season in his time in England, thats all. Mark Hughes (dross manager) took him to City on massive wages and he has since then (bar a half decent time at Real Madrid) been average at best. When things are going well in terms of form, he can be good to have in the team. However when things turn a little sour, whent he money is really earned, like they have been, he goes missing. 170k a week? Earning the same or more than players with more goals/assists and better attitude? I think not. Bosh.

  3. The goal he missed at Chelsea tells me he could be going there and how can we judge Ady wjhen we only pay 70,000 of his wages. This is the problem we dont no who is going to sign him Modric and Bale we are in for a rocky run these have not signed new deals. Harry Modric Lennon Bale Ady they will give 100 percent in the Cupi think if Modric is going to Utd now and not Chelsea but in the league ?

  4. Could of brough cisse for 7m! This is the problem with harry he needs to broaden his horizons! Looking only in the premier league for your signings is a safe bet but there are awesome players out there abroad available! Huntelaar, Soldado, podolski, giroud, llorente etc etc. Harry’s knowledge of foriegn leagues is just shocking!

  5. i like Ade but paying him 170K,oh heaven no.try getting two classy strikers like Hunteelar,rossi,Llorente or Damiano and give each 85K.much better.

  6. I agree with Jay. Redknapp needs to broaden his horizons and stop buying Premier League players that are past their prime. There are so many good strikers abroad that would adapt to the Premier League. Even Dos Santos cannot get a game under Redknapp which is such a shame because he has bags of skill. I hope Redknapp gets the England job mainly because of his transfer targets and dealings because he is cluelesss. Some times you have to take a chance and I think fear stops him from doing this. Also it has taken him ages to work out the best tactics for our team. Someone said once that “Harry puts players in their right positions and that’ how he makes a successful team” and I think that is a load of rubbish because he is constantly moving players all over the place to our detriment. As for Adebayor, yes I would like him to stay but he is not the prolific strker we need and he is not worth that sort of money. He has a poor first touch, so inconsistent in front of goal and wanders in and outo of games. We need an out and out goal scorer somebody like Huntelaar and make use of our wing play. Bring in Mourinho.

  7. Anybody that watched him play on Tuesday night cannot seriously believe he is worth half what he wants.He never has been a prolific scorer,Spends too much time on the wings and can’t head a football,Come back Berbatov get Remey and Hazard signed.

  8. Ade is not worth £170,000 a week not really worth £100,000 he is not consistent enough. Llorente would be a quality signing as would bringing Berbatov back. Failing getting those Demba Ba would be a steal and not brake the bank also


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