Milos Krasic?

Milos Krasic?


One player who hasn’t been mentioned in connection with a move to Spurs this summer is Serbian winger Milos Krasic. The 27 year old had the opportunity of coming to White Hart Lane on loan in January and subsequently claimed that he regretted turning the offer down.

‘At the end of the transfer window in January, there were offers from Tottenham and Zenit for a loan deal,’ Krasic said.

‘I decided to decline those options in the belief that I would be given chances at Juventus.

‘That has proven to be a mistake and it would have been better if I had accepted one of those offers.’

After those quotes appeared in March, there were a number of stories suggesting that Spurs would go back in for the player this summer but since the campaign ended, it’s all been quiet.

Many feel that Krasic would be a good fit for the club and with Eden Hazard set to move elsewhere in the Premiership, should Tottenham be having another look at the talented Serbian?


    • Hoilett isn’t free – Blackburn are due compensation because of his age – I read possibly up to £5million somewhere

      • fair point…but still excellent business in today’s market. I think one of the selling points for Bale to stay is that with Modric off, he’ll be able to continue his ambition to be the new C.Ronaldo and play inside on occasions. thus needing more wingers. Hoilett AND one other. I reckon….Adam Johnson if Hazard goes to Citeh….

          • levy stated that he will run the totteringham to relegation dog fight next season! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  1. Sounds like a player who turned his nose up at us, and now has no other options!

    Stay at Juve mate, we aint that desparate!

    Next transfer rumor please?

    • if i remember rightly the only reason he turned down tottenham is because he wanted to come on a perminant basis… and spurs would only offer a loan deal

  2. Definitely, yes. He would be a better cover option for Lennon than Hoilett because of his defensive skills. But let’s start with (at least) one CB, one top class striker and a GK…

    • Truedat!

      I think as long as we keep piennar or niko, we don’t need a massive amount of cover as I can see 4-3-3 being paid quite a lot next season!

  3. Great player! Would suit Our style of football, not given any space at Juve due to 3-5-2 formation!!

    Woud well be worth a punt cosidering we will lose GDS & Niko and probably Pienaar!

  4. No, we want to progress not stagnate or go backwards. He is not a prolific scorer and therefore is not required.

  5. Ive seen him play,would take him over Holiett anyday of the week,we should pay 7-8 million for him,if Hazard goes City then Adam Johnson would be a great option but would they sell to us now? maybe they will if they are trying to sell Ade to us…Adam Johnson or Milos Krasic both better than Hoilett

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  9. Krasić, yes. Hoilett, yes. Two areas Spurs do need cover. When Lennon went down, it through off the balance. Modríc, was pushed wide, Bale went to the right and Sandro and Parker were the midfield pairing. This should NEVER happen. Modríc should always play central. ‘Arry had off-loaded Pienaar back to Everton, and Kranjčar is to slow. He could’ve used Dos Santos or Iago Falqué, but instead sat on his hands and f-ed with the sides creativity. With the addition of the Krasic and Hoilett, ‘Arry would forced to rotate, just to keep all happy.

    Levy is showing his intent. The truth of the matter is Spurs finished the season having qualified for the Champions League. Obviously that isn’t the case anymore with Chelsea winning the trophy this season. So why shouldn’t the mentality at the club be any different? Yes this was a known outcome, which subsequently happen, but the fact is Spurs are a Champions League calibre side.

    With the addition of Vetonghen and Adebayor, this signals the clubs intent to do better next term. Also, the stories of Leandro Damião, Loic Remy, and now Miloš Krasić, this enhances this further. If Spurs are able to land a left back or actually utilise Khumalo, who I thought was a left sided defender like Bassong but who could play left back.

    Now Spurs need to purge the squad of players who for varied reasons have no future at the club: Bassong, Bentley, Jenas, Dos Santos, Gomes, Pienaar, Nelson, Saha, and Ćorluka, Kranjčar.


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