It seems inconceivable that Spurs would attempt to block a move for Mexican international Giovani Dos Santos this season after the player claimed that Harry Redknapp vetoed a transfer last summer. In the meantime, Gio has continued to frustrate in his admittedly brief appearances in a Lilywhite shirt.

However, is it plausible that Lille would be tempted to consider a player plus cash deal to take Dos Santos to France in exchange for Eden Hazard? That’s the suggestion coming out of the Daily Mail this morning as Spurs start to look towards the next campaign.

Manager Harry Redknapp hinted that Gio would definitely be sold this time around.

“He is on the bench, he has got great ability, we nearly sold him at the start of the season for £13million to Udinese,” Redknapp said.

“The chairman of Udinese came over and had a chat with the chairman and he wouldn’t go and that was a lot of money.

“Gio is a good player and is a good lad. He has good ability but in the end his contract is gradually running out so I don’t know what you’d get for him in the end.”

So it looks like Dos Santos is finally on his way but could it possibly be as part of a deal for Eden Hazard?



  1. 1 word,


    Let’s qualify for the CL before we start the usual who’s in and who’s out saga, because if we don’t get CL they’ll be no Eden Hazard or anyone of that calibar wanting to join us.

      • Really Steve! If you actually the Hazard is gonna sign for us, you need to check yourself into rehab!

        I’m all for being ambitious, but there’s a such thing as being realistic!

        Take a second and listen to the clubs that he’s been linked with and then tell me why he would come to us, Man city, Man utd, Real Madrid, Barca and the famous Tottenham Hotspur!

        So don’t be an idiot and remember the days of Ruel Fox before you start dreaming!

  2. Hodgson appointed England manager on a four year contract.

    You’re stuck with Old ‘Arry for at least another year unless Levy comes to his senses and sacks him.

  3. Oh if this were only true! Gio’s not had any chance with us so better off to let him go, Can’t see Eden Hazard coming unless champs league happens which I’m hoping for but not expecting, a better chance of seeing Micky Hazard pulling on the jersey!

  4. As has already been said, the only Hazard we’ll be seeing is Mickey Hazard or the Dukes of Hazard. Get rid of Harry, get Brendan Rodgers in and sign some players NOW, not 5 minutes before the deadline and end up with the likes of Nelson and Saha.

  5. SPUDS FOOLS are dreaming out of their pants! WAKE UP YOU CHICKENSHIT TEAM!!! MIND THOSe GAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You could’nt go wrong in signing Daisy duke.she’d come in ‘andy after you’ve taken a good STUFFING!

  7. Nice to see our resident west ham pikey has spent some of his free time posting as many different ppl again. Well done on that.

    Remind me what division do the pikeys play in these days ??

    And you say we’re stuck with arry ? Sorry son who is the manager of the pikey boys ? hahahaha loooolz 🙂

  8. Oi/Carer . Losing one inadequate Chimp the Iron is careless but losing Rotten constitutes sheer negligence. Two morons are available as a set!!
    Hey Chimp- might be stuck in the laughing called “Championship for at least another season. Come on you tangerines!!

  9. You would think that Gio would be needed if Mods left. Thats the thinking right? I could be way off, but I alway saw him as a player with better than decent quality. Too bad it seems like there is a falling out here. We would also have to assume that Lille want Gio and that is far from given. We may be targeting Eden, but at this stage it looks impossible. Too many big clubs on his radar now and atleast 3!! EPL clubs as well. City, United and Arsenal. IF it were us against you, that is fine, but to throw us in a pool with all four in a fight? I don’t see it happening.


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