Long time Spurs target Leandro Damiao has reportedly hinted that he feels he is ready to test himself outside of Brazil after the 22 year old has continued to impress at Internacional.

His employers however don’t seem to feel the same way and are claiming that any offers will be refused until the end of the domestic season in December.

“For Damiao we never received official offers from Italy, only informal contacts, no proposals on paper,” said the club’s president Giovanni Luigi.

“The only bids were received from Tottenham and PSG, but we rejected them because our intention and hope is to keep the player at least until December 2012.

Damiao has been going about his business becoming one of the hottest properties in world football but can how much longer can his current club hang on to him?



  1. I’m starting to worry that we are taking too long in the market. No deals agreed what so ever. I thought we were close to landing Damiao (won’t happen). Nothing for Vertonghen, Adebayor( hopefuly we can do better) or Remy. We will never get back to the top if we let it slip now. Please please mr.Levy invest in these players and extend Harry’s stay

  2. i personally am getting fed up with this on/off transer. I am not sure who is to blame about the signing of this player. Is it Levy for not paying the price they want or anywhere near the price they want or is it Giovannit Luigi who cannot seem to make his mind up or maybe is stringing the player along. Either way I just wish Levy would make the deal happen because I believe he would be a fantastic buy and a massive hit at Spurs. I think he would setlle in quickly especially as he has a friend at the club. Really it’s a no brainer. My suspicions are really it is Levy being unrealistic with his valuation. How many more transfer windows are going to go by without Levy doing anything. We are suppose to have a Billionaire owner but he shows no real committment to the club and seems it is just a business with him investing very little for a big return.

    • Its just the Internacional president maximising the transfer fee. Brazilian clubs are notorious for being difficult negotiators. Damiao will be sold and i prey its to us.
      Levy needs to get a fucking grip and hurry up. He has a golden chance to buy some quality and make it up to us Tottenham fans for what we had to go through at the end of the season.

  3. I cant understand – when spurs were mid table levy spent millions every window and now days when we have great players and are in the top 4 levy wont spend nothing to improv ethe team at a vital time -damiao is perfect for spurs he young strong has pace skill and a great finisher – i seen him play agaist usa the other day he looks a real handful but knowing spurs it wont happen

    • Yeh you are right it is frustrating when you feel that just the investment in two top quality players would have made such a difference to where we ended in the league. This has cost us £40 million by not getting champions league, more than what it would have cost to buy the players and we would have Fucked Arsenal in the process.

  4. Internacianal need to let leandro Damiao go now because after a big tornament or at the end of season they always have excuses why they have to keep him a bit longer , but they cant keep him forever so they should start to look for alternatives and let him come to us and we could let them have first option to have him back if we want to sell him.

  5. I agree with you Maximus why cant levy spend money now when there’s less risk, we’er up there with the big boys now we need to stay there because when they start spending they’ll leave us trailing and teams like newcastle and liverpool will start to make ground on us and push us down below them.

  6. It won’t happen. We need to go under the radar to get these type of players. Too much publicity only means the clubs with big money will buy him. The days of buying the likes of Gazza straight out are long gone, as long as we carry on being careful with our finances we cannot afford to buy like we used to. The one thing I would say about the owners Enich group is that although they have stabalised the club, they could if they want build the stadium outright and not put a debt onto the club, this inturn would allow us to be financially stable straight away, buy the players we need leading to more sucess which makes us a richer club quicker. Then we will be able to compete in the transfer market like the good old days.

  7. Lets get Damiao, he sounds superb, what an investment he would be, please, please snap him up before we loose him to someone else… you know its good business Daniel.

  8. Why should we go out and buy these people,?? When we can get overage freebies, in the Levy style. Forget it. You optimistic supporters you are doomed for six place at best .

    • Isit that what people have been sayin for the last 3 season ull finish 6th at best and 2 out of 3 weve been 4th and 1 point off 3rd this year its just our form in the 2nd half of the season that does us otherwise we’d be up there

  9. Who is to say Damaio will be prolific in the EPL. I have to agree that he looks and sounds like the real deal and at his age he fits the Levy “business model” of being able to make a profit if he is a success. We cant just throw money around willy nilly. Do the maths. Work out what £30m per year is per week divided by 35000 fans attending games. It ‘s an extra £16 per week each. Do you really want to stump that up every week of every year. If you do, go ahead Levy, splash the cash.

    • I agree with what your saying but the money in merchandising would at least recoup a fair portion, but it is a gamble if he does not succeed in the prem then we face taking a massive hit a resell value

      Levy is both good and bad, good that he keeps us in the black financially but his hard line tactics for selling players we need to shift off of the wage bill and not wanting to pay what other clubs feel they deserve for what are considered their own star players means we stall before we have any real chance of going anywhere!!

  10. what the f**k is going on withlevy…redknapp…and the lane …get something done at the ground before we get left behind again get on with it levy !!!

  11. New stadium, don’t bother once Westham have moved into they’re 60,000 stadium with the best transport links inthe country your have to move out with Harlow Hearn and ground share with that prick

    • I hope you don’t mean the Olympic stadium????? Fcking ha ha pull the other Christmas cracker. As if, pipe dream mate youll only get 20000 fans back in the championship how’s that gonna pay for it!!!!!! Why do you keep posting on spurs posts???? Wet Spam not have any of their own stories?? Oh yeah they all begin with once upon a time!!!!!

      • I am Spurs fan mate where have you been, West Ham have been promoted. But still were ten times the club West Ham is right now. thanks for the easy 6 points next season.

  12. WTF, I thought we had an agreement with Internacional, we send our junior players there, they send their junior players here, we work together on developing youth, plus we ofer Premier League football to those that can hack it.

    That’s what happened with Sandro, no? Why Internacional acting like a schoolboy with these outrageous demands now, are we getting fucked over? Sounds like it

  13. Latest valuation from Internacional is £28m, which is extortion to be honest, even though he’s quality. It is obvious they are aware of our finances. This ‘we want him til December’ has also gone on for two years, and they rejected our bid in January at least this year. Though he’d be great to have it doesn’t feel like it can happen. They need to stop messing about and be realistic.


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