After the events of the weekend, there is bound to be another summer or speculation over Tottenham’s top players  ahead– most notably Gareth Bale and Luka Modric. The game in Munich had barely finished before the first Modric to Madrid story had emerged and to be honest, another bid from the Croatian to leave the club seems somewhat inevitable.


As Luka had his head turned by Chelsea last year, we all remember the sight of our Chairman at White Hart Lane winding down his window and talking to reporters. The message was clear – Luka was under contract and not for sale.


As for this summer, former Spur Alan Mullery hopes Levy will take the same stance.


“The one person who has got to remain strong is the chairman and my belief is that Daniel Levy will,” Mullery said.


“I think big clubs will come in and if huge sums of money are submitted, like if someone bids £40million for Gareth Bale, there is always a temptation to sell.


“But those players are under long-term contracts and there is no reason why they should go.”


Mullery also feels that Bale in particular is still learning and needs longer to develop at Spurs.


“I still think Bale’s education should be at Tottenham; he was magnificent in Europe the season before last but has still got a bit of learning to do,” he added.


As Mullery infers, it could be a long summer of rumours but will Levy stay strong once again or will one of our players at least (Modric?) be on his way this time.



  1. Well said Mullers !
    “those players are under long-term contracts and there is no reason why they should go.”
    Spot on. The Tank has spoken.

  2. Modric would not be human if he was not saying to himself today that if he had resisted Levy & ‘Arry and done what his agent wanted last summer he would have been climbing the steps for the CL trophy in Munich on Saturday evening. What chances he’ll make the same mistake again??

    • Nobody knows what would’ve happened if he’d gone to Chelsea. One thing doesn’t follow the other automatically. They might have done better in the league; AvB might not have been sacked; they might not have made it to the final as a result.

      And they’ve now bought someone instead of Modric – Marin – who plays in the same areas and cost a sixth of Modric’s (assumed, quoted by the papers) price.

  3. Bale and Modric, happy with Europa League football? I don’t think so!

    Barca have already said that Bale needs to push for a transfer, precisely the same words were applied to Fabregas, he went so will Bale.

    Modric will be 28 come September this is his last chance of a big money move, he will replace Lampard at the Chavs, no question!

    • @SG – I know you are always trying to put it ever so nicely that we suck, but at this time, you guys have too much to worry really to come over here and gloat.

      • Why would Barcelona want Bale? They prefer players who are multi-talented. All he can do is run fast in a straight line. He does that very well, and occasionally he has a good shot, but compared to the choices at Barca, he’s a limited player – as he shows when he tries to play inside. Call his bluff – tell him he can go if Barca are so interested, and see what happens…

  4. Levy should tell modric that we decide his future not him, so shut up and get on with your job of playing for tottenham.

  5. If he wants to go then let him but pleasesee sense and sell him abroad and NOT to a premiership rival, afterall he’s not ireplaceable but he could be an annoyance aying against us.

  6. I don’t question for one second that Modric is a great player but in the season when we finished fourth and actually qualified for the champions league modric was out for about half or two thirds of the season. Most of the games we played Huddlestone and Palacios. So if he leaves for a huge amount to what should definitely be a non-premier league team, i think we still have a great opportunity to qualify next year, as we’ve got Hudds to play in the same position he did in 2010 and if not a s#@t load of cash.

  7. If he’s going to go then let it be to Real Madrid or somewhere like that. But not for £25 million as is being touted about. Shameful. Problem is they seem to get their players at knockdown prices, just like Barca. Don’t know about how close some of their recent signings have been to the end of their contracts, but Modric is under contract until 2016, so I can’t see £25 million being close to doing it, despite lack of CL.

    • If we get 25million for him then we could ask for Nuri Sahin or Kaka and Higuain in return then both parties would be happy

  8. I agree that should Modric want to go we should cash in ,but only out side of the premier league, and DL should tell him so. We need to keep Bale and with Sandro ,Livermore
    VdV Parker Dos Santos, build a new midfield.Getting on to A different topic ,UEFA should allow us to go into Europa at the same stage that clubs eliminated from the CL do.

  9. Bit of speculation/hope but possible/ideal formations for next season

    Walker Kaboul Vertonghen BAE
    Sandro Livermore
    Remy Bale

    Imagine that. Or:

    Caulker Kaboul Vertonghen
    Walker Bale
    Sandro Modric
    Remy Damiao

    Unlikely but enticing with a lot of room for quality rotation.

    • Best case scenario really. If a couple of the new additions are in the squad by September the first I’ll be pretty happy, and hopefully with the current squad intact. But yeah of course keeping Ade would be great. Would be a bit thin on the ground up front though.

  10. The thing with Ade wanting to stay is very strange. It might mean that if we get Vert then Modric might stay and we’ll get Ade. Just speculation I don’t know. But I do know that if Modders does leave this summer he was top class all away around and I understand why he wants and rightfully should go to a outfit like Real Madrid . He deserves Champs League football he deserves more. What ever the case Modders you’ll always be in my heart.

    • Modders wants to go, he deserves more since we can’t give it to him consistently, especially in the prime of his career. He wants to play in CL every year for the next 3-4 years. I don’t blame him. All he has to do is take one look at our rivals and players like Aaron Ramsey and think… man, is this kid deserving of playing CL every year!?! and he’s only 21 only too? I’m giving away all my good years and I have only played in CL once! SO I can imagine that, and I can see him going. Bale might feel the same way as well. I think he owe us one more year, but if he pushes, then he does.

      Ade, I would take him if he wants to come back truly. He has worn out his welcome many places he’s been. His wage is too high, he will either get loaned elsewhere by City or he has to take a cut. I don’t think Ade will take a cut, or a huge one. The best we should do it $90,000 a week. Without really knowing, thats probably what we’re paying now because of some shrewd deal we might have struck.

  11. I hope that Levy will stand firm and I think he will. If you sign a contract you should stand by it or be sued for your entire future earnings minus meagre living expenses in my book (ie no more ferrari’s!). These footballers need to be told.

    Anyway as far as Modric goes and him hinting that he is “ready for the big tests” whatever thats supposed to mean. Well sorry Luka but you had a pretty big test against Chelsea in the semi final of the FA cup and you failed pretty badly actually so I wouldn’t really be looking for any bigger ones unless you want to be sat on a bench maybe.

    Also @sympathetic gooner. I don’t actually feel we need your sympathy since you have played appalling all year besides when you managed to beat us by playing out of your skins when we were playing the worst we played all season and fluked a finish above us due to some of the worst goal keeping English top flight football has ever seen (even worse than yours) in the last game by West Brom’s 2nd string keeper. To be honest I actually feel sorry for you lot if you play so badly you need West Brom to put on their 2nd string keeper in order to beat a team like that. You are so crap and will probably not even get out of the group in CL anyway.

    Answer me this if CL is so important then why are all your best players STILL leaving?

    Anyway a competition is only as good as the teams playing in it so if you want to see a team park the bus and fluke wins on penalties then watch the champions league. Like Arsenal they will probably be eliminated at group stage after 3 draws.

    If you want to see entertaining football watch europa league where spurs the entertainers are playing. We will still play great football and good luck playing your crappy football in the worlds “elite” competition.

    All the best and don’t take it too badly when all your best players leave and we finish above you which is undoubtedly on the cards one of these days.


    • Dan love your passion, but be realistic. Your in denial, you need to let go Modders deserves to be on the same pitch as some of the best footballers there are today. Arsenal’s top players leave their club because their club has no ambition to win anything, just to get a top 4 spot. Top class footballers want to win trophies that’s why Cesc joined Barca, Nasri joined City and why Mr. Gooner himself will probably be leaving as well. Also we won’t be playing entertaining football Europa. We’ll be playing our fringe players/ academy players. But I do hope that we’ll play a little bit better than last year and make a run for it. I know when it comes to europe competitions it’s always going to be second best, but it is always nice to win a respectable trophy.

  12. I watched the CL finals on saturday,and after seeing Bayern match and better Real,had no doubt that Chealsea could not win that game. They parked the bus & were prepared to take their chances in a penalty shootout.I was right ,chelsea did not win that game, Bayern lost it.
    If this is the only way to win ,the beautiful game will suffer
    In boxing if a boxer covers up for 15 rounds and lands no punches do you think it will be a draw, after his opponent landed all the punches.

  13. If I were DL
    Sell Modric to Real- 25+Kaka
    Pay 15 for Damiao
    Pay 10 for JV
    Sell Jenas, Krancjar,Defoe,Bentley,Bassong,Saha,Pienaar
    Galles & Rose (35)Keep Ade even if another loan deal can be done . 35million should go a long way to get a good Keeper & Left back
    All this and some change. That should leave a smile on
    DLs face. The Squad would be
    A.N.Other,B Friedal
    K.Walker,K Naughton,B.A.E,A.N.Other,
    J Vertonghen,Caulker, Kaboul,Dawson
    Sandro,Parker, Kaka,Livermore,Carrol,Hudders,Bale,
    Dos Santos & Lennon
    come on you spurs

  14. Sorry but VdV must be kept as well and Dos Santos must be given a fair chance to produce his best form . i seen this boy at the world cup in SA, and was impressed with his performance. Needs to be motivated.


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