There are conflicting reports this morning with regards to the rumoured training ground bust up involving Emmanuel Adebayor at the weekend with suggestions by our old friends the Daily Mail that the Togolese striker is set to be frozen out of the club as the season draws to a close.
According to the suggestion in the Mail, Spurs still hadn’t ruled out a permanent transfer for Ade despite recent reports that they had given up all hope of negotiating a compromise deal on his current wage structure.
The player however is thought to have felt as though he was being singled out for blame after Tottenham’s disastrous run of results.
There are also denials of any problems between Ade and Harry but whichever side you believe, it is starting to seem less likely that the striker will bet at the Lane next season.




  1. FUCK SPUDS, GIVE THE GAP A LITTLE RESPECT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. I reckon Ade has said what we are all thinking, the so called great man manager cant motivate the best group of spurs players we have had for years.

    Where is the FA with that job offer

  3. Adebayor’s nowhere near worth £100k+ a week, but if we’ve only got Defoe for the last four games, 4th is as good as gone.

    • I don’t think it was ever, was he worth £100k per week, that is just good business by his agent. He knows he won’t get that with Spurs, or pretty much any team in the EPL. If he does sign for Spurs, especially since the noted fee is around £8m, then it is safe to say he won’t get £100k + per week. Probably £90k.

      If it is Defoe to lead the line, then we are fudged.

  4. If true, it’s Harry up to his old blame deflection tricks. He upset Lennon last season over a Champions League match.

    I want to see the back of him.

  5. keep your head up spurs fans.get the new ground under way. open up our new training centre.sell all our dead legs, get a few bob from the FA for our triffic manager, buy a few top liners to add to our up & coming youngsters & build a new team. never say die.COME ON YOU SPURS.

  6. I agree 100% with William. Give Coullibally a run . Defoe is not going to do it for us. The team for the next game .
    Walker Gallas King BAE
    Dos Santos Modric Bale
    Subs Livermore,Sandro, Lennon , Saha,Nelson & Cudaccini

    • Nooooooooooo.

      Think better. Rodgers has done a great job, but with the players we have, man management skills are warranted. David Moyes is my choice. With the squad he has had over the years and little money for transfers, he has done marvelously. He has spent well, and recoup better.

      In Moyes we trust.

  7. This is the usual rubbish from the Mail. They make up stories all the time. Ade has been no better or worse than many of the others. If he does not stay it will be over money and nothing else. He can hardly spoil a relationship going forward with a manager that won’t even be there!
    Let us hope they can stick together for the final 4 games and at least get us CL football next season. I am not holding my breath.

  8. Family eh !?

    Now, I saw him first, lay off the pair of ya! I’ve got his ice creams and crisps and rubix cube (lube), so he’ll be down later..much later!!

  9. Daily mail vs Harry Redsack – is there a single shred of credibility that comes from either of these ( sauces )??

    Lets look forward to next season now..

  10. now now lads its still been a triffic season and if it was not for the players we loaned out, we could be 3rd, but we are spurs we dont deserve to be there and i have the England job to think about you know, you chaps dont realise just how good Norwich and QPR are. There both fighters and we are just out of luck here! good luck next seaon, i think i have done enough damage, for dan to pick up the pieces.

    PS if anyone knows of any over 35’s that i could loan in let me know, because look at saha he is 10 times better than super pav.

  11. oh and as for Chelsea, Arsenal, Man u, Man C, they are triffic teams with triffic players we just can’t compete, even if we had the world 11 we just cant compete, its hard.

  12. Good bye Harry lets have you gone now and Modric if you dont want to play F*&k Off, Adebayor u want to play for spurs great, if not pack your stuff up now and c u!
    lets start next season with a bang with a manager who is confident with what he has and players that want to wear the shirt, if not get them gone!!!!

  13. Let’s hope ade helps us get 4th. Then City can sell him to liverpool or whatever.bring in fernando llorente.he can be like drogba for us

  14. ADe aint ‘fit’ enough to lace ‘rottens mums shoes !’

    If he and Pop idol wanna be Jermaine ‘the offside’ from throws defoe wanna leave. show them the door, the same barn door that neither pf them could hit all season.

    We need a berbatov mk 11 in the mix again, let modric go..
    9 gazza would still offer more than him) get this kid ( from the french league hazard they’re all on about ) , a manager that shows bale the wing or the p45 and we are sorted.

    Would be just deserves to watch redshit rot in the halls of management fame (infamy in his case).


    • Is English your first language????… f**king moron…….what the fuck are you trying to say? F88k off and go play in your sandbox………the adults are trying to have a conversation…plonker!

  15. In fact adebayor isn’t goodenough to tie the laces of the whole ‘ rotten family ‘ ..thats all three of them! Mum, brother and uncle..

  16. Harry redknapp should be shot, as should those who still believe that Dos Santos is anything other than a waster sack of shhhhhhh

    Spurs make my face sad – what a fuck up Harry is

  17. HR need to go now, not a the end of the season when it would suit him. the players are not playing for him. the only way the players will play is if he GO just like AVB.
    as for next season i will put my wallet away if spurs don’t finish 5th. i’m sick of paying out to watch this s**t. i go to game when i canand i buy kits for me and the kids and i can’t where them, because we are i laughing stock. i’m sure i’m not the only 1 thinking like me. i feel sorry for the people with season tickets and remember the price is going up next season just to see the team lose

  18. It’s been a while that I’ve been saying Redkrapp is a tactical Pygmy. So are the rest of the coaching staff with the exception of Clive Allen…..true incompetent buffoons. Even Sherwood mentioned he was pleased with a 1-0 loss to QPR for a Spurs11 team….he has clearly been spending too much time listening to Houndface Harry. Adebayor has been good for the team but many of the players are underperforming….for many reasons all largely due to the moron Redkrapp : no tactics, no squad rotation, wrong formations and positions, little youngster development, clueless transfers in and loans out, etc, etc.
    It’s a massive shame that this team of talented players has basically been wasted….it could be a long long time again before we have this kind of chance. Anyway, Chelsea will win the CL now as they “want” it….so even 4th wouldn’t do….all I want is for the season to end, and start cleanly again with a real manager and with a semblance of a team next year.

  19. It’s all falling apart at the spuds, just as I predicted. Face it spuds, you have a shit squad, overrated players, leftovers from arsenals squad, and an average manager who constantly buys and sells players every year. Not to mention that when Harry leaves so will all your players. You’ll then be relegated, with your tiny stadium and pea- brained fans becoming another Southampton. Am I wrong?

  20. Come on super spuds let’s see ya finish fourth and Chelsea win champions league.LOL Well done ‘Arrry,Defoe&Scotty. Your not even a cup team anymore.LOL, COYI

  21. Harry is a wide boy , always comes out on the good side of a deal , You would lend a quid to harry . We all knew what he was before he joined us , then when results started going opur way with other managers purchases we thought we had experianced the second coming . then the purchases , Kranjar , kaboul, Rafa, ( good start at every club till he,s been there a while) Bassong loned out , Pienaar loned out, Crouch moved on , Palasious, moved on , Sandro ( work in progress) Saha , a joke a cast off , neilsren , Should be playing for the all blacks, This lot are hardly a glowing sucsess , he thinks he,s at portsmouth. Harry please exit right asap, Bring in Moyes

  22. Stop whining spud,Harry found ya on the Rory on ya way out. He’s tried to breath life back into ya but it’s like flogging a dead horse.the only way is down LOL COYIS!

    • Chimp chimp Cher woo….Harry’s a cretin and so are you.
      Good luck with the rest of your sad, poor and illiterate life…cheerio

  23. I’m one of the boys who always runs away or disappears when things get rough and tough. I spend all my time telling who ever will listen, that I support the best team in the world with the best manager and the best captain and the best stadia!
    But if I’m near a Spurs fan I won’t say a word I’ll wait and boast on web sites so they can’t find me.

    My father took me to counciling at an early age because of my lack of courage, social skills and delusional aspirations. I still go! I’m told that my total belief/trust in one person has damaged me!

  24. l the whinging & whinning will not help as long as HR is there. Will somebody please put Harry back on the stand & ask him a simple question. If you were offered the England job would you take it , YES or NO .
    If the ans is yes , let the F A make the offer and let him go.
    If the ans is NO, THEN FIRE HIM NOW . Just in case he is still looking for a defender , Graeme Roberts is around

  25. Oi! Tokyo yid stop getting nippy about my spelling. Must be all that whitehart pain. Never mind ya posh boy stick to watching dressage and the football to the men. COME ON YOU IRONS


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