Reports today claim that Victor Moses is looking for a move away from Wigan Athletic and that has, in turn, put clubs such as Spurs and Liverpool on alert. The player has been instrumental in steering his club from safety and this seems to be a classic case of whether, at 21, he wants to stay put or whether he feels ready for a bigger challenge.

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez hopes he stays and suggests that he would be better off at his present club for now at least.

“Sometimes we forget that he’s only 21. The potential is incredible. From technical and tactical aspects he’s improved a lot,” Martinez is quoted as saying.

“But there’s still a long way to go. His ­potential is so huge, he can go as high as he wants to. You can’t stop players moving as long as the club gets a fair price. It would be unrealistic of us to think we’re not going to lose players.”

So, as we know, he’s mostly a left winger but Moses can also play in other positions too. Is he the alternative to Eden Hazard in that respect?

Reports discuss a range of fees from £10m to £15m but is this the bold signing that Harry alluded to?

*We’re not exactly in the Wilderness but the joke was too obvious to ignore:



  1. I think he would be good cover for Bale/Defoe and Lennon can play any of those positions 8m for a guy with only 1yr left

  2. We will have will have to break one of the Commandments thou shall not covert thy neighbours goods to get him. This would make us one of the fastest team in the Worldand him and Ady upfront would be Magic.

    • Ganso is shit!

      Don’t believe the Brazilian hype, very few Brazilians come to the prem and do well.

      Moses would be a steal for around 7m, but anything else I think is alittle high as he only has 1 year left.

      • Your off your head if you think he is shit. Saying that i would prefer Lucas Moura. The striker we need surely has to be Damiao.

  3. Good alternative for Hazard if we can’t make Champs League. If we do make it though, we’ve got to go all out for Hazard and finally bag Damaio to stand any chace of being a regular top 4 team.

  4. in a word ‘no’.

    havent we moved on from this kind of signing?
    Are any of the teop 4 teams interested in him? No.
    Then neither should we.

  5. Why do people think that we will get Eden Hazard? He is not interested in Spurs with our wage structure. In my opinion Lennon is no better or worse than Moses. Sadly Lennon spends a lot of time injured and he just doesn’t cut the mustard often enough for me. Moses will and can improve where I feel that Lennon has no more room to be any better.

  6. People comparing Lennon and Moses are forgetting that Moses is an attacker with little defence responsibility, and Lennon is required more to be more of a team player. Lennon is restricted by the way we play. Moses plays more direct – due to tactics. If Moses were to come, they would not be in direct competition because Moses could be in competition for VDV, Bale OR Lennon’s role. Given the shear amount of Euro games (either way) we are due to play next season, we need that competition.

  7. We should get moses to spurs he can play in a few positions and has real pace and thats when we are playing at our best when we are tearing up the field towards the opposition goal at high speed and we also need a striker like leandro damiao to finish off chances created , one thing i dont understand is why we are chasing loic remy his goalscoring record is not that brilliant ive seen much better. I also like ganso i think we could get him for a reasonable price and he is still young i think he will be worth a very big amount of money in the future his skill is unbeleiveable. frankie

    • It seems like he could be for us almost exactly what Gio is right now: able to cover as an AM or wing but for some reason NEVER used.
      Gio hasn’t looked great when he’s played — but he seems to get only a handful of minutes every 5th or 6th game — hardly a way to get into form.

      I’m not saying we should keep Gio but why would we expect Moses to be used any differently? HR isn’t a bad manager but I don’t understand why we don’t rotate?

  8. Either hoilett or moses would be nice as they both have the ability to play right/left wing or in the “hole”. and would have come in handy this season when lennon got injured!!

  9. I would love Victor Moses as a Spurs play. He is electric and would be playing with superior players to help him progress even further. Some twat said he cant score goals, he must be on wacky backy. Victor has carried Wigan and is still only 21, he can only get better at Spurs as Bale, Walker and lennon have done, even Luka Modric. Lennon is sick note mark two (taking over the mantle from Darren Anderton) and despite Moses being a striker, he can also play on the wings which would put enormous pressure on Lennon to stay off the treatment table and get on with playing football in a cracking team. If a move for Moses does materialise, it would be intetresting to see who else the club approaches to play up front because I can’t see Ade staying at Spurs with our current wage structure. The two of them could tear teams a new arsehole with their speed.

  10. Lets get vertoghen in to beef up our defence, ledley has had his day sadily and dawson is only back up. we need vertoghen alongside kabs.

    we need a left back as cover for BAE and if we let corluka go then we will need to hang on to naughton and not let him go on loan again.

    as for wingers, try and get hoillett in as he is on a free, moses would be a good signing but he is in his last year on contract so 5-6m is a fair price no more than that.

    we should also seriously look at dembele, he can play in the hole like VDV but is very quick and would suit our sytle of play. we all know harry does not like defoe and when he comes on spurs go 442 instead of sticking to 451 that has worked so well.

    i see a few people are saying sign ganso and lucas, however being realistic these type of players will go to barca or real.

    our team also depends on if we get champs league football, as if we don’t then i can see modric and maybe bale leaving

  11. Forget Moses you need Noah to build you an ark to save ya from drowning from all the dribble that comes out of ya North and South COYI!

    • You idiot don’t get to cocky because we will all laugh in your face when blackpool beat you at wembely and you are in the championship for another season!!!

  12. Moses is technically superb, and can skin any defender – making even the very best look silly, but his decision making is pretty awful – which won’t improve unless he plays a lot of games – unlikely with Spurs. He is joint top scorer with a grand total of 6 goals, despite having made more shots at goal than anyone else in the PL. He has been important to us, but has scarcely “carried” the team. He wasn’t really in the running for our player of the season. In a year or perhaps two, he will be ready for a top club, where I expect him to excel, but not yet.

  13. I agree with most moses or hoilett would be a brilliant addition to the spurs team, or even adam johnson, I think we should try for leighton baines, aaron lennon is a good player but stuggles with injuries, as for a striker dont bothet with ade I think lewandovski would be ideal


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