With apologies to ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’, it’s time to take a look at some of the fringe players around White Hart Lane and ask what their fate should be next season.

To many, South African Bongani Khumalo looks a confusing and largely pointless signing. Arriving in January 2011, he has yet to play a first team game for the club, despite the opportunities provided by the Europa League and Carling Cup and an ongoing injury crisis at the back.

Khumalo isn’t a kid – he’s 25 years old and isn’t exactly one for the future. We’ve seen him and his agent plead for a chance but now it seems that fingers are being pointed at international level amidst allegations of managerial favouritism.

“The accusation that perhaps I shouldn’t be here is fair,” Khumalo said about his place in the South Africa side. “But you need to look at other factors. I play in England and generally people don’t know what is happening on that side. The English Premiership is the stage where you play the highest level of football, probably the best league in the world.”

That’s fine except he’s not actually playing in the Premiership and doesn’t look likely to break into the Spurs team anytime soon.

Apologies if it seems a one-sided debate but it’s been hard to find a case for the defence. As far as the player is concerned, would you sell, loan or keep for 2012-13?




  1. Never seen him play, so how do we know how good/crap he is? He couldnt get a game for Reading though so that says alot!

  2. sell sell sell.
    I know its easy to just say ‘sell him, sell him’, when there may not be clubs in for him.
    But sell them below the odds.
    We are having trouble attracting players/keeping our stars, due to the fact we cant offer very high wages. This cannot be helped by the fact that we have players such as this chap, bentley, jenas, gomes to name but a few still at the club being paid large amounts of money each week to simply train.
    I think we need to put a bit more faith in young players already at the club (caulker, naughton and coulibaly spring to mind), look how well livermore performed this year when given a go.
    No more ‘arry signings. we need proven quality players, and, regardless of what the papers say, such players ARE available!

    • It was all making sense until you said about Livermore who aint no spring chicken either! Livermore is rubbish.
      Sell Khulamo.

      • Jake Livermore has handled himself very well this season and has never let anyone down. He is Tottenham through and through and in many people’s opinion, has a huge future at the club. You either don’t watch enough football or are very much misguided.

      • Livermore isn’t the best player in the PL but he’s more than competent, able to cover multiple positions, and doesn’t bitch about not getting a ton of playing time.
        He’s exactly the type of squad player we need. Get a top-quality first team and back them up with reliable younger players that can grow into the team.

        Jake is 22 — hardly a pensioner on his last legs…

  3. Sell.
    1)Redknapp has already mentioned that he thinks PL is too high a level for him.
    2) He was brought here as part of the relationship with SSU
    3) Seen him play a dozen times. Sadly not good enough

  4. I’ve heard a rumour that Harry Redknapp has parted company with Spurs. Does anyone else know anything about it?



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