After a quiet period following the rumours of a move to Schalke 04, Rafael van der Vaart has spoken about the stories of a summer transfer to the German side. While a few reports carried the headline that he had pledged his future to Spurs, this is what VDV is quoted as saying.

I don’t know. Actually, I want to stay at Tottenham,” he told Bild. “But in football you never know.

“I spent three years living in Hamburg and had a wonderful time at HSV. My wife, Sylvie, works there and we have many friends who live in your country.”

While it stops short of a complete denial is there anything we can read into that? Maybe Rafa was just being polite to the German press but time will presumably tell.



  1. 10 mill will not buy Rafa!
    They will have to dig deeper than that, Rafa is world class, even though he is now 29 and has fitness problems he can do things only the best can do, Levy knows that and will ask top dollar. How much do they want him?

  2. If we get 12M I’d consider it. As great as he’s been VdV does reduce our formation options. If Modric and VdV left we could play the very strong defensive midfield of Sandro and Parker together, with Huddlestone Bale and Lennon/new winger and a lone striker. With the money made we could get another creative midfielder, buy that top striker and another defender

    • I agree — well said. Both VdV and Modric are good players if we get good offers for either or both we could reinvest that money in players we need and the team would be stronger for it.

  3. we cant let van Der vart go if modric leaves we need a attacking midfielder. Anyway he is a class act one of the best attacking mids in the world. Hudd could cover the deep lying playmaker role if mods does a runner.

  4. Would jump at 12ml and then turn to Fulham for Dembele.Offer them a choice of Bentley or Jenas or both plus a few ££ to try and get the deal done.We get rid of a player and it will not cost us the earth.Can’t see this happening but worth a try.Dembele gave us bother in the game at the end of the season and at 24 is just right for a Levy deal.If it were to happen would like to see us pull out the stops for a top striker.We have to be real and with no CL only certain strikers will come .

  5. cant sell him we only have one striker at the moment and thats defoe. Although i reckon by the end of the week there will a double signing announcement ade and verthongen. I cant stand all these fans that wanna sell all our players and buy new ones we were in the title race til Feb for fuck sake we only need and slight tweak and a good run without injuries and we will be right up there

  6. I think what people are saying is if Rafa wants to go to Schalke then this is what we would like to see happen mostly although some are saying sell him.At 29 he is going towards the end of his career for a striker and if he wants the move then taking the money might be wise.Some strikers do play on well into their 30’s however in Rafas case he does have injury problems at times.I don’t think we need massive changes and i don’t think we will get them just as you say Paul a few better players in certain areas and better decisions by the manager at times.

  7. keep who we can and bye a winger who can play both both wings so we can rest them and diomblia from the ivory coast so we can rest our attacking force as thats were i think we went wrong all the same players played all the time and got tierd and slooppy towards the end of the season

  8. Rafa should stay, certainly not for less than nearer £20m..

    He is a winner and has a quality about him that will allow him to play well into his 30’s, like a Raul or a Del Piero.. He’s never been the quickest, nor is him game ever been dependent on it.

    Modric has this quality too, a real magic on the ball. But the way we set up and the players we have in our squad, I think we may miss VdV more. VdV is more of a goal threat, plays generally a little further up-field.. Other than Defoe dropping a little deeper, or going 442 (or possibly Kranjar), without him we would need to rethink.

    If we sold Modric, we could play either of Parker/Sandro and Hudd who could sit deeper, dominate from deep and allow the Wingers, VdV and the forward to do their thing and it can also be argued that Hudd or Sandro are as much or more of a goal threat from distance as Modric is.

    • 20 million for rafa and you want to give us five million for tomkins. He would rather play for Argentina than you CUNTS! No surprise why your the most deluded and hated pricks in the country. You like to sing about your history with a Celtic song but stick to chas and dave you plastic cockneys you might get in a cup final this century.


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